Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Constantine- last night a customer who had been traveling abroad decided to let me borrow a blackmarket copy of the Keanu Reeves comic book flick Constantine- it was a decent movie with some intense action sequences- Tilda Swinton ddi a good job as the evil angel Gabriel- but overall the movie really failed to capture my imagination.

I also started my Buffy voyage- I had never really watched this popular cult show- but the gf has all 7 seasons on DVD- so I figured what the heck - summer is here- why not - I liked the first 3 episodes- a good mix of comedy.sexy actresses and cheesy effects.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Boogeyman- Little Timmy is scared of the thing in his closet- he still is 15 years later when he grows up- and I am not- from scene one ever horror cliche is trotted out to make the viewer jump - by the end of it- I just want to turn the lights off and go to sleep D

Swimming Upstream - based on a true story about a sibling rivlary between 2 Aussie brothers that are competitive swimmers.Geoffrey Rush plays the abusive drunk father that picks his favorite son and Julie Davis plays the mother that tries her best to keep the family together.The movie had some interesting scenes and some things that really hit close to home for me- but it felt like a typical Lifetime movie . C

Sunday, May 29, 2005

watched Rasputin a 1996 HBO take on the Russian "healer"- it had a good cast- Ian McClellan,Alan Rickman,etc... but the damn thing left me cold- I watched the whole thing- but I never connected with it..

The New Kids a movie about 2 army kids that move to Florida after their parents die and are harrased by local bullies.Had Lori Laughlin and James Spader in the cast.This movie was a wierd watch for me- several elements reminded me of growing up in Franklin county,VA- the redneck gang was vile- their leader was played by James Spader- some lines from the movie included
"Do you want to go on a date-ever been to a dogfight"-Gidd
"Soon we be will farting thru silk"
this movie was a fun watch-of course I love cheesy 80's movies- this movie did have some bite -and felt realistic - well until the finale which was over the top-
the oddest part of the movie was the dad waking up his kids -
"hey son stop wacking off and get up
to his daughter "get your hot bod up and at'em"
for the rest of the movie we kept yelling at the brother to stop wacking off to his hot bod sister....

Tough Turf - an 80's movie about a troubled teen(James Spader) that moves to a new town and starts a blood feud with the bully gang of the school and falls in love with the bullies main squeeze(Kim Richards).Robert Downey,Jr. is Spader's pal and also plays drums for the Jim Carroll Band- they perform "It's Too Late" - good song that was turned into a comedy number by the ridiculous dance scenes- also we get to hear Jimmy Spader serenade his girl - this movie had some dance scenes and some truly atrocious music.Very dated,unrealistic and enjoyable in a car wreck sort of way.A keeper.

not quite the Baataan Death march but maybe the Boston Marathon in an eskimo suit - I finally sat thru Gangs of New York- best thing I can say about it - I enjoyed the Discovery Channel documentary on the real gangs of NYC on the DVD- I wanted to see during it's theatrical run- just never got around to it- I finished watching the thing more out of obligation than an actual desire to keep watching- it was not terrible - but it never pulled me in. C

later in the day I watched Adaptation from director Spike Jonez- a movie about the writing of a screenplay about a book about Orchids- some ok twists and turns- and was fun watching the Kaufman character suffering thru the process of writing- this was an ok gimmick movie- but a letdown after Being John Malkovich- I guess it's unfair to compare- but with the same writer and director and an Oscar win - I had higher expectations for this one also- the DVD only has the trailer and filmographies of the pronciples- not much else B-
watched Drum today- talk about a family movie- that movie would offend every emmber of most families- Ken Norton is the son of Mandingo and he is the house-servant to Warren Oates- lots of nipples and the n word and violence and stuff - not a good movie - but a jaw-dropper of a bad one- so much so - that it is worth seeing- Pam Grier is also in the movie

tried to watch Kidnap Syndicate today- mostly cuz it had James Mason- could not endure the bad dubbing(I think this was an Italian movie) so i shut it off after 20 minutes and 8 pieces of chicken

