Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Date With Drew - a no-name nebbish wins 1100 on a gameshow pilot and uses his winnings to document his quest for a date with actress/producer Drew Barrymore.He has had a crush on her since the age of 10.At times this is like watching a documentary of the 40 Year Old Virgin - he even has the body hair to match and one of his friends has the action figure collection.This is the ultimate underdog story and the protaginist is so charming that I found myself rooting for him.At times frustrating,humorous and surprising- a fun documentary. B+

Broken Flowers - Jim Jarmusch directed flick about a bachelor(Bill Murray) who recieves an anonymous note from an ex that he sired an offspring 20 years prior.His Krameresque neighbor Winston gets the Murray character to compile a list of his girlfriends from that time period.Winston compiles an intenerary complete with hotels and dossiers on his exes.Bill Murray(Don Johnston) than revisits his exes trying to find out if they were the ones that sent the letter.A nice mix of comedy and drama. B+

Wedding Crashers -over the top buddy comedy about a couple of guys that crash weddings to score bridesmaids.Vince Vaughan is playing the Vince Vaughan character and Owen Wilson is playing the Owen Wilson character- in other words if you have seen Swingers,Old School,Mr & Mr Smith- you know what you are getting from Vaughan- this character does seem to fit his anything for a yuck persona and is slightly less annoying than his turn in Swingers. There is some funny stuff in here- but I was underwhelmed after all of the hype. C

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Black Narcissis - a stunning film from 1947 about a gaggle of nuns in a palace in a remote part of Asia.Deborah Kerr is the lead in this film as she tries to maintain order and piety in a former retreat for the king's harem.Although this movie was shot entirely on a sound stage it manages to convey the Himlayan village flawlessly.The visuals in this film are top-notch from the gorgeous matte paintings to great transitions - this is one movie I wish I could see in the theater- although the DVD transfer was superb.The DVD contains a 27 minute documentary about the making of the film and the trailer and commentary.It is a joy to watch a movie that totally envelops the senses and makes such a deep impression- from the mulitple issues of faith to the colorful garb of Sabu the flick had me from the first scene to the climax. A+

Night of The Hunter - several stories in one- another classic flick -this one from 1955 starring Robert Mitchum as the bible-spouting killer Harry Powell.Interesting story structure and some great cinematography make this a great mix of suspense and drama.Mitchum is superb(although a little hammy at times) as the insanely righteous woman hating peacher/con. This movie had some swell use of light and shadow. A

American Pie presents Band Camp - straight to DVD and soon to the cutout bins- well Eugene Levy is in this flick- and well this one @ band camp the counselors looked like strippers and we have topless counselors in the shower- and Stiffler's little brother - this is terrible - even for a teen boob-a-rama flick and totally crappy as a camp flick( check out Wet Hot American Summer for a funny take on summer camp). D-

Shooting Gallery - on the cheap pool-hall hustler flick with Freddie Prinze,Jr. , Ving Rhames and Roselyn Sanchez populate this world of betting and violence- nothing new is added to the world- just a time waster straight to video D-

Thursday, December 22, 2005


2046- a hypnotic mix of pretty people,noir-sci-fi love story thing. B+
Grizzly Man- entrancing look at a guy determined to live with Grizzly Bears in the wild- captured by Werner Herzog- the guy liked the bears- but he was a naive dreamer stuck in reality- neat documentary. B+
The Football Factory- the soccer hooligan movie with some obvious influences- including a note for note take on the "funny how" scene from Goodfellas.Nothing special or memorable. C

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Redskins 35 Cowboys 7

wow- my team is skitzo this season- thank god they beat the Boys twicet.

4 Brothers -the epitome of the big dumb American movie- plotholes the size of the grand canyon- a big dick swinging contest mixed with revenge and macho bonding and a blaxploitation soundtrack.Not as fun or funny as Roadhouse or Stone Cold. Mama Mercer is dead- her 4 adopted sons come back for the funeral- they turn into detectives and murderize several folks trying to get at the TRUTH . They discover some things- but they roll over everyone's civil rights and assualt several folks- seriously this movie could be 9-11- Iraq war metaphor- we wuz wronged on Sept 11 and get our revenge by murderizing several folks in Iraq- and we ain't going to jail . D-

Serenity has the same villian that 4 Brothers has- well the same actor Chiwetel Ejiofor .
Beyond that this sci-fi western was more believable than 4 Brothers . Sernity was inspired by the failed Joss Whedon show Firefly.Basically a ship of outlaws take on the Alliance. Lots of good action and effects. B+

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Grey Knight:Director's Cut

An odd movie -a civil war movie with um vampires- decently done- from 1992-edited by Monte Hellman -directed by George Hickenlooper- this movie has also been known as Ghost Brigade and Grey Night . Basically a grisly murder is found in a border state with several solidiers crucified- a tracker is sent to find the regiment accused of the murders.This is a decent time-waster of a supernatural murder mystery thing.Look for former WCW champ David Arquette,Billy Bob Thorton, & Martin Sheen. C-

Roller Derby and food

for the first time since the NBA finals I went out with my friends Al- why cuz- our friend Mike had mentioned he was going to roller derby-
turned out it was an exhibition in a a nightclub- the floor was too small for the ensuing mayhem- so the teams had less skaters to make room for the skaters
I got there too early- so Al and I and his friend went to Bodega - it was decent - I had the duck confit and sampled the airline chicken and had rosemary potatoes.Then we went back to the show- the warmups were over and um they were selling spankings- it was rather tame and um time-wasting.During the night the DJ was playing stuff like the Buzzcocks,Sex Pistols and The Stooges- I really wanted to hear Billy Preston(the theme from the ROller Derby on ESPN classic)- but it was nice to hear that stuff.The actual event was pretty short- 3 rounds - even now I have only a vague notion of how this sport works- so basically for 20 minutes or so scantily glad women skated in circles and knocked each other over- not bad for voyuer glimpses of undergarments and such I guess. Then it was over......
Went to Dennys after- um Dennys is lame

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lucas - Underdog story in 80's high school form. Corey Haim is the undersized hero of the flick- he befriends the cute new girl in town- they have a montage of bonding until school starts.Then the usual social stuff kicks in.Enjoyable flick with Jeremy Piven,Courtney Thorne Smith,Charlie Sheen & Winona Ryder. B-

Roadie fun and unven and unrealistic movie about Travis W.Redfish the best roadie ever.Starring Meatloaf as a beer delivery driver who gets seduced by Kaki Hunter to join the Rock-N-Roll Circus.Cast includes Alice Cooper,Joe Spano,Don Cornelius,Blondie,Roy Orbison & Bocephus.Sort of a Roadhouse meets Almost Famous meets Spinal Tap. A fun b-movie. C+

Monday, December 12, 2005

Shopping - a 1994 flick with a young Jude Law as an ex-con who gets his kicks by leading the coppers(lead by Jonathan Pryce) on high speed chases in stolen vehicles.Vaguely interesting rebel without a cause flick- and yes ladies Jude Law is shirtless in a few scenes. C-

Born Yesterday - Judy Holliday is the sympathetic ex-showgirl who is partners with a bullying corrupt millionaire junkman played by Broderick Crawford.Crawford feels that his gf is too stoopid to be hanging with the fancy Washington types - so he hires a smooth talking reporter(William Holden) to learn her some book knowledge and whatnot.Of course Holliday learns too much and falls for the smart guy.Holliday won an Oscar for her performance.This movie is very dated- but still an interesting watch- sort of like "My Fair Lady" meets Anna Nicole Smith or something- adapted from a stageplay. B-

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Roll Bounce

Maybe it was low expectations after seeing several middling pics in a row- but I was pleasantly surprised by Roll Bounce - an charming and fun flick about teens in the roller disco era- Bow Wow was the lead in this movie playing X a son who is still grieving for his recently deceased mother.Chi Mcbride does a great job as a father who is looking for work while trying to hold his family together and deal with the passing of his beloved.For the most part this is a comedy- the kids cut on each other the whole flick- and it is fun.The crosstown rival is Sweetness- who is like the pimpdaddy of roller disco- he has an entourage including 3 hotties who have shirts that read "a weakness for Sweetness".The gag reel has some hilarious stuff with Charlie Murphy riffing .
A good coming of age flick. Probably the second best rental coming out this week-right behind 40 Year Old Virgin B+

The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe -nothing spectacular - a classic story retold with all thenew toys- but it just did not work for me- the talking CGI critters seemed a bit off and none of the leads really radiated much charisma.Still this is a fun yarn which should be a good ride for kids and parents alike. C+

Bad News Bears (2005-Linklater remix) - Billy Bob Thorton is the reviving his town drunk persona from Bad Santa -once again he has access to the kiddies and once again he is spweing forth profanity and politically incorrect language - none of this bothers me- but it did not entertain me- the movie lacked the charms of the original( the new Tanner is mere Xerox of the original).Skip this D-

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Baxter- dissapointing parody of the romantic comedy genre starring Michael Showalter with Paul Rudd,Micheal Ian Black and others.Basically a Baxter is the guy women settle for when they don't snag Prince Charming- this premise was done better in Steve Martin's 80's flick The Lonely Guy . Imagine watching a comedy waiting for the punchline- a few chuckles aside that was the Baxter . D

The Island - stuff got blowed up real good - well not really- but Micheal Bay and his ilk think that explosions will take the place of good story telling- the idea behind the movie is interesting- a population of clones kept in reserve for their sponsors- but the execution and the over abundance of people yelling "Run" and stuff exploding took the soul out of this movie- and the concept is not all that new- just a mix of Logan's Run, Bladerunner & The Running Man- skip this unless you just absolutely need to see Scarlett Johannsen or Ewan McGregor in a tight white jumpsuit. D-

Genisis fun nature documentary about life and nature and whatnot- fun for a rental if you life biology stuff B-

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cinderella Man- typical underdog story based on true events during the great depression- think Seasbiscuit for the pugilistic set.What saves this flick is Russell Crowe as the Bulldog Jim Braddock-his speech to the promoters for a few schillings so he can save his family is up there with Tom Hank's speech to the troops in Saving Private Ryan-good stuff. B
Dukes of Hazard- lifeless update of the hit TV show-the jokes fall flat and the story is a typical retread.Avoid. D-

Saturday, December 03, 2005

not by me- but funny (ok I am a rasslin fan)

You Might Enjoy Wrestling Too Much If... * When you go to a Japanese restaurant, you start a "USA! USA!" chant. * When you girlfriend dumps you, you tell her she couldn't "play with the big boys," and that she will never get past mid-card status. * When you search and search the bible for the book of Austin. * If you can actually remember Sting's last public words. * If on a job application, you state your residence as "parts unknown." * If you quit your Job because you have to find your "Smile." * When you're getting beat up in a bar fight, but you honestly believe that with a little crowd support, you can turn this thing around. * If you hit your co-worker in head with a chair while your manager is distracting him. * When you look for Sting on the back of the milk carton during breakfast. * When a guy steals your girl, you consider it an angle. * When you rack your neighbor's dog. * When you attend a graduation, and yell "Ooooooh yeah!" when 'Pomp and Circumstance' plays. * When you are involved in a bar fight with a guy twice your size and you think your best line of attack is putting the Tongan death grip on him. * When you put up your wife or girlfriend up in a card game for 30 days if you lose. * When you go to a dance and start dancing like Alex Wright. * You watch car racing in order to see Bob "sparkplug" Holly * When you wear your Macho Man foam hat out in public. * When you win an award and immediately spray paint "nWo" on it. * When you rate women on a scale of Chyna to Sunny. * When you begin to shake someone's hand in public but then hesitate to look for the crowd's response. * When you get into a real fight and you blade. * When you do heel turns on your best friends for no reason. * If whenever you walk into a party you tell them to "cut the music." * When anytime anybody asks you a question, you "grab the mike" and yell, "MEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAN GEEEEEEEEEEEEEENEE!" * When you die you mustache blond while leaving your beard black. * If you keep waiting for run-ins during boxing matches. * After an argument with a friend, you shake hands, hug each other and then after you raise both yours and your friend's arms in the air, as he looks to the side, you clothesline him. * If you think John the Baptist Bladed. * If you wonder why Bob Backlund's campaign for the presidency never got any press. * If you carry a foreign object in your underwear. * When you go into work you insult everyone you see just to draw heat. * If you're a Honky Tonk Man impersonator instead of an Elvis impersonator. * If you wore spiked shoulder pads during a football game. * If you loose a job, you change your look and name before starting a new one. * If you find out that you have been fired by calling up the company's hotline. * If you purposely blade yourself while shaving. * If you suspect your best friend is just setting you up for a heel turn. * When before a fight, you give away a pair of sunglasses to a kid. * When you go to a funeral and assume that the deceased just lost a Casket Match. * When your king-size bed has ropes and turnbuckles surrounding it. * If you paint your face and don't speak to your co-workers * When you go to your daughter's softball game and start a "we want blood" chant. * If you get into an argument with a friend at work and challenge him to a loser must retire match. * When you see a fight in the streets and call the moves. * If at a ceremony at your work to give out awards to the employee of the year, you "turn" and slam a chair across the recipient of the award's head...then you immediately grab the mic and start talking about how YOU deserved the award. * If you refer to all the women in your work area your valets. * When you keep flour in your underpants (just in case). * If you refer to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal as rag sheets. * If you wondered why Vince didn't borrow money from Ted DiBiase to prevent WCW from "buying" it's wrestlers. * You start every sentence with the words "Well, ya know, Mean Gene..." or "Let me tell ya something..." * You refer to everyone you talk to as "brother." * Every time you see someone yawning, you get an uncontrollable urge to thrust your fingers down their throat and screech uncontrollably. * Your children are named Crippler, Hitman, and Hollywood. * You get hoarse on purpose so you can sound like the Macho Man. * You hold a wrestling tournament for an aluminum foil belt. * You constantly play really bad air guitar on your foil belt that you cheated to win. * On Halloween, you pull a Jericho and steal all the trick-or-treaters' masks and then claim them as "prizes." * You get kicked off the school wrestling team for chokeslamming your opponent. * You cried when the Giant went nWo. * You took bagpipe lessons just so you could play Roddy Piper's theme music. * You get in fights with people who say wrestling is fake. * You fenced in your bed, so it feels like being in a steel cage. * You throw your VCR away when you can't find Rick Steiner on your copy of "Gremlins." * Your best friend is a microphone. * After your parents ground you for a week, you refer to them as "heels." * You try to write to the admissions office at S.C.U. * You dress your dog up as a "Hulkamaniac." * You use the phrase "Too Sweet" more than 45 times daily. * You try to impress your friends by telling them Bobby Heenan jokes. * You honestly believe that "TBS" stands for "The Brain Station." * You think "No Holds Barred" should win an Oscar. * Your greatest accomplishment in life is mastering the sleeper hold. * You roped in your backyard and you get together with friends to throw chairs around. * You requested "3:16" as your new license plate. * You think a tilt-a-whirl looks fun. * You think that The Giant is a "sissy." * You put white-out on the faces of your action figures, and then draw black marks on their faces. * You give crotch chops to the opposing team during a softball game. * You feel sorry for jobbers. * You light your bed on fire and fight your brother in it. * Your teacher gives you detention, you give them a Stone Cold Stunner and walk out of class, flashing your middle fingers. * You leapfrog over people while playing football, then you turn around and clothesline them. * You publish a shirt that say's, "Jay Leno 1-0 Who's Next?" * Every time you sit down at a table you consider how easily it might break if you were to moonsault it. * You constantly deny that Brian Christopher is your son. * After you beat someone up, you spray paint their back. * You chokeslam your cat. * You elbow smash your dog and turn him/her over for the three count. * Instead of reading a bedtime story to your kids, you put them in a sleeper. * When you put your kids to bed, you tell them to "Rest In Peace." * You get fired from work then show up the next day wearing a mask. * Instead of opening a can of tuna you open up a can of whoop ass on your cat. * In the school cafeteria, you come up behind a kid and hit him with a chair and look around for crowd responses. * You walk down the aisle at a church giving high fives as the people hold up signs and chant your name. * You won't come out of your room until your parents play your theme on the radio.

I want to thank the gang for their kindness
Fantastic Four - ok this movie is probably getting higher marks cuz of my low expectations- but I enjoyed this flick-I thought that Julian McMahon(Dr. Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck) was excellent as Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom and that they did a good job casting this flick- sure the plot/story was your typical hero origin story- the chemistry of the team was spot-on -from the juvenile barbs between Thing and The Human Torch to the rivalry between Doom and Reed Richards. Not the top of the super hero comic book movie food chain but more enjoyable than Daredevil or The Hulk. C+

Broken Lizard's Puddlecruiser - a cute campus based romantic comedy about a guy who falls in love witha girl that also dates a rugby player from another college.Not as over the top as Super Troopers or Club Dread - this movie feels like Outside Providence - the more realistic feeling boarding school romance flick the Farrelly brothers did in between their more over the top movies There's Something About Mary and Shallow Hal . This movie had lots of subtle comedy sprinkled throughout and seemed to capture the going to college vibe perfectly-not worth seeking out or anything- but a good diversion on a rainy day. C+

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Deuce Bigelow 2:European Gigilo - not as bad as I would have feared- actually fun in a ridiculous way-like all the made up names for sex acts-The Sneaky Castro, The Portugese Breakfast,The Chili Rainbow,etc. Not for everyone. C+

Bodysong a montage of image and sound showing all facets of life from birth to sex to death to crime to dance- I admit I am a fan of such things so it was an easy sell- the soundtrack was provided by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead- the mix of the beautiful and the horrific make this an interesting journey. B+

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lila Says an interesting small film about an Arab teen and a flirtatious blonde in a lower income part of Paris- it captured the melodrama,miscommunication and awkwardness of a summer fling perfectly.This was not groundbreaking and will probably be too slow for some. B-

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Havoc:Unrated - former Disney gal Anne Hathaway is a rich Cali gal looking to spice up her life by heading downtown and hanging with some Latino drug-dealers.She is joined by Bijou Philips and the shocking drug use and sexcapades ensue- this uneven movie felt like a combo of after-school special,a sequel to 13 or a followup to James Toback's Black & White . C-

Sky High - Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston are superhero parents in this cute Disney flick about a Super Hero high school .The movie had some cute ideas and was fun to watch- but it was hindered by an all 80's covers soundtrack and predictability. C

skipping the hostile invasion festivities today- no turkey,no small talk ,no parades- just double time @ work

watched a couple of very good documentaries yesterday

Murderball - a look at the paralympic sport quad rugby and the athletes who participate in the game.Inspirational,funny and enthralling - well worth the 90 minutes.The DVD has commentaries by the players and the filmmakers plus a special MTV Jackass segment with the players. A

March of The Penguins -80 minute documentary about the lives of the Emperor Penguins in Antartica and their mating rituals and how they sustain life in one of the harshest enviroments on the planet.The DVD contains over 70 minutes of additional footage about the penguins and a funny Bugs Bunny short Eight Ball Bunny. A

Monday, November 21, 2005

watched the 76 version of King Kong- it was horrible bad terrible and um Dwan was very annoying
bad when the most sympathetic character in the movie was a perverted Ape

Saturday, November 19, 2005

War of The Worlds

This new version does a great job of conveying the menace of the aliens.It was neat to watch an invasion story from the ground- no war rooms,no cutaways to news coverage- just a man and his family adjusting to an everchanging reality.I admit I am not bothered by Tom Cruise the way others are- but I am not impressed at all by Dakota Fanning- maybe it was the spoiled brat who was always screaming at the worst times in this movie- but nothing I have seen her in that seems all that special.I enjoyed this movie - it had several surprising reveals - some of them up there with the door opening in the Wizard of Oz.This is a special effects movie and they are boffo- but it is also a suspense thriller- you never know when the aliens will make an appearance and what they will do - nor can you predict what other paniced humans will do or how they will react. A-

Friday, November 18, 2005

Two For The Road - Interweaving several different roadtrips in a couple's relationship this flick shows the good and bad of a relationship.Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney play the main couple in this 1966 flick. It is nice to see a relationship movie that feels vaguely real .Some interesting anachronisms - like cigarette girls on planes and hitchhiking without fear of serial killers. B+

Eulogy - over the top look at a dysfunctional family preparing to bury their father and dealing with each other- inconsistent. With Ray Ramano,Famke Jannsen,Piper Laurie,Hank Azaria,Kelly Preston,Rip Torn and others. C-

The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made - seems to be a made on the cheap compilation of trailers for 50 truly terrible flicks- I enjoy bad flicks and was hoping for a decent documentary on some of these turkeys -sadly this 60 minute comp just featured a guy with a vaguely wacky voice talking over the trailers for the movies and no movie not even the top movie got more than 2 minutes of coverage. It is neat to watch for the bad effects and stuff- but not that informative C-