watched The Bostonians this afternoon- Chris Reeve,Nancy Marchand a Redgrave and several big dresses flit about in this Merchant Ivory flick about suffrage love and drinking tea- 2 hours I want back- oh well - the tape will end up at Cash Converters
the notions behind the film were interesting women's suffrage,post war remorse,
but- I found it very disconcerting that Verena fell for Basil Ransom- who seemed like a well dressed clod with an in and out accent- not only did she fall for him but she left the women's suffrage movement when she was supposed to give an important speech- I mean it lent more resonance to Redgrave's speech at the end- but I did not buy the Ransom/Verena relationship- the Olive/Verena relationship made more sense-
I did like the scene with Nancy Marchand horsetrading with Olive over her son and Verena- Linda Hunt was decent in the movie- actually Christopher Reeve was the weak link,the kyrptonite in this one-
either way I was not moved by this movie- and I will sell this copy

Speaking of Sturgis I watched Stone Cold with Brian Bosworth as undercover cop who joins a biker gang- the brotherhood- this is over the top action at it's best and worst- unrealistic,unintentionally funny but a fun watch- had Lance Hendricksen as Chains -the evil leader of the brotherhood and Sma McMurray as a germaphobic FBI agent- Bosworth is the good guy in this one-although it seems like a fair amount of innocent bystanders die when he fights the bad guys..... I enjoyed this movie- it was dumb fun

Indy 500

I am off from work today- and it is good timing- cuz this afternoon is the Indy 500 my favorite (and only autorace) that I watch-
Hotel Rwanda - genocide on the Sneech side- just a really sad well executed movie- the hotel is like an oasis from hell during one of the most brutal uprisings in recent memory.

Willie Dynamite - a 1973 flick about a pimp (Roscoe Orman)- the movie has some funny outfits and moments- but overall is a jive turkey- it really felt like blacksploitation moreso than most flicks from that era.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

recent rentals - quick thoughts
Triplets of Bellville- cute animated feature about the Tour De France,kidnapping,frog bombing and found object music B

Fog of War- the scariest movie I have seen in a long time- Oscar winning documentary based on interviews with former Sec of Defense Robert McNamara A

Scary Movie 3- a lackluster spoof blender - had a couple of laughs- just glad I got to see it for free D-

In America- a family comes to America- a mixture of drama,bonding and survival - good stuff- B-

Elephant - a non specific remix of the Columbine school shootings - it has several scenes played over from differing perspectives- nothing special C

Kill Bill 2 - after the orgy of violence in the first one - the second film is a different creature - more cerebral,more mature and a lovely conclusion to a basic premise A

Mean Girls - a PG13 remake of Heathers - B-

The Gathering Storm - before WW2 Churchill is exiled to the countryside- played by Albert Finney to perfection- Churchill is a braggart and an arse- but also a great man

Big Fish - Tim Burton's magical tall tale worked for me -sure it had some iffy moments - but I enjoyed the ride B

Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley
caught this @ The Egyptian as part of the not on Video/DVD series- a 47 flick starring Tyrone Power as a mentallist from a carnival who wants to take his act to the bigtime- it was an egaging flick that had some twists and turns and Power sure did light up the screen - but it felt overlong - like a few twists were added just to deliver more minutes- nothing spectacular but it was neat to watch an old movie like that on the big screen.


Miss Julie-1999 - Mike Figgis dir. - a one act play about class differences in the late 1800's.Worth one viewing- good dialogue and the mistress of the house was quite entrancing. B-
Swimming Pool - Charlotte Rampling goes to a secluded house in the French countryside to conquer writer's block. B-

Enough - J Lo meets a rich dude falls in love than things go bad- actually the movie was bad from the moment I put it in D-

Fear Of The Dark - a kid is afraid of the dark- his parents leave him home with his older brother - the lights go out and the CGI takes over- D

Chappelle's Show Season One- the entire first season of the hit Comedy Central Show Chappelle's show- 6 episodes have audio commentary - they are fun if you are a fan of the show- the half hour of bloopers and deleted scenes were tedious- but the set is hilarious A

Looney Tunes:Back In Action - a fun kids movie with Buggs,Daffy,the Brendan Fraiser & Jenna Elfman- this movie tanked at the box office- but is worth a second look- a lot of fun ideas - including the cartoons interacting with famous paintings at the Louvre B-

Mona Lisa Smile - Julie Roberts and the latest crop of hot young thangs play make believe- the setting is Wellsley college and Julia is a teacher out to make a difference-a very typical rebel fighting against the system type movie- the thing had some funny moments- plus the guy from the Wire- not highly recomended C-

The Monday Night Wars- the winner always gets to write the history and WWE is spinning their version of the famed Nitro vs Raw Monday Nights of the late 90's on this interesting DVD - has bonus matches on it. Although some of the history has been changed- it is a must watch for any rasslin' fan. B-

The Passion of The Christ- a famous myth done yet again- this time with tons of slow motion, lots of whipping,blood,subtitles and dramatic music.How this mediocrity is the center of the current zietgiest is baffling. D


wow- this was terrible - of course I thought it would be- Olympic gymnast is recruited to play "THE GAME" in Parmistan in order to secure air-space for the USA to help with the launch of the Star Wars shield- lots of fight scenes with a little gymnastic flair- including a town that happens to have a pommelhorse like object in it's center.He happens to seduce the princess of Parmistan(apparently they could not get the rights to film in Zirconia) and he has to escape from a village of the damned(a province stocked with a fog machine,halfwits and a man with 2 faces) to win THE GAME- this movie had some funny moments- but not enough to justify watching it again.The movie also featured Richard Norton as his adversary and was produced by Enter The Dragon producer Freddie Wientraub.


Thirteen - Holly Hunter is a mom coping with a girl turning 13 and becoming popular,unruly and troubled-a modern after-school movie- C+

The Secret Lives of Dentists- Dentists do things outside of the office and when Campbell Scott starts to doubt his marriage he is guided by his devil id Dennis Leary.Worth seeing once- it has it's moments B-

Spellbound- compelling documentary charting the progress and path towards the national spelling bee by spellers from diverse backgrounds across the nation.Almost perfect except for the annoying soundtrack. A-

The Re-incarnation of Peter Proud - A doctor starts to have re-occurring dreams of a past that is not his.Luckily for him his wife was Margot Kidder-sadly she murders him(this is in the opening sequence)- is it real or not- we follow Peter Proud on his journey of discovery- this movie had some wierd twists -but it also some hokey camera effects .Also had the lovely Jennifer O'Neill C+

ThrillKIll- a videogame writer disappears- for 80 plus minutes people die for money,cheesy effects happen and the credits roll F

View From The Top- a real nothing of a movie - half lame comedy half predictable romance. D

Veronica Guierin- Kate Blanchett does a great job as the martyred reporter taking on the baddies in Ireland.Sadly the movie gives the ending away before the opening credits and the ending is so overdone it ruined whatever goodwill I had for the movie. C+

Dirty Pretty Things - good stuff- follows the plight of illegals in London trying to make a living while evading immigration officals - just a solid movie and the protaganist pulled me in from the first frame A

American Splendor - Harvey Pekar's life leaps from comic books to the big screen- I enjoyed the whole shebang and plan to own it ASAP- A+

Magdalene Sisters - very depressing movie about fallen women being sent away to convents to basically used as slaves- this was well done- well acted and had me wanting to lead an anti-nun rebellion- A+

Raising Victor Vargas- coming of age tale in the barrio- Victor is the oldest of 3 and smooth with the ladies(well teen femmes)- well acted and watchable- although I felt like I have seen this movie before B-

Prince:Live @ The Aladdin - a super tight band including funk luminaries Maceo Parker and Sheila E back up Prince in a set left me wanting more- sadly this is all gummed up by crappy and repititive camera angles and lackluster lighting-Prince seems to be having fun and it is a joy watching him have fun- to bad that was mucked up by sub Blair Witch camera work at times performance A Cinematography D


Double Indeminity - 40's crime thriller with Fred McMurray,Edward G. Robinson & Babs Stanwyck.Good stuff B+

Intolerable Cruelty - an 8 year old script about shifty divorce lawyers comes to the big screen -George Clooney does a great job and the Zeta-Jones looks delicious- but the thing comes off like an old joke- it has it's moments- but it was not a keeper. C+