Bret Hart:The Best There Was/The Best There Is/The Best There Ever Will Be - while the current WWE product is suffering in quality and popularity- the DVDs continue to be excellent.This 3 DVD set features a 2 hour history of Bret's wrestling career with clips from his pre WWF days all the way til his troubled tenure in WCW.What makes this set a wrestling fan's dream is the 7 hours of extra matches including his great match with Owen Hart @ WM X, his match against the British Bulldog @ SummerSlam 92 in front of 80,000 people and even better matches against great workers like Rickey"The Dragon" Steamboat. A great edition to any wrestling fans library. A

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eddie Guerrero

am still in shock.One of my favorite wrestlers is gone- and it is not an angle or a hold-out.
Eddie has passed away and like many of his peers way too young- 38.
Eddie has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him wrestle on WCW Nitro( I did not have cable for a good part of the 90's). He had the potent combination of charisma and physical ability to make him a prime-time player in professional wrestling. Every match Eddie was involved in had one of two chants going "Eddie Sucks" - if he was the heel and "Eddie" if he was the face. One of my alltime favorite matches is the fast paced mask v title match he had with Rey Misterio,Jr in WCW during Halloween Havoc. I wished the circumstances would have let the lWo angle play out- and I am glad that Eddie got a second chance with the jump to the WWF with the Radicalz and he got a third chance when he was rehired and then stood in the ring as WWE champ hugging his friend Chris Benoit in the center of the ring.
OK none of this really matters- I miss Eddie and am sad for his family and friends and I will miss him

thank you Eddie RIP

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

El Padrino :The Latin Godfather - while this seems to be a straight to DVD/video type movie- my fullframe copy obviously looked cropped- so maybe this flick had a limited theatrical run.
And the title character appears to more of a Gringo than moi( I am half Honduran). Pretty typical rise and fall of a drugdealer movie with the A-list of B-list actors- Robert Wagner(drug lawyer),Kathleen Quinlan(crusading judge),Tiny Lister(mob enforcer),Gary Busey(child rapist),Brad Dourif(white power jailbird),Stacey Keach(bereaved Governor),Joann Pacula(bereaved Milf), Faye Dunaway(crusading lawyer) and Galo Make Canote as an uncredited party guest.This movie is pretty lame- I only watched it to kill time before the Skins game- the only thing that saved it was Jennifer Tilly as a crazed Latina drug dealing assasin - she was over the top and sexy-skanky that it was fun to watch her scenes.Not worth renting or seeking out. D+

Wet Hot American Summer -the perfect spoof of summer camp and summer camp movies.It was way over the top( in other words Naked Gun over the top) and lots of fun.As a veteran of several summer camps during my youth this flick managed to capture and skewer the summer camp vibe perfectly- I loved Amy Poehler as the over critical talent show director and Christopher Meloni as the deranged cook and Paul Rudd as the bratty camp hunk,etc.The trip into town by the counselors was an awesome montage. B+

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Eddie Guerrero RIP

Eddie Guerrero - former WWE Champion was found dead in his hotel room at age 38-
RIP Eddie
he was always one of my favorite performers and had tons of charisma that he would have the entire arena chanting "Eddie" or "Eddie Sucks " for every matchHe has been in several of my favorite matches alltime including his amazing Halloween Havoc match from 1998 v Rey Misterio,Jr.
I just learned of his passing and it is posted on the WWE website so damn it all it ain't some jackass rumour
this just sucks
RIP Eddie
A Bear Named Winnie - a cute family story about the bear that inspired A.A. Milne to write Winnie The Pooh. B

Saturday, November 12, 2005

could not finish Happy Endings it seemed like a typical Hollywood artsy fartsy relationship thing ..

I really enjoyed Madagascar a charming and engaging animation about 4 spoiled zoo animals that get transferred to the wild.I wish they would have more of the poo-fling monkeys and the penguins- but I still enjoyed this one B+

Skeleton Key - a decent Hoodoo flick set in the Louisana bayou with Kate Hudson & Gena Rowlands- nothing spectacular - but a good time waster C

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Walk on Water -interesting Israeli flick about a Mossad hitman that is sent on an mission to kill a doddering WW2 war criminal- neat intercultural interaction and charismatic leads B

Left Behind:The Movie - not bad for a fundie revelations flick starring Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) C+

Sunday, November 06, 2005

this weekend's rentals
Chronicas- John Leguzamo is a reporter who saves a man from a lynching in a Central American village- I just never bought into this flick- even stopping it halfway through and only finishing it out of boredom. C-

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- well it is better than Burton's last remake(POTA)- and I like it- but it will not replace Willie Wonka in my collection- but sit next to it- lots of fun- with goofy gadgets and such B

Sweet Sweetback's Badassss Song- wow- this is a new breed of terrible- basically a sex performer is on the run for over an hour and has only 3 songs and some wacked out psychedelic effects to help him on his journey.Some of the worst fight scenes on celluloid mixed with some terrible sound editing and .... This movie was an underground sensation when it came out- but it has not aged well- it is like a bad drug trip
and the Mario Van Pebbles making of featurette is hilarious- we catch up to the autuer in his Paris apartment- he talks about catching the clap from one of the actresses- he takes a dump in an abandoned lot- while images of a merry-go-round play and then he reenacts one of the sex secenes from the movie with a naked lady with a bag over her head... D

Carmen Jones - 54 adaptation of Carmen with Dorothy Dandridge & Harry Belafonte- interesting musical but I think I would have enjoyed the melodrama sans the singing more- although I enjoyed several of the songs including the Pearl Bailey number. B

Margaret Cho:Assasin- she is preaching to the converted- she is still funny- the extras are a little odd- but the concert itself was hilarious B

Saturday, October 22, 2005

watched Melinda and Melinda last night- very funny-good use of Will Ferrell- a welcome change from the over the top one note jokes he has been playing in flicks.Of course I am sold on any movie that has Wallace Shawn and Steve Carrell in it. B

also saw Rize - a documentary about kids in the Hollywatts ghettos that dance to avoid gang-bangers and conflict.The despair and chaos that these kids live in is almost suffocating- seeing them channel their energy into something positive made the movie very interesting

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Batman Begins

Well made look @ the origin of the Dark Knight and his battle with Scarecrow and Ras Al Ghul to save Gotham City.After bumping into things for 2 flicks(Unleashed & MIllion Dollar Baby) actor Morgan Freeman regains his sight to play Lucius Fox-Once again Christian Bale does a bangup job as the lead character. A-

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Z-Channel:A Magnificent Obession - Interesting documentary about a movie channel in LA in the late 70s and early 80s that played a diverse and entertaining schedule of films.Most of the movie focuses on head programmer Jerry Harvey and his fascination with cinema and his inner demons.Several directors and actors sing the praises of Z-Channel mixed with vintage clips from movies that Z-Channel featured. B+

Unleashed - compelling use of Jet-Li in this Luc Besson scripted flick about a man harnessed by another man(Bob Hoskins) to be his attack dog.Jet Li did a good job of portraying a man with the emotional age of 10 with the ability to kill on command.This was not a perfect flick- but I was roped in from the beginning- I wanted to see what Jet cowtow to Hoskins- I wanted to see how he would react if he were "unleashed" ,etc. B+

Undead -Aussie flick about Zombies and Aliens and Zombie Fish...Not really scary- sometimes funny movie- the lead action male looked vaguely like Torgo from Manos - that added to the in-film snark fun. A decent zombie flick- but not up to par with Shaun of The Dead for humour or 28 Days Later for fright C+

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

finished out a Noir comp on DVD

watched The Scar a/k/a Hollow Triumph - about a convict(Paul Conried) who is a doppleganger for a prominent shrink with a Scar on his mug- vaguely interesting- but wieghed down by the added in love story

and then

D.O.A. - this one got me going from the opening scene and took me for a fun exciting ride the rest of the flick. Basically Frank Bigelow(Edmund O'Brien) starts the flick by barging into the police station and stating he has a homicide to report - his. The rest of the film the riddle is answered- sure it has some crazy leaps in the final third- but a fun and engaging flick from start to finish

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

WWE Homecoming v Impact etc.

Overall :8 Best Match:HBK v Angle Worst Match:Austin v McMahons
For the first time in years I actually sat down and watched Raw live from 7:55 til the end.
And then I watched Raw Top 10 til Midnight then Impact!
Raw started off very well- the Raw is going home add is hilarious- the 5 minute history of Raw montage was fun and had tons of memories in it.The highlight of the pre-show was the montage of wrestling history in the WWE:The Power is Back ad- sadly they did not get a new theme for the new(old) network- that felt weird after hearing all of the old themes during the pre-show and identifying the music with each era of Raw.HBK and Angle gave the audience a PPV quality match to kick things off - sadly the Austin v Clan McMahon segment went over in time(best indicator- the glass breaking before he stunned Linda- hey Steve we are playing you off- stun the old broad).It is weird that with all the talent that the WWE got to return the only Rock appearances for the night were the commercials for Doom.The legend beatdown of Rob Conway was a nice touch - I like the Randy Orton character- but it is annoying seeing all of my old favorites get humiliated time and again -the crowd popped huge for the Iron Claw. I have heard that HHH prefers to work heel- but would it have hurt him to be a face for a month or 2- his pop was the second loudest to the Cena pop. I think they overdid the HHH beating up Flair stuff- I mean we got that HHH was a heel again from the first sledgehammer shot to Naitch and the blade job- did we need 5 more minutes of HHH making his best friend bleed.The biggest disappointment of the evening was the truncated Smackdown match- wtf?- I felt like I was experiencing the Booker T v Buff Bagwell match again- except they let Buff wrestle- this time they didn't even trust their best workers- Eddie,Benoit & Rey to carry half a match before the Bischoff abortion of the match- very lame.
I think the match was truncated in such a fashion cuz of the overrun of the SCSA segment- the upside I think that was the shortest Hulk Hogan promo ever- brutha-
The main event was anti-climatic - the after show brawl felt like the old WCW trick- hey we don't have an ending or no one wants to loose- I know let's run the roster out to the ring- the live audience will pop big for the bevy of activity and we don't have to write an ending for the show( on SNL they call it dropping the cow).
I enjoyed what I saw of the Raw Top 10
I really enjoyed Impact! period - ok seriously- the show was fine- but it still felt AA to the WWE's major league show tonight
.I only watched the first fight of the UFC replay- the first match was pretty boring for the first 14 minutes- I wonder how many viewers got bored and switched- of course the out of nowhere KO by the man loosing for the duration of the fight was nice and exciting
I think WWE probably won the night huge over UFC- and they were helped by a lackluster MNF game- although I heard that GB almost made it competitive in the last quarter.
I enjoyed my Monday night of rasslin- but I miss the old Nitro v Raw days- the constant flipping- me and my best friend would be on the phone for most of the night flipping to the more exciting moments on each show- now I can go back to taping the shows -that way I can fast forward Chris Masters and commercials and Monte Brown .

Monday, October 03, 2005

John Carpenter's The Fog- a nice paced flick with believable characters meeting the supernatural- nice pacing and suspense.With Hal Holbrook,Jamie Lee Curtis,Janet Leigh,John Houseman & Adrienne Barbeau as a DJ for a lite jazz station.I liked the backstory for the ghosts and the fog and the resolution The DVD has outtakes, 2 featurettes and commentary. B+

The Interperter - predictable international thriller- manages to tie in genocide,terrorism and assasination @ the UN - and feel predictable. C-

Amityville Van Wilder- would be a decent Rob Zombie video or something- but a ludcrious full length flick- never got into the characters or cared if they lived or died.The best part of the DVD was the documentary about the real AMityville slayings C-

Jiminy Glick in La-La Land- inconsistent like the character on the comedy central TV show- Ok-now if you have Janeane Garafolo and Linda Cardellini as a lesbian couple - can't we have several minutes of them in bed- just a random request.Ok- the movie was mostly done in IMprov and it shows- sadly the best part of the movie are the outakes during the credits. C-

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Carlito's Wayward Son

Carlito's Way :Rise To Power straight to video prequel of the Pacino flick- we follow a young Carlito as he forms a interracial coalition to distribute heroin in Harlem- with Luis Guzman,Mario Van Pebbles,Diddy,guys from the Wire and the Sopranos- pretty typical gangsta flick C-

Carlito's Way Al Pacino is Carlito a reformed gangsta looking to clean up after a five year stint in a correctional facility.The DePalma flick never really jelled for me- it did have nice scenes like a groovy escalator shootout and Sean Penn's Jewfro- but I never bought into Carlito's romance with Penelope Ann Miller- she is cute- but there seems to be no chemistry. C
Lords of Dogtown - following the swell documentary Dogtown & The Z-Boys this flick follows 3 of the legendary sidewalk surfers from their early days as grommits keeping the pier locals only to the dogbowl sessions.The movie does a good job of capturing the exuberance of youth - the ability to create your own fun with limited resources- and like a typical "rise and fall " of rock star movie- we get treated to the rise and fall of the Zephyr team.A good vintage soundtrack(including "Super Stupid" by Funkadelic) and tons of cameos from skaters flesh out an entertaining look @ skating years before it was part of the extreme sports thing. The DVD is chock full of extras including 2 different commentaries- including one by 2 of the original Z-Boys.Starring Emile Hirsch,Heath Ledger,Johnny Knoxville and others. B+

The Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin The Untold Story - a decent yet inconsistent DVD featuring the talking baby and dog(my 2 fave family guy characters)- I laughed several times- but rolled my eyes a few times also- Family Guy is a comedy show that wears down the will of the viewer by attempting humor thru quantity rather than quality- almost every line uttered is supposed to be a punchline- good in theory- but sometimes you need a straightperson/setup to better get the impact of the comedy.The DVD is 3 part storyline with new wrap-around segments from the debut of the "movie". B-

Silver Hawk - felt like a straight to video Hong Kong action flick with Michelle Yeoh as a customed super-hero- the action was subpar and the story typical D

Path To War -Micheal Gambon plays LBJ during his admin- most of the film features LBJ talking about the Viet Nam War- he is constantly dealing with the hawks and doves in his own cabinet- most of the HBO movie is dialogue about the war spliced with occasional stock footage of bombing and whatnot.It was interesting to me as a history buff- but would probably be rather dry for alot of folks. C-

Desperate Housewives:Season One - a funny soap opera with a cast of MILFS and a little murder mystery thrown in- I think season 2 will have me watching every Sunday night.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Stone Cold - The Boz(ex Sooner/Seahwak MLB Brian Bosworth) is an undercover cop sent to the south to infiltrate a biker gang lead by Lance Henriksen- lots of macho posturing and fighting.Ridiculous - but fun

Ishtar- Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman are a couple of schlub lounge singers who go to Zirconia(ok some middle east country) and become mixed up in intrigue or something- the best sequences are the song writing ones.

Sextette - Mae West runs a hotel - and is/was a spy who uses her appeal to woo the men- in 1976- the cast includes Ringo Starr,Keith Moon,Timothy Dalton & the US Men's Gymnastic Team.

The Bad Bunch -Greydon Clark is a nam vet who comes to Compton to give his purple heart to the family of his fallen comrade- he is confronted by a black gang and they chase him around the town.The interacial pool party in the middle flick and the random dialogue in the strip bars up then ante.

Hotel- several stars(Salam Hayek,Burt Reynolds,John Malkovich,David Schimmer,etc.) go overseas to improvise their way thru a Mike Figgis film about a low budget film about a play - a murder plot,cannibalism,odd sex stuff- I still don't know what it was about.....

Ruckus- Dirk Benedict is an ex-nam vet that takes on a small southern town
Roadhouse- Patrick Swayze is Dalton- he is not as big as folks would think due to his rep.Tons of funny lines and John Doe and former ECW/NAW champ Terry Funk

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Longest Yard(2005) - take some pro rasslers,some NFL dudes add some SNL folks remake a Burt Reynolds 70s flick and get a hit movie- sadly the movie just never works- it has a few chuckles- and some hard hits- but it just never gels-never feels even close to real enough to care about the characters and most of the jokes are retreads including a lame "run Forrest run" joke. Skip unless you need to see former grapplers like Big Sexy and Goldberg "act". C-
Born into Brothels- Oscar award documentary about a bunch of children in the red-light district of Calcutta. I was afraid this would be the social equivalent of a car wreck.It was not - nor was it a hands off documentary- the first half of the film introduces us to the children and the second half of the movie shows the director making efforts to get the children into better enviroments.

Mindhunters - B-level thriller with LL Cool J , Christian Slater & Val Kilmer directed by Renee Harlin.Basically a bunch of FBI profilers get dropped on a deserted island for a simulation - then people start dying for real- a whodunit that turns into a whocares D-

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Enemy @ The Gates-the pivotal battle of WW2 European theater- brutal,gruesome,thousands dead- and Hollywoood managed to sammich in a love story-wtf? Jude Law is a sniper who learned his craft hunting wolves on the frozen tundra- he is a foot solidier dropped into the insanity of Stalingrad- he manages to survive the initial battle and is left for dead- he meets a political officer(Joe Fiennes) for the USSR- he is seen killing off several Nazis- and turned into a
propaganda hero.He does so well the Nazis bring in Ed Harris to have a shootout in the middle of this seige.Also Joey Fiennes & Jude Law both fall for Rachel Wiesz- ok I know HOllywood did not need to remake Stalingrad (which was brutal sad and hard to watch) - but a love story in Stalingrad-yeesh C+

Inside Deep Throat a decent documentary about one of the most profitable and controversial movies of the 70s- B

I have started watching Desperate Housewives- besides the obvious Milf factor- it has some funny writing and well I think I may be hooked

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reflections of Evil- a mesmerizing & disjointed journey that follows a frustrated and mentally disturbed watchseller ply his trade in LA.This movie will not be for everybody- but it hooked me from the beginning- the sound editing is off kilter but perfect for the dementia of the lead character.This film was made on a shoestring- most of the shots were stolen on the streets of LA and @ Universal Studios.At times the movie felt like a 70s horror flick mixed with a 60s acid trip with random bumfights thrown in-bizarre stuff like a Klaus Kinski ride at an amusement park and the ominpresent Miss Congeniality posters in the background of homeless folks struggling to survive. B+

I also watched most of Hardcore Homecoming - for some reason this "ECW" show lacked the match quality of the WWE ECW 1 Night Stand PPV from the next night- part of it was star power - the other part was the lack of storyline . I enjoyed the DVD- but it was a sad shadow of the WWE event C-

Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost(Season 1) - just finished a Lost mini-marathon-great stuff from the pilot to the cliffhanger- a well executed mix of action/adventure/horror/comedy and romance.The show has several different lead characters from the heroic doctor to the "unlucky" lotto winner to the on the run fugitive,etc.Mixing feature film production values with talented actors and a nice twisted plot.The show succeeds for many reasons- but main reason is the wide array of compelling characters. The DVD set has tons of extras including branching commentary tracks,a blooper reel,deleted scenes ,audition tapes and featurettes. A+

Age of Innocence a beautiful romance set in the late 1800s -Martin Scorsese does a great job capturing the details and Edith Wharton delivers the dialogue with zest.Stellar acting jobs by Daniel Day Lewis,Michelle Pfieffer & Winona Ryder help deliver this epic lovestory.Maybe more nuanced and slowpaced for the modern day film fan- but I loved every minute of this flick. A+

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Rock School - a former guitar whiz uses a tough love approach to get children to rock out zappa style.This documentary follows a semester @ a Philly after-school program- it is fun watching the Zappa band travel to Germany and wow the crowd- it is not as fun watching the patriarch of the school be an overbearing bully- sure he is funny @ times- but I think I would end up punching him. C+

Fever Pitch -The Farrelly brothers do a good job in adapting this Nick Hornby book into a cute and charming love story with Drew Barrymore,Jimmy Fallon & Ione Skye.Fallon is inconsistent but charming in his role as the obsessed Bosox fan - Fans of the original Hornby novel might want to check out the 1997 version of the flick with Colin FIrth as a soccer mad teacher. B

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fubar:The Movie - a fake documentary following 2 loveable loosers who spend their time drinking,mauling the language and dealing with testicular cancer.It felt like an unofficial sequel to American Movie - low production values and following 2 headbangers thru their life.Not something I would watch again- but I enjoyed it. C+

Cellular - Kim Basinger is kidnapped by Jason Statham- she needs help- she reconnects a phone and contacts a surfer dude - ok- it all sounds ridiculous- but it works- a decent lowbrow thriller with car wrecks,fighting,cursing and William H. Macy. Co-written by Larry Cohen(Phonebooth ,God Told Me Too) B-

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lipstick & Dynamite- neat documentary about female wrestling in the 40's,50's & 60s- filled out with archival footage and current interviews with several gal grapplers.The DVD has deleted scenes and director commentary. B+