In The Cut - Meg Ryan skipped an easy payday in Love,Actually to try and actor it up with this depressing arthouse sludge pile of dark lighting,sex talk & gruesome murder- beyond seeing Meg Ryan's cookies - this movie was a double-drag- I could not finish it. D-

The Returner- some Asian time-travel action thing- just never got into it- by the time the credits rolled I was in the other room I

Wonderland(2003)- Val Kilmer is John Holmes in this murder mystery set in the 80s- best to skip this and watch Boogie Nights again- since Boogie Nights is a fictionalization of the wonderland murders and well it is alot more fun in BN than the gruesome homicides shown in Wonderland C

Wonderland(2001) - a British movie following a family dealing with everyday life- darkly comic at times,very touching and well worth seeing B+

Runaway Jury - a bunch of big name actors go for Oscars and BO in this Grisham maze of legalize and doublecrosses- C-

Dickie Roberts:Former Child Star - surprisingly nice movie - it had a nice mix of comedy and emotion C+
I honestly think this is due to the rampant use of screen-testing for movies before their general release- hell I watched Bruce Almighty tonight - it was ok- but the sad thing was that the deleted scenes actually showed more of the potential for the movie- but they were probably too dark for a test audience in the state that elected Arnold for governor so they ended up being deleted from the final cut of the movie -Steve Carrell rulzz

Atlantic City - an odd duck of a movie about 2 lost souls Burt Lancaster & Susan Sarandon trying to survive in Atlantic City.Neat movie with some very moving moments. A-

Analyze That- Deniro/Crystal/Kudrow. I saw the first one I liked it - the sceon one was more of the same- but I doubt I would the original as much if I saw it now- this one had it's moments of predictable hilarity- but nothing more than a parade of cliches waiting for punchlines. C

My Boss's Daughter- Terence Stamp/Ashton Krischner/Andy Ricther/Tara Reid/Micheal Madsen- a truly terrible piece of dreck that was rescued from oblivion(it has been shelved since 1999) by Punk'd & Mr. Demi- this was a movie that was so bad that I ended up watching it from start to finish- I did laugh at the movie several times and even with it a couple.Not suggested for well anyone... D

I also watched Boat Trip this movie was terrible also- altough I admit I was hooked when Roselyn Sanchez(the bannana blowjob lesson is worth a cheapie rental alone)came on screen- so I watched this one from end to end also-

the Amandla! sdtk is very good
finally watched Final Destination- not much to it-decided to skip the sequel- the creepiest part of the DVD was a "game" that you would determine the time and date of your death by answering some questions - I will live to 61 according to the death clock on the Final Destination DVD

re-watched Grapes of Wrath- what an awesome movie- John Carradine steals the show as a rabbel-rousing ex-preacher- Henry Fonda is solid as Tom Joad and the thing is visually stunning- not a surprise for a John Ford flick

Four Decades of Excellence:Ric Flair - a great collection of matches,interviews and promos with Space Mountain-Woooo!

From The Vault:Shawn Micheals- another WWE DVD- great stuff featuring classic matches and interviews with The Heartbreak Kid.

watched and loved Shop Around The Corner- well done with tons of zingers and a superb performance by Jimmy Stewart

sat thru Eagles Attack @ Dawn an Israeli POW rescue movie-had some decent gunfights- but not worth seeking out
Kill Bill Volume 1
A ballet of blood with a killer soundtrack- basically a Chop Saki flick with tons and tons of fight scenes and no QT on the screen - write me in for Volume 2

Dancer Upstairs- a cop tries to stop a revolution and falls for his daughter's ballet instructor....B+

School of Rock Jack Black plays himself teaching RAWK to private school kids- C

Playing By Heart a family in romantic flux get together for 40th anniversary of their parents- some overly weepy moments- but a strong cast and a good performance by Angellina Jolie make this a decent time-filler - funny seeing Jon Stewart playing opposite a dog bigger than him C+

Lost In Translation- a superb movie- a lost weekend between 2 people that hav e connnection with each other in Japan.Bill Murray should get nominated for this movie. A+