Elvis Has Left The Building - a hunk hunka burning crap - I wish I had left also- whatever this Joel Zwick comedy failed to provide any laughs - the multiple Elvis impersonator homicides and the Kim Basinger/John Corbett romance collided in this dud . D-

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Who's Your Daddy

Typical nerdboy gets newfound respect when he inherits money movie- an attempt @ a r-rated 80's style boob fest- The main character is an outcast who hangs out with the geek squad @ school- he wants the typical "hot" blonde- but is pursued by the editor of the high school paper- the cast included Kadeem Hardison,Dave Thomas,ALi Landry,Wayne Newton and the guy who played Bill on Freeks & Geeks.Not even worth a rental . D

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Gunslinger's Revenge (aka Mio West) - filmed in 1998 in Italy- this western is PC to the point of sacchrine OD- centered around a half-breed child with a father who is a pacifist and a vegeterian- the first part of the film plods along until grizzled gunslinger Harvey Kietel comes into town to reunite with his family and retire - sadly his retirement is interrupted by David Bowie who camps it up as an evil fame seeking outlaw .The movie almost has a pulse when Kietel or Bowie are on the screen- the other 60% of the film is a bust C-

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Crash decent drama with several interspliced stories set in LA.Nothing spectacular but it did have a hilarious carjacking scene.Tons of folks in this "indie" film- Sandra Bullock,Don Cheadle,Terrance Howard,Ludacris,Brendan Fraser,Matt Dillon,Larenz Tate,etc. B

Three Iron quirky Asian film about a guy who loves golf and goes from home to home squatting when the homeowners are away.Slow paced but interesting. B

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Apostle - Robert Duvall plays a cuckold preacher on the run in this film that Duvall also wrote and directed.This is a riveting movie from the git-go- Duvall nails Sonny or the apostle EF perfectly in this flick- as a matter fact the whole movie plays note perfect- you get a real sense of what religion adds to the lives of many who have not much else to latch onto- Duvall's character is a combination of saint and sinner- he lives to preach but he is not able to turn the other cheek.Farah Fawcett,Billy Bob Thornton,June Carter Cash,Walter Goggins and others round out the cast- but this is Duvall's show and he is excellent. A

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Thin Man charming comedy about retired PI Nick Charles and his wife Nora- quick delivery and a good plot keep this murder mystery popping for the entire 87 minutes - the DVD also includes trailers for all of the sequels B+

Betsy's Wedding - An Alan Alda flick about a wedding and typical family mayhem before a wedding- mixed in with mob ties,class warfare and odd romantic pairings.Featured an all star cast with Madeline Kahn , Catherine O'Hara,Joe Pesci,Ally Sheedy,Dylan Walsh,Molly Ringwald and a blink you will miss it cameo from Samuel L. Jackson and Frankie Faison(from the Wire). Funny at times- but nothing worth seeking out- although the ending almost redeemed the thing.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Changing Lanes - a fender bender between an insurance salesman(Samuel L. Jackson) and a lawyer(Ben Affleck) alters their day for the worst.The take turns trying to turn the cheek and then get vengence in this dick waving contest with racial undertones. It feels like a Grisham novel mixed with Falling Down in NYC - in other words nothing new or worthwhile- although I liked the brief scene with William Hurt when he tells SLJ that society is held together by an agreement "to not go batshit" C-

Monday, August 29, 2005

Safety of Objects - basically a moderately dysfunctional suburb is chronicled in this movie- Dermott Mulroney is a lawyer passed over for a partnership- he vows to help Glenn Close win a SUV- Tompthy Olyphant is a creepy child abducter,Mary Kay Place is sexually frustrated and one child's doll speaks to him.Nothing spectacular just a typical drama with something connecting all the nieghbors.. C

tried watching Muppets:Wizard of Oz- just could not get into it- although my fatigue and general weariness of the notion probably made that a loosing effort to begin with

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Warm Springs- made for HBO movie about FDR's battle with polio and paralysis.A feel good drama about the only 4 term president in US history.Cynthia Nixon does a bangup job as Eleanor Roosevelt and Tim Blake Nelson nearly runs off with the picture as the manager of the Warm Springs resort in GA.Kenneth Brannagh does a good job as FDR also.May be slow for some- but a decent drama. B

Oldboy Korean revenge flick- a man is kidnapped and held for 15 years- he has 5 days to find out why.This brutal twisted and sometimes funny flick is eyepopping with some great visuals- the plot is even better.....good stuff A
Quicksand(1947) - Mickey Rooney is a mechanic that makes a series of bad moves trying to impress a female- nothing works out the way he intended them to-pretty basic flick- the best stuff is the confrontations between Rooney and Peter Lorre as a jealous penny arcade owner.

Sahara - bigscreen adaptation of a Clive Cussler novel starring Matthew McCongahey as Dirk Pitt & Steve Zahn as the Steve Zhan character with Penelope Cruz as the dowdy(not really-but she is not my cup of tea) altrutistic doctor person.Some decent action sequences and a typical bad guy is killing the ecosystem plot plus a little treasure hunting. C-

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Chyrstal - modern hillbilly flick about a family torn up about the loss of their son after a car wreck.Billy Bob Thornton comes home after a 20 year old stretch to try to redeem himself.The movie has some funny scenes(including the hilarious redneck fight club scene) and some good picking and grinning( there is a subplot about a professor writing about hill music).

Friday, August 26, 2005

To Live & Die in LA

WOW- now that is what an action flick should be- gritty raw determined from beginning to end- William Peterson is superb as a vengeful secret service agent- John Pankow also does great work as his unwilling new partner and Willem Dafoe is perfect as the tortured artist counterfiter.Great action sequences- and a young Jane Leaves in lingerie. The DVD also has a decent featurette about the making of the film and the really bad ending that the studio demanded. A+

I just got in from work - tried to watch Monster-In-Law - the stereotypes played by Jane Fonda( a washed up Barbara WaWa woman after a nervous breakdown) and J-Lo as the oh so nice "eccentric"(she is a temp and an aritst- man she is so wierd) bride to be- Wanda Sykes managed to ellict a few chuckles- but this is a dog

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Last of The Mohicans a decent action flick with Daniel Day Lewis & Madeline Stowe.The most riveting character of the movie was the villian Magua- driven by revenge and dominating the screen - he was a compelling foe for the lovestruck Hawkeye. B

Brothers Grimm - Terry Gilliam melds fairytale with French occupied Germany.The Brother's Grimm are essentially ghostbusters who get recruited to find a child killer in the woods near a small town.This flick melds captivating visuals with a Danny Elfman score -Heath Ledger & Matt Damon play the brothers- one is about profit and the other brother wants to follow his imagination.A decent popcorn flick for the whole family B-
Mondo Mod - a rather mundane look @ youth culture in the 1960s - narrated by LA DJ Humble Harve we look @ such extreme activities as drug use,terrible music,motorcycle clubs,surfing ,fashion and a curfew "war".Fun on a D.I.Y. MST3K level but actually very lame when compared to other Mondo titles from the 60s. D

Ong Bak:The Thai Warrior eye popping martial arts from Thailand- Tony Jaa is simply amazing- the chase scene through Bangkok is worth a rental by itself.The fight scenes are close to brutal but still beautiful to behold.The only bad part of this movie is the same old hackneyed plot- small village has it's symbol stolen- they send a young champion to retrieve it... B+

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ghost Dog:Way of The Samurai

Quirky,odd - interesting- Forrest Whitaker is killer for hire with a code for the mob- He is always on target and loyal- but this time he killed one of the mob and they want revenge.This Jim Jarmusch flick has the usual odd silences and eccentric dialogue- the best characters are the PE loving mobster and the french ice cream vendor.A mixture of violence and humor-worht checking out for fans of Tarantino flicks and martial arts. B+

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The 40 Year Old Virgin

I am physically exhausted- from laughing- damn that was fun.Steve Carrell(The Daily Show & The Office) nails it- note perfect comedy about an awkward adult that has yet to get physical with the other sex.Judd Apatow(Freaks & Geeks) wrote and directed .Tons of big jokes and even more small jokes- and most of them worked.Fine job by the supporting cast - Paul Rudd(Clueless,Friends),Catherine Keener(The Ballad of Jack & Rose)- I hate giving away jokes and plotlines- so to sum up- second great movie today- this being a LOL comedy. A+

Lackawana Blues

An impressive HBO movie about a beautiful woman that made her house a home for several characters.Touching,alive,entrancing-a great mix of sound and story- based on a true story featuring an All-Star cast.A time capsule about .....

you get the point and no I am not on the payola for the HBO crew- I would throw around more superlatives but I am about to go out . The extras on the DVD include a deleted scene,a featurette and commentary.The funniest part about the featurette was "star" lighting they used when interviewing exec producer Halle Berry..

ok seriously - good times A

Saturday, August 20, 2005

L4yer Cake

British gangsta flick with twists and turns and brutality and humor and more brutality.Cast includes Colm Meaney & Micheal Gambon- probably will work great for fans of the genre but may too brutal for the average viewer. B+

Dust To Glory

The latest documentary from Dana Brown the guy behind Step Into Liquid & Endless Summer 2. D2G follows a recent running of the Baja 1000- a 24 hour off road race in Mexico - filled with stunning footage,compelling characters & entrancing storylines this documentary drags you from the green flag to the checkered flag.My favorite sequence was Coco's Corner - an outpost in the middle of nowhere decorated with beer cans,borken motorcycles & found objects.The Baja has been run by NASCAR drivers,Indy racers,Steve McQueen,James Garner & others- btu the real star of the film is the race itself- part cannonball run ,part deathrace2000 and all fun.