Bringing Down The House - the product of test audiences and a sheltered existance- a flat movie with with very little in common with reality-sad to see audiences flock to such tripe. F

Tears of The Sun- could not finish- will not finish- seemed to be a typical action movie- not needing to see the end of it I

Solaris the first 20 minutes cured my insomnia-could not/will not finish I

saw Road To Perdition last night- it was ok- nothing I want to see again- Jude Law did a good job as a killer for hire
Die Another Day- the diamond face villian had a neat look-um this movie sucked- the dialogue was horrible,the CGI intrusive and the plot had massive holes in it- well at least it was a free rental

Full Frontal- like watching a student film featuring movie stars- had a couple of vaguely funny things - but not worth the time C

Secret Obsession with Julie Christie & Ben Gazzara- following the life of a bastard kid in Northern Morrocco from his youth to his discovery of the true identity of his papa- boring,tooo long(it was only 82 minutes- but it only took 30 seconds to read the entire plot on the back of the box)- probably a straight to video release-glad this was a free rental D

sat thru Real Women Have Curves today- basically an afterschool special for the Telemundo set- a movie about a young girl's struggle to get out of the barrio and have a better self image- no shocks or surprirses- specially if you saw a trailer for this one-

saw 28 Days Later last night - it was good tense last man on earth type movie-
saw some movies on DVD and VHS this week
Spirited Away- great story and animation - A+

Standing in The Shadows of Motown- a rousing,informative and sometimes heartbreaking documentary about the men who provided the solid engine for the motown sound. - B

Rodger Dodger - Campbell Scott is a jerk who works in advertising- his 16 year old nephew blows into town looking for tips on how to loose his virginity...whatever - I can not believe I sat thru this whole thing. - D

Auto-Focus- Hogan's Hardons - the true story of Bob Crane - he played Hogan on TV and the field offscreen. He and William Dafoe are a pair of guys on the make until Crane decides he needs to move on. This vaguely surreal look at the hobbies of a sitcom star never clicked for me. C

I Like To Hurt People - 1985 movie about the Detroit wrestling scene.Had several old school grapplers in it(Dusty Rhodes,Terry Funk,Dory Funk,Jr.Abdullah The Butcher,Ox Baker,The Sheik,Heather Feather,Dick The Bruiser and others).The camera work was subpar and they played crappy rock music under thematches.Skip this unless you have a need to see really bad fake fighting. D-

saw Princess Mononoke today- what a neat movie-

Jerry Seinfeld Comedian a decent look at the process of building a new act- and how even the top guys are still insecure - the best parts of the movie were the comedians talking to each other about the biz and the act and such.Most of the movie focuses on Sienfeld's return to standup- but the side story is about Orney Adams(also handled by Sienfeld's manager)- Orney is a wannabe- after 8 years he finally gets a guest shot on Letterman- but Orney is never happy- he is plagued by insecurity and documents and records every joke and performance- so he can prepare for his next act- he reminded me of Banya from the Sienfeld show- I did standup every Wednesday for a year to get over stage-fright- I respect guys that can go onstage and win a crowd over with their wit and timing- this movie made me want to have a go at comedy again- worth a rental if you like Sienfeld or are curious about the brickwall set-also plenty of celeb cameos- Gary Shandling,Bill Cosby,Jay Leno,Kevin Nealon,Chris Rock,etc.

saw X2 yesterday - like it alot - loved the portrayal of Nightcrawler - Bamf!!!
I liked The Ring when I saw it

I tried watching Ruggles of Red Gap- a 1935 movie with Charles Laughton as butler who becomes the property of an American couple after his master looses him in a cardgame- the Americans were so unbearable that I had to shut the movie off after 15 minutes.

next I tried THE Courier a 1988 movie with Gabriel Byrne as a druglord in Ireland - Patrick Bergen was his sidekick- they delivered their drugs using motorcycle couriers including Ian Bannen(a former junkie-in the movie) to deliver the product.Cait O'Riordan played his girlfriend.The score was by Declan McManus- nothing really stood out- it was an ok score.Basically this your typical movie about a righteous guy taking on the evil bad guy to "make things right"- I have no idea why I sat thru the whole thing...

tried watching Shamus a 70's PI movie with Burt Reynolds and Diane Cannon - turned it off after 20 minutes to watch syndicated episode of Seinfeld

saw Daredevil - the whole thing was lacking - the product placement and the CGI were annoying and obvious and Colin Farrell was terrible as Bullseye- the only thing I liked was how they portrayed Matt Murdock's sonar- kind of a neat effect.... still D-

also watched Tadpole today a movie about a High School sophomore that has a crush on his stepmother(Sigourney Weaver) but ends up sleeping with her best friend instead(Bebe Neuwirth) - was stilla virgin at that point- charming and cute movie that flew by(only 78 minutes) had some funny moments basically enjoyable fluff. C+

watched Kiki's Delivery Service last night- another beautiful ,imaginative movie from the director of Spirited Away good stuff.Phil Hartman was funny as the voice of Gigi the Cat. B+

watched Igby Goes Down- geez what a downer- some decent lines from pretty people - Amanda Peete, Susan Sarandon , Ryan Philipee , Clair Daines , a Culkin- but the movie felt like it was struggling to fit in every form of social dysfunction and depression into the plot- yeesh what a waste of time D

watched Trouble Along The Way with John Wayne and Donna Reed- decent movie about a wayward single father and his daughter.When John Wayne was not being a sexist pig and scam artist he was very touching in his interaction with his daughter(Sherry Jackson).

followed that with Bert I Gordon's The Food of The Gods- sure it had terrible effects- near laughable - but I enjoyed it- had Ralph Meeker(Kiss Me Deadly) and John Cypher (Cheif Daniels from Hill St Blues) in it.

The Bell Jar a buddy comedy written by Slyvia Plath- um ok- it was drab and depressing- had a brief cameo by Robert Klien as a swarthy DJ in it- it was ok I guess- typical stuff- she and her mom talk at each other- her dad(who she was close to) died 10 years earlier- every guy that isolates her tries to rape her- and her editor wants her to praise fluff in print cuz that is what sells... so she flips out...etc.

Frida // The April Fools /// Miss Grant Takes Richmond

watched Accidental Spy today - Jackie Chan is a saleman who happends to be a kickass dude and the orphaned son of a double agent- he travels the world and fights people- I admit I love Jackie and will watch him in almost anything - so I dutifully sat through this one- it was ok- but not a must see or anything

Miss Grant Takes Richmond - 1949 comedy with Lucille Ball as an incompetent secretary with lots of determination- she is hired by small time bookie William Holden to answer the phones in his fake real estate business. Misunderstandings,physical comedy and hijinks fill the next 87 minutes. A charming diversion- of course it hard to dislike any movie with William Holden and Lucille Ball- the movie is very dated- but a fun time nonetheless.

watched Irma La Duce a Billy Wilder film about a cop(Jack Lemmon) who falls in love with a streetwalker(Shirley McClaine)- a silly,but enjoyable romantic farce- had cameos with Grace Lee Whitney(Yeoman Rand-Classic Trek),Bill Bixby(The Incredible Hulk) and Tura Santana.

another comedy tonight- just finished Horse Feathers- a fast paced comedy around an outline- Groucho is the new dean of students- he needs to score some ringers for the big gridiron contest- he thinks he has the right men- but noooo- hijinks,physical comedy and puns rule the day in this fun movie.

Far From Heaven - Julianne Moore is a housewife in distress-set in the 50's in this tribute to the Douglas Sirk melodrams of the same time features lush cinematography and solid acting from Moore and Dennis Hasbert.Sure certain moments of the movie were over the top(on Purpose)- but in the end I really felt for the characters trying to carry on facades on normalcy in a rigid social strata that was unforgiving of ideas or emotions outside the norm.

just finished The Secretary- an interesting slap and tickle comedy/romance type thing- well I enjoyed it

watched Frida today- thought that Salma Hayek did a good job as the lead character and thought is had some neat images and stuff- not my favorite movie of all time - but I did enjoy it.
I enjoyed Ghost World - think it was made several years after the death of Hitler

watched Rasputin a 1996 HBO take on the Russian "healer"- it had a good cast- Ian McClellan,Alan Rickman,etc... but the damn thing left me cold- I watched the whole thing- but I never connected with it..