Friday, August 19, 2005

Personal Velocity y Patton

Personal Velocity
Rebecca Miller's trilogy of stories about 3 wimmin in NY state played by Kyra Sedgwick,Parker Posey & Fairuza Balk- the first effort from the director of The Ballad of Jack & Rose. For some reason this felt like a Lillith Fair movie-just felt like it was marketed and directed towards that demo.It was interesting to watch the first time- but nothing I would suggest to others C

George S.Scott chews up in the scenery in this Francis Ford Coppola penned dick-waving contest and does a good job of it.Patton captures the controversial and enigmatic figure as he fights the Nazis and the political mechinations of the Allied war machine. B

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fritz Lang's Cloak and Dagger

Follows a mild mannered scientist(Gary Cooper) who is recruited by the OSS to run some spy games in Fortress Europa.Nothing spectacular - but I did enjoy the consequences of the smallest missteps during each episode of espionage. C

Chinese Hercules - Bolo Yeung( the imposing and muscular chap from Enter The Dragon & Bloodsport ) is an enforcer for the syndicate who takes on some coolies to claim a pier in a small village.Hiding in the village is a master of martial arts who has vowed to never fight again cuz he killed someone.Pretty predictable chop-sockey kung fu theater stuff. The Platinum Disc transfer was terrible- terrible dubbing and lots of long torso vision. D

This week's sonic sample:"Get Off"-Floyd's Funk Revival- easy smooth soul- I was sent this band's demo years ago- sadly I could not book them @ the time -link active for 7 days only

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


A slow paced drama about a heavyset line order cook(it seemed like the early years of Private Pyle) in a small town tavern.With Evan Dando,Liv Tyler,Shelly Winters & Deborah Harry. C

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Country Girl

I love being pleasantly surprised by a movie- sure it had mentioned the 7 Oscar noms and the win on the box- but that does not always insure quality.Bing Crosby is a former star given one last chance to be a star- Grace Kelly is his wife and William Holden is the director who feels that Crosby is the right guy for the role.This Clifford Odets play crackles with razor sharp dialogue from the first scene til the end.Grace Kelly won an Oscar for her portrayal of the loyal and protective wife of Crosby, the real star of the flick is Crosby- a mixture of charm talent and sadness- I am glad the library still has older films to check out. A

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Foxy Brown

Low level 70s blaxploitation- starring Pam Grier as the title character- she is lovely- but this flick does not age well- the fight scenes are ludicrous and the plot extreme- her brother fingers her bf to the mob- she becomes a hooker- what?This movie is a hoot with a decent Willie Hutch soundtrack and cameos by Sid Haig and Antonio Fargas.If you looking for some 70s action with a strong female lead than this will be a decent 90 minute ride.On the audio commentary the director said that he wants to try his hand at romantic comedy- you know I think a catfight in a lesbian bar might of helped Wedding Date. C
The Ballad of Jack & Rose
A compelling look @ a father and daughter on an island commune-Daniel day Lewis shares his own island refuge with his 13 year old daughter- they live off the land - it is idyllic,peaceful,perfect- but Jack is getting sick and he needs help.It is hard for me to be objective about this film- since I was snagged from Suburbia by my parents and subjected to farm life for most of my formative years.They did a good job capturing the good and bad parts of living off the land.But of course all things must have act 2 conflicts-Beau Bridges is an evil developer building cookie-cutter dwellings(It is frustrating how generic housing is now) and Katherine Keener is sort of hired to be a surrogate mom for Rose- the experiment yields drama.This is a well told and acted flick and will probably hit home for other granola generation offspring like myself. B+

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Wedding Date- narcolepsy in DVD form - Debbie Messing hires an escort for her sister's wedding- fluff in the British countryside-90 minutes I donated to ...well at least it was free D

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Deal- looks to be either straight to DVD or made for TV movie about a Wall Street guy that is caught in the middle of a multi-million dollar oil deal- passable entertainment with Christian Slater,Robert Loggia,Selma Blair and Angie Harmon C-

Dave Chappelle:For What It's Worth:Live @ The Fillmore - decent standup set from America's hottest stand-up- some funny riffs- but not as consistent as his TV show- guess this will have to do as a stopgap for Chapelle comedy til (crosses fingers) he gets back to work on season 3 of Chappelle's show

tried to watch Bill of Divorcement with Katherine Hepburn yesterday- she looked lovely in her film debut- but I found my attention wandering after awhile and I ejected it with 15 minutes to go

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Corporation - a "documentary" about evil and unfeeling businesses that have ruined the world- trots out the usual suspects- Michael Moore,Noam Chomsky- uses business films from the 50s to mock corporations- now I am more prone to agree with the viewpoint of the filmmakers- but I wish that documentaries were more balanced C

snagged the Mojo Chess Comp and the latest issue of Paste today- also the WIlliam Regal autobiography and Chinese Hercules on DVD
That Forsythe Woman
A costume melodrama from 1949 with Greer Garson as the lady everyone must have- also Errol Flynn(looking so much like Kevin Kline that I kept spitting out Fish Called Wanda dialogue when he was on the screen)- also Robert Young as the impulsive architect,Janet Leigh and Walter Pidgeon.Nothing exciting- just lots of ass ruffles,dancing and snobbery with a smidgeon of adultery and a healthy dose of London Fog C

Stories of Lost Souls- a compilation of short stories- inconsistent @ best- ranging from sci-fi to domestic displacement- featuring James Gandolfini,Kate Blanchett,Hugh Jackman,Keira Knightley & Micheal Gambon. C

Monday, August 08, 2005

Man of la Mancha

Impulse buy on the heels of another impulse buy( I had stopped @ Rite-Aid to get a box of chocolates)- a fun and imaginative musical- sure Sophia Loren's vocals were less than stellar- but it was fun seeing Peter O'Toole camp it up - I loved the windmill confrontation and the kinighting ceremony - I am not a big fan of musicals- but this one is worth seeking out B

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Decent noir pic about a love quadrangle and blackmail.Barbara Stanwyck is the evil title character and she is in a loveless marriage to Kirk Douglas.Van Heflin is the long lost love/obsession of Marhta Ivers and he comes back to town by accident after running away 17 years previous to join the circus.The movie also features Lizbeth Scott who is up there with Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls when it comes to overacting. B-

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Hitchhiker
A taut little thriller about 2 guys abucted by the creppy Emmett Myers(played to perfection by William Talman).The bad guy feels totally evil and that is fine with me- no quips or bluster even- just a shield of isolation and anger.71 minutes short- this Ida Lupino flick is full of tension from the first scene til the climax B

currently TMC is running a 3 Stooges biopic with Micheal Chiklis as Moe Howard and he is doing a good job.

just finished watching BB6- I am glad to see James nominated- but I hope that Kaysar gets reinstated or whatever- I can not stand Cappy

Kung Fu Hustle

I love it when I see good flicks- this was fun- sort of like the chop sockey answer to the imaginative Spirited Away .Tons of outlandish stunts and fights interlocked with humor,a love story and a Of Mice & Men chemistry between the leads.This movie has it's own internal logic and takes the mythology of Martial Arts to it's sill extremes.The DVD has outtakes,bloopers,commentary and a making of special A

I also watched 24 Hours in London a predictable bulletfest with kissing after the killing and twists just to deliver them- felt like it was made for TV D

Friday, August 05, 2005

My Architect

Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary feature - and deserving.This follows an illegitimate's son journey to discorver more about his world famous father - a man that had 3 families and buildings in Bangladesh,India,Trenton,Philly and other places.A mixture of touching personal scenes with some bizarre grudge hatred( the scene with the guy in charge of the downtown Philly renovation was Zell Milleresque) to innovative- his music boat was fun- his capital building for Bangladesh breathtaking. A compelling documentary from beginning to end


tried to watch 9th Gate -the pacing was just too slow for me today - I did try out the Fantastic Four game for Ps2- it got repitive quickly

well off to work

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Margaret Cho:Cho Revolution
Another live standup DVD from the foulmouthed hilarious Korean comedian.Most of this is too raunchy for FCC broadcast-but still a fun 87 minute concert mixed with funny pantomime and insights.The extras include commentary and the top people who got jacked in 2003. B-

I also snagged 3 other DVDs last night- My Architect ,Penn & Teller:BS Season 2 Vol 1 & 6 Strong Guys.

Yesterday was my off day - but I spent the day anchored to a courtroom to be a witness in a case for the bf of my of my former employees.I never got called and he was found guilty- so in other words I got to waste my entire day.

Last night we did go to Otani a great Japanese steakhouse-good times- I want more Shrimp Tempura- NOW

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

stuff I own

love the picture of the records- taken by a good friend- Hamburger the Movie has Chip from the beloved Chim team on TAR - the collage is something I did with my life partner a few years back and the Trek comic cover is neato and I love comic covers from the 50's,60's & 70s

Greydon Clark

coming soon to DVD

I found this in a Blockbuster PVM bin for 2 bucks in 1993- it was so terrible - I made several friends watch it-Greydon Clark's Black Shampoo just came out on DVD complete with commentary by the the director- and some of his movies are on MST3k- Final Justice with Joe Don Baker & Angel's Revenge. Other flicks by Clark include Joysticks,Skinheads & Lambada:The Forbidden Dance.

sonic sample of dialogue from The Bad Bunch

audio up for 7 days only

Monday, August 01, 2005

just finished disc one of Eerie,Indiana - decent kids whodunit show about about a NJ transplant who moves to a town with wierd stuff going on- don't know if this is on Nutflix or not- but it is a dcent thing to watch with kids- funny enough for adults and clean enough for the average kid- this was a TV show that had a short run in the early 90s- disc one was alot of fun with episodes about human tupperware,talking dogs and an ATM with feelings

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Playmakers-Season 1
just like The Shield and Nip/Tuck- Playmakers was meant to be an FX show- but it got picked up by ESPN- just like those shows- everything happens @ 11- meaning they cram in every scenario they can into the shows- sadly the NFL pressured ESPN to take this show off the air- they did not like the steroids,homosexual,fighting,murder- felt it was bad the image of the NFL(although every one of those issues have occured).Playmakers follows several players thru the season- Leon Taylor an over the hill running back trying to come back from a knee injury,D.H. the cocky drug addict(played by Omar Gooding),the cockslinger gunlinger QB and others- solid entertainment- very over-the top-but very engrossing B

I love my toys

Fever Pitch(1997)

The original soccer based version of the Nick Hornby story starring Colin Firth( the remake stars Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore and follows the Bosox).Ok- I know obsessive sports fans- ok I am one - reformed- now I follow fake sport(pro wrestling).Ok I still follow the Skins and the O's- but not like I did when I was younger.Colin Firth is an obsessed Arsenal fan- been following them for 21 years- when the season is going on - the rest of the world is static to him. Miss Hughes(misuse) is a leggy and serious teacher that teaches the class next to his class- they eventually hit it off(probably cuz they are the best looking folks on the faculty-they seem to have nothing in common-besides good skin and good form).Firth is so obsessed he even gets a flat within spitting distance of the Arsenal pitch.A good flick about sports obsession . B