The April Fools
A 1969 romantic comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Catherine Deneuve as a a pair of people married to the wrong people.This movie starts out as your basic romantic,comic date on the town movie then devolves into a cartoonish 3rd act.I enjoyed the movie- but I would not watch it again-not essential - but pleasing.The cast also included Harvey Korman,Peter Lawford,Sally Kellerman,Myrna Loy and Charles Boyer.
watched Hamburger : The Motion Picture today- um well it was terrible- although it had some fun moments- of the omigod that is so unPC they would never film that now type of moments- the score was funny- including "Burgerlujah" and "Burgers For America".The biggest star in the movie was Hall of Fame MLB Dick Butkus- and the movie was constructed with several broad sterotypes and a predictable plot.The notion of a Burger school with a cult-like undertone yielded some funny visuals.... (in a bizzare twist - this flick contains Chip from one of my favorite TAR teams Chim)

Rolling Thunder
William Devane is the hero in this Paul Schrader(Taxi Driver) written movie about an ex-nam p.o.w. who gets the killing fever after his hand gets the Jr. Soprano treatment and his family is killed over 2 grand worth of coins. The whole movie is a leadup to the bloody and all too predictable conclusion.I found myself not caring about ole hookhand about 10 minutes into it. Skip this movie unless you need to see Tommy Lee Jones as a p.o.w. and Dabney Coleman as a shrink.

Seperate Tables
A character driven movie about the permanent residents of a small hotel in Bournemouth,England.The movie has several great perfomances including Wendy Hiller's Oscar Award Winning Performance as Miss Cooper and David Niven's Academy Award Winning performance as Major Pollack.Deborah Kerr,Burt Lancaster and Rita Hayworth also do well with their roles.Based on Terrence Rattigan's acclaimed play- there is not much action or scenery- but the characters more than fill the voids. Probably the best movie I have seen in some time.

Pretty Baby -Brooke Shields is young Violet growing up in a 1917 New Orleans whorehouse- her mom is Susan Sarandon... an interesting look at the seedy world of a brothel thru the innocent eyes of a 12 year old... probably the most disturbing scene was the virginity auction....This was an odd film- it was part Lolita type romance story,part little girl having fun - I did like that the movie showed all aspects of growing up in that enviroment- from the fun of playing a game like Sardines to the basic use of sex as a commodity. It is uncomfortable to see sexualization of such a young child (both the character and the actress). Look for cameos by Antonia Fargas,Gerrit Graham and Barabra Steele. I didn't hate this film but I doubt I need to see it again.

Watched Midnight Madness roday- bascially a PG-13 80's It's a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad world type thing with teams competing against each other to solve a riddle and win a game- unlike IAMMMMMW- this movie has no big carrot beyond the pride of winning the contest to motviate the teams... This movie had a couple of funny moments- but felt like it took 3 hours to watch. Starring David Naughton,Stephen Furst and a young Michael J Fox this movie is an ok slapstick type movie if you like B-movie comedies. Also the movie has a team lead by Polish vampire in Burbank's Eddie Deezan

Just finished Dynamite Chicken a cut and paste time capsule type movie from 1969 with Richard Pryor,Fred Williard and others- featuring comedy,musical mismatches,film clips with everyone from Nixon to Cagney and pre-silicon nudity- this midnight movie holds up as a curio and has some funny stuff- sure some of the jokes are dated-but that is part of the fun of this 34 year old movie

Picnic - William Holden blows into town(well he hitches a ride on a train)- the Owens sisters Madge(Kim Novak) and Millie both like him at first sight- a classic pretty sister/smart sister combo - of course Holden is smitten with Novak at first sight- and of course Madge is dating his best friend from college(Cliff Robertson)- The m interesting relationship in the film is between Rosiland Russell as an old maid teacher and her boyfriend.While she takes her bf for granted she suddenly realizes that she needs him. Holden was 37 when he made this film- he felt that he was too old for his role and while he was right- he looked like Cliff Robertson's father more than his frat brother- he was riveting in this movie- although he had trouble keeping his shirt on.This is an interesting look at female roles in society and had some neat scenes of Americana- with the picnic scenes with the games and families and shenigans.Parts of this movie seem quaint and some lines of dialogue seem out of place coming out of the miscast William Holden's mouth- but I enjoyed this movie

watched Kate and Leopold tonight - a decent romantic comedy movie with a time travel Tarzan in New York twist to it- ok the movie was alright- but Hugh Jackman was pretty darned good as Leopold- he has such presence,charisma and timing that he cold sell diet butter if wanted to...

Watched Making Love today - a movie about an ultra-sensitive doctor that likes poetry and Gilbert and Sullivan who discovers that he is gay- of course he discovers this after an 8 year marriage with Kate Jackson(Charlie's Angels, Scarecrow & Mrs. King) and a chance encounter with a patient who is a writer- Harry Hamlin- decent movie about homosexuality- although it is very dated- no mention of STDs,AIDS(this was in 1982) or condoms.I enjoyed the movie and felt that it did a good job with it's subject matter-

Waterloo a rather listless look @ the demise of Napoleon(Rod Stieger) - Wellington was played by Christopher Plummer and Orson Welles was a king for a minute or 2 - pretty lame movie

Watched Withnail and I today- good buddy pic about 2 actors on holiday by mistake-

watched Brief Encounter with Sophia Loren and Richard Burton - a bittersweet,romantic movie about a short affair between 2 professional people who are married- had some nice shots of the countryside .I liked the subtly in the storytelling- while the 2 declare thier love for each other- instead of a lush orchestral score- we get only the couple- instead of rawkus arguments about indfidelity we get interesting coversations from the couples.I liked this movie- but it is not a keeper. Italian TV movie from 74

watched If You Could See What I Hear a story about a blind student who becomes a singer and grows up- starring Marc Singer and Sheri Belafonte Harper- this basically felt like an after high school special-did not do much for me- except for the climatic scene in the pool- which was chilling...

also saw Seniors where a group of college students(including Randy Quaid) work a scam to get a research grant to study sex and use the money to do research on college co-eds- the movie had some funny moments and some terrible music including some pre-disco tune about having love in your pocket or something. Three's Company fans get a chance to see Priscilla Barnes with only 2 nipples -topless.An early sex comedy that tried to redeem itself with a message at the end- I think- nothing special-did not hate it- but I do not need to see it again.

Monkeyface vs Old Bean
Watched Suspicion today-Cary Grant played a charming swindler who married Joan Fontaine(who won an Oscar for this part)- her family is not pleased with her choice and basically writes her out of the will.I enjoyed the performances of Grant,Fontaine and the guy who played his chum Beeky- Most of the movie follows Joan as she has her doubts about the movtives of her husband.The terms monkeyface(his nickname for her) and Old Bean are used so often that they would hammer anyone involved in Monkeyface/Old Bean drinking contest.

Lansky a disjointed HBO movie about the moneyman in the syndicate- screenplay by David Mamet-starring Richard Dreyfuss with Beverly D'Angelo,Ilena Douglas,Eric Roberts and others.This was a terrible waste of time- the story was presented in flashback style and a large portion retold the whole Bugsy/Va Hill story and that was done better in Bugsy. Not worth seeing.

Just finished Roger and Me first time I had seen that movie in years- sadly I wonder how much of this country is gonna end up like Flint or worse with the Shrub in power.Very sobering 91 minutes.It makes Startup.Com and Enron:The Crooked E seem like corporate puff pieces- the level of decay in the city contrasted with the lives of GE execs was maddening.

The Last Time I Saw Paris- Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson with Walter Pidgeon,Donna Reed,Eva Gabor and Roger Moore- from a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald with music by Jerome Kern- we track a reporter from Post WWW2 Paris and his relationship with a family with 2 lovely daughters and an eccentric father(he drinks and gambles)- The reporter chooses the carefree Helen as his life partner and then tries his hand at being a reporter and novelist(he has 3 novels rejected)-finally