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Guess Who?
A supposedly comic update of the socially relevant for the times(although it felt quaint as anything when I saw it) Sidney Pottier/Spencer Tracey flick Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. It is sad when the funniest moment of the flick is a scene where Bernie Mac is mesmerized by a cordless phone on a lazy susan.As obvious and painful as Bringing Down The House and as fun as a colonoscopy.Are test audiences this lowbrow and backwards- I guess so- cuz the mainstream comedies just get more and more watered down- I remember thinking that Bernie Mac had an edge to him when he was doing supporting roles back in the day and I thought he was the highlight of The Original Kings of Comedy- but his leading man roles have been disapointingly middle of the road.Ashton Kutcher has a goofy likeability to him- but like Mac he keeps picking lameass comedies that lack the necesary guffaws. F

Friday, July 29, 2005


more glum than Stalingrad and more suicides than Heathers -this German language look @ the final days of Hitler in the bunker is fascinating and terrifying .Of course the story has told and retold and it is some heavy material to digest- but it was an interesting flick B

2014 update Ironically this movie has spawned hilarious videos that make me consistently crack up

tried to watch Alexander - after 40 minutes I knew I did not want to endure another 2 hours of it- so I ejected it

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hitler's SS:A Portrait in Evil

less a study of the SS than a story about 2 brothers in Nazi Germany- one joins the thuggish SA as a chauffer - the other is recruited by the SS- after that we get glimpses of the changes and terror of the thousand year reich - this is obviously a TV miniseries from the 80s- a bit maudlin in parts but effective .Co-starring Bill Nighy & John Shea with David Warner,Jose Ferrer & Tony Randall C-

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Alfie a 66 flick about a cad(Micheal Caine) that goes from bird to bird mostly without feeling and with some pretty bad consequences-cast included Jane Asher,Denholm Elliott and Shelley Winters.The humour has not held up well and Alfie comes across as a scamp and jerk and well not that sympathetic in this dated dramedy. C

also just to say something- it is really hot out- we all know it - so do we need small talk about the heat???

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Point Blank

today my copy of Point Blank came in - wow- simplistic tale of revenge artfully told by director John Boorman - Lee Marvin is Walker and he "been wronged"- now he has to set things right- simple premise- great execution.A neat DVD with 2 vintage featurettes about Alcatraz and commentary by the director and Steven Soderbergh.Co-starring John Vernon,Carroll O'Connor,Angie Dickinson,James Sikking,Sid Haig and Keenan Wynn.This re-release is worth seeking out for fans of action flicks B+

Monday, July 25, 2005

They Are Among Us

a decently made for TV sci-fi flick with Nana Visitor,Hunter Tyloe,Corbin Bernsin,Alison Eastwood & others.Basically a smalltown is a colony for bugaliens- nothing spectacular or new- but watchable C

Sunday, July 24, 2005

1998 & 1999
Peabody's VA Beach
Bow Wow Wow 2/3/98
Fishbone 3/28/98
Suicide Machines/Assorted Jellybeans/Apocalypse Hoboken 6/16/98
The Getaway People 7/19/98
G Love and Special Sauce 7/20/98
Pretty Posion 7/28/98
Voodoo Glow Skulls 8/4/98
Dag 8/30/98
Sprung Monkey/Cold 9/4/98
blink 182/Unwritten Law/River Fenix 10/6/98
Salt N Pepa 3/21/98
Kottonmouth Kings 4/6/98
Lagwagon/All 4/28/99
Strung Out 6/1/99
Guttermouth/Nobodys 8/23/99
Bouncing Souls/H20 11/23/99
1997 Shows

@Riverview Theatre -Norfolk VA
Sugarhill Gang 1/25/97
Goldfinger/Reel Big Fish 2/2/97
downset/Earth Crisis 3/20/97
Bloodhound Gang/Nerf Herder 4/12/97
GWAR/Chemlab/Vampire Love Dolls 4/30/97

@Friar Tucks - Norfolk VA
Fleshtones 6/13/97
Bio Ritmo 9/17/97
Southern Culture On The Skids 9/21/97

@Waterside Live Norfolk VA
Joe Sample 2/10/97
Savoy Brown 2/12/97
Kenny Rankin 2/14/97
Keiko Matsui 3/10/97

@Peabody's Virgnia Beach
Candy Snatchers/Lost Tribe 1/16/97
Belizbeha 2/28/97
24-7 Spyz/Stuck Mojo 3/2/97
L7/Combine 4/15/97
Buckshot LeFonque 5/15/97
Southern Culture On the Skids 5/17/97
Everything 6/17/97
Snapcase 6/23/97
Agent Orange 6/27/97
Misfits 7/2/97
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock 7/24/97
Sprung Monkey 8/5/97
Sugar Hill Gang 9/25/97
blink 182/Less Than Jake 10/7/97
Smash Mouth 10/22/97
Pennywise/Murphy's Law 11/18/97

@Route 44 Virginia Beach
Smithwick Machine 5/24/97
Rustic Overtones 6/3/97
Jimmie's Chicken Shack 7/5/97
The Muffs/Chixdiggit 7/18/97
Murphy's Law 8/2/97
1996 shows

@Baitshack Norfolk VA
Dash Rip Rock 1/20/96
Combine/Buttsteak 1/24/96
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones 1/29/96
Stuck Mojo 1/30/96
emmet swimming/Nil Lara/Throat Culture 2/1/96
D.R.I./Acid Bath 2/5/96
Self 2/9/96
Squirrel Nut Zippers 2/12/96
De La Soul 2/18/96
NOFX/Lunachicks/Snuff 2/23/96
God Lives Underwater 2/27/96
Roomful of Blues 3/3/96
Garbage/Elevator Drops 3/7/96
Velvet Crush/Lustre 3/8/96
Drill 3/12/96
Kreator/Skrew 3/13/96
The Bogmen 3/16/96
Fugazi 3/19/96
Freddy Jones Band/Catfish Jenkins 3/21/96
Planet Soul 3/22/96
David Wilcox 3/26/96
Ben Folds Five 3/27/96
Agents of Good Roots 3/28/96
Deftones/Fu manchu 4/1/96
Subdudes 4/2/96
Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers 4/3/96
Biz Markie(as a DJ) 4/7/96
Possum Dixon 4/13/96
Sublime/Wesley Willis Fiasco 4/15/96
Merl Saunders 4/24/96
Joe Sample 4/26/96
Ruby/Schtum 4/30/96
Junior Wells 5/21/96
Eve's Plum/Falstaff/Hollowbodies 5/22/96
Too Much Joy/Nada Surf/Jimmie's Chicken Shack 5/23/96
C&C Music Factory 5/29/96
Squirrel Nut Zippers 6/1/96
Toots and The Maytals 6/9/96
Average White Band 6/18/96
Yellowman 6/25/96
Electrafixion 7/2/96
Run DMC 8/15/96
Clarence Clemmons 8/16/96
Quad City DJs 9/16/96
El Vez/Big Ass Truck 9/28/96
Keiko Matsui 10/22/96
Saffire 10/27/96

@Peabodys Virginia Beach
Jimmie's Chicken Shack 8/25/96
Howlin' Maggie 9/16/96

@Riverview Theatre Norfolk VA
Biohazard 11/25/96
ok concerts that I promoted in 1995 after the Nsect Club shut down
Soundfest 4/22/95 - Combine/Dillon Fence/Dexter/Sea of Souls
@ Mango Tangos
Surfing Brides 6/22/95
Sonia Dada 6/26/96
Caulfields 7/23/95
Nathan Sheppard Band/For Squirrels 7/28/95
Skirt/Hollowbodies 8/17/95
Blackfoot 8/27/95
Billy Pilgrim 8/29/95
Edwyn Collins/Ivy 10/3/95
King Missile 10/17/95
@ Baitshack
Black Uhuru 10/25/95
Shelby Lynne 11/1/95
The Nixons/emmet swimming/Blunt 11/5/95
Civ/Smile/Shelter 11/7/95
Walter Beasley 11/12/95
Gwar/Meatmen/Brutal Juice 12/18/95
Shows I promoted @ the Nsect Club Oct 1994 thru 1995
Deee-Lite 10/9/94
311/Shootyz Groove 10/11/94
Samiam/The Toadies 10/13/94
L7/Melvins/Wool 10/16/94
Sebadoh/Dog-Faced Hermans 10/17/94
Cro-Mags/Hate Parade 10/19/94
Ozric Tentacles 10/20/94
Avail/Into Another 10/23/94
Beat Farmers 10/28/94
Pigface 10/30/94
Down By Law/The Goops 11/1/94
7 Seconds/Bouncing Souls 11/6/94
Prong/Clutch 11/13/94
NOFX/Face to Face 11/22/94
The Goats/Big Chief 11/29/94
GWAR/Glazed baby 12/1/94
UK Subs/Spo-its 12/2/94
Pop Will Eat Itself/Compulsion/Dink 12/9/94
Biohazard/Unsane 12/13/94
Everclear 12/17/94
JFA 1/3/95
Snapcase 1/13/95
Helmet 1/25/95
Rusted Root 1/26/95
Nick Lowe/JimLauderdale 2/1/95
Ass Ponys 2/7/95
Marilyn Manson 2/15/95
Sick of It All/Orange 9mm/108 2/19/95
Letters To Cleo/Seed 2/21/95
Pegboy 2/23/95
Dick Dale 2/26/95
Popsickle/7 Mary 3 3/13/95

more shows I saw as a consumer

Thelonious Monster(Rogues)
Cowboy Mouth(Bayou)
Urge Overkill(Abyss)
Bad Brains(Abyss)

ASK Productions 1992 - 1993

Shows that I have promoted 1992-1993
1992 @Crossroads Cafe
Lucy Brown
Harm Farm
Shelter(this show actually was on their videotape)
@Kingshead Inn 1993-1994
Lucy Brown
Coffin Break
Velocity Girl
Shadow Project
Sam Black Church
Alice Donut
Pansy Division
Chem Lab
Unrest/Paper Tulips
Greg Ginn
Piss Factory
Big Drill Car
7 Seconds

@The Machine
Whirling Dervishes
Billy C Wirtz
Shows I have seen as a consumer(incomplete)
1970's- Annapolis, MD(I think)
Seldom Scene
1985- rural Jersey Herbie Mann(Appel Farm Performing Arts Camp)
1986-1987-Roanoke,VA Exploited/C.O.C./Bob Margolin
1988-2002- Norfolk/Hampton/Virginia Beach, VA
Prince(Richmond Coliseum)1988
Prince(The Landmark Theater) 2001
Screaming Trees/Das Damen/King Missile (Mitty's Omni Hotel)
Fishbone/Maggie's Dream (Boathouse)
P.I.L./Flesh For Lulu(Boathouse)
Consolidated & MC 900 Ft Jesus w/ DJ Zero(Dues X Machina)
Kid Capri(Club Apollo)
Maceo Parker (Jewish Mother 2 X/Peppermint Beach Club)
Greatest Rap Show Ever(Public Enemy/Geto Boys/Kid N Play/Oaktown's 357/Leaders of The New School/Naughty By Nature/A Tribe Called Quest)
Sonic Youth/ Jesus Lizard(Boathouse)
NIN/Meat Beat Manifesto(Peppermint Beach Club)
Depeche Mode/The The( Hampton Col.)
James Brown(Scope)
Dead Milkmen(Peppermint Beach Club)
Rev Billy C Wirtz(Larkin's)
Living Colour(Boathouse)
Front Line Assembly(Peppermint Beach Club)
Beastie Boys/L7(Boathouse)
Slash's Snakepit/Tad(Boathouse)
David Byrne(Boathouse)
The Roots(The Boathouse)
Green Day(Lewis's)
The Bad Livers(Jewish Mother)
Jerry Seinfeld(Chrsyler Hall)
George Carlin(ODU)
Buzzcocks(9:30 Club-DC)
Fishbone/NOFX/Green Apple Quickstep (Floodzone)
Cheap Trick(Town Point Park)
Spyra Gyra(Town Point Park)
Booker T and The MG's(Town Point Park)
Neville Brothers(Town Point Park)
Shows That I was working at the venue as a DJ 1989-1992
Flaming Lips(The Machine)
fIREHOSE/Blake Babies(Outer Limits)
Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts(Madeline's Peppermint Lounge)
Chicasaw Mud Puppies & Flat Duo Jets(Outer Limits)
Spin Doctors & Lucy Brown(Outer Limits)
Meat Beat Manifesto (The Machine)
The Flaming Lips(The Machine)
Toad The Wet Sprocket & King Missile(Outer Limits)
The Foundations(Madeline's Peppermint Lounge)
Buzzcocks(Outer Limits)
Information Society(The Machine)
Waxing Poetics(Outer Limits)
Drivin' N Cryin'(Outer Limits)
Monks of Doom(Outer Limits)
The Mentors(Outer Limits)
Posies(Outer Limits)
and I know this is incomplete

Stoopid Kar Productions 94

Bands promoted at the Nsect Club in Hampton VA
1993-Sept 1994
Heatmiser/Lift 6-20-93
Lucy Brown/Combine 7/2/93
Papa's Culture/Fierce Nipples 7/8/93
D.R.I. 7/11/93
The Bluerunners/Antic Hay/Buttsteak 7/18/93
Royal Trux 7/21/93
Chemlab/Skrew 7/24/93
Band of Susans/Combine 8/8/93
G.B.H./Candy Snatchers 8/9/93
Clutch/Grim Skunk 8/27/93
Pro-Pain 8/29/93
Eek-A-Mouse 9/2/93
Skatenigs/Pee Tanks 9/3/93
Rev Horton Heat 9/5/93
Sheep On Drugs 9/10/93
Red House Painters/ Idaho 9/11/93
Royal Crescent Mob/ Brother's By Choice 9/17/93
Zeni Geva 9/22/93
Toasters/Bio Ritmo 9/23/93
Sonny Sharrock 9/25/93
Hammerhead/Janitor Joe/Tilt 9/29/93
Alice Donut/Low Pop Suicide 10/14/93
Lunachicks/Kepone 10/15/93
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult/Machines of Loving Grace 10/27/93
Drunken Boat 11/05/93
Jad Fair / Big Hat 11/09/93
Fudge Tunnel/Season To Risk 11/12/93
Spahn Ranch/Ill Repute/Clay People 12/02/93
New Bomb Turks/Bob Evans 1/7/94
Follow For Now 1/21/94
Bim Skala Bim 1/23/94
The Buck Pets 1/28/94
Clutch/Karma To Burn/Edison 2/6/94
Unrest/Slant 6/Blunt 2/13/94
Godplow/Skurj/Jerm Flux 2/15/94
Tree/Schnitt Acht 2/18/94
Seaweed 2/24/94
The Meatmen/Picasso Trigger 2/25/94
Lucy Brown/Meatjack 3/3/94
Pennywise/Offspring/Kerosene 454 3/8/94
Southern Culture On The Skids/Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver 3/10/94
The Adicts/For Love Not Lisa 3/11/94
Machines of Loving Grace/Course of Empire 3/21/94
Jake E. Lee/Dirty Mary 3/22/94
Billy Goat/Quasi 3/31/94
Small Ball Paul/The pietasters 4/1/94
Wool 4/3/94
Jim Rose Circus 4/4/94
Carter USM/Greenberry Woods 4/6/94
James Hall 4/7/94
Flat Duo Jets/Beowolf 4/8/94
Melvins/Obsessed 4/18/94
LaTour/Never 4/29/94
Rodan/Godplow 5/10/94
Angstfest 94:KMFDM/Sister Machine Gun/Chem Lab
Merl Saunders & The rainforest Band 5/18/94
Lagwagon and Youth Brigade 5/19/94
Genitoturers/Marble Index 5/20/94
King Missile/Lung 5/29/94
Supersuckers/Alcohol Funnycar 5/31/94
Fleshtones 6/15/94
Rancid 6/19/94
Buzzov.en/Nobody 6/22/94
Killdozer/Steel Pole Bathtub/Big Slam 6/24/94
7 Year Bitch/Loudspeaker 6/26/94
311/Cadillac Tramps 6/28/94
Victim's Family/Popsickle 6/30/94
The Meatmen/Squatweiler 7/1/94
Murphy's Law 7/7/94
Jawbox 7/10/94
Archers of Loaf /Funland 7/13/94
Chaos UK/Turmoil 7/15/94
Veruca Salt 7/20/94
Thought Industry/Tribe 8 7/22/94
Offspring/Guttermouth 7/25/94
John Kay and Steppenwolf/Blue-lords 7/26/94
Dead Eye Dick 7/27/94
Kyuss/Stompbox 7/31/94
Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Black Train Jack 8/5/94
Shudder To Think 8/10/94
Voodoo Glow Skulls 8/16/94
Tiny Lights/Velvet Crush 8/17/94
Beatnuts 9/2/94
Type O Negative 9/7/94
Christian Death/D.I. 9/9/94
Dale Bozzio/Almighty Senators 9/14/94
Love Spit Love 9/15/94
The Figgs/Motocaster 9/18/94
Luscious Jackson/Smashing Orange 9/20/94
Velocity Girl 9/21/94
Eek-A Mouse/Shootyz Groove 9/23/94
MC 900 Ft Jesus/Consolidated/Artis The Spoonman 9/26/94
Neurosis/Buzzov.en/Stranger Than Fiction 9/27/94

Saturday, July 23, 2005


The latest from the director of Akira - follows 3 generations of inventors who attempt to harness steam in the 1860s U.K. Tons of beautiful shots and neat inventions make the time fly by- featuring voiceovers by Patrick Stewart,Alfred Molina & Anna Paquin. B
A hodge-podge mess of Improv and camera tricks- a Mike Figgis ditty about a Hollywood crew that sets up shop in a wierd Venice hotel to shoot a version of the The Duchess of Melfi using the rules of Dogme- we have several subplots mixed in -cannibalism,infidelity,movie within a movie,coma,resurrection,flamenco and lots of talking and split screens and camera tricks.The cast includes Salma Hayek,Julian Sands,Burt Reynolds,Lucy Lui,David Schimmer,Saffron Burrows,John Malkovich and others- not for everyone but interesting.The DVD has a 23 minute behind the scenes segments and several outtakes C+

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bland of The House

just finished the Tommy Lee Jones comedy Man of The House - a forgettable comedy about a Texas Ranger that is assigned to protect some shapely Longhorn cheerleaders- the chuckles are few and far between and forced bonding is predictable and tiresome. Not worth a rental


Saturday, July 16, 2005

just finished the vaguely charming Bad News Bears - I remember this film being a big deal back in 1976- but I never saw it- Walter Matthau is the gruff ex-minor leaguer that coaches a bunch of street urchins and a couple of ringers thru a season of little league baseball.Lots of profanity for a kids film- odd that the standards seem to getting more puritanical when it comes to kid's flicks.Overall the movie felt like a quilt of cliches mixed with some random rebellion and a few shocking moments of hockeydad violence.I imagine this film will be getting a few rentals and whatnot cuz of nostalgia and the new Billy Bob remake- but nothing I would suggest
Up and Down- an odd Czech flick about racism,baby snatching and immigration-had some funny moments and twists- but nothing earthshattering C

Friday, July 15, 2005

just finished Charlie a British film about the notorious British gangster Charlie Richardson- the lead was very charismatic and it had some nice shots in it- and some sick brutality- the telling of the story was done in flashbacks from a court trial-nothing spectacular but engaging enough to finish C

watched Ice Princess this afternoon- while not as terrible as the Spinal Tapesque On Edge it was lacking- while it was funny to see Kim Cattrell as an over the top pushy Skating instructor instead of a traitorous Vulcan or sexually active ad exec- the movie was yer typical "rocky" type movie with the underdog rising up and the training montages- the film also made huge leaps in chronology with little warning.Their was a funny Zamboni surprise during the 2nd act- but nothing worht renting this flick unless you are a big Dawnie fan(Michelle Trachtenberg) D

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Last American Virgin

Typical 80s teen flick- some boobies,some crass jokes and lots of new wave(well the same songs played over and over- I think they could not afford to liscense more than 6 songs for the soundtrack).Not as funny as other flicks from that time period and the actors seem very awkward. D

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Most Grizzled?

Watched Million Dollar Baby - it seemed to be a contest of who can be the most grizzled- in corner you have the one-eyed gym attendant(Morgan Freeman) who is too cheap to buy his new socks,in another corner you have the gutsy waitress who takes home half-eaten steaks to afford to train in the Hit-Pit and she wants to be trained by Clint Eastwood(who is looking more and more like the alien from Alien) who snarls "I don't train girls" and other cliches at his charges .Watching this melodrama felt more like homework than entertainment. C+

Watched a middling James Cagney flick this morning called Great Guy a 1936 flick about a moral crusader in the department of weights and measures who is incorruptable.Typical good guy takes on the bad guys and wins morality play- had some decent humor thrown in- but nothing worth seeking out or owning C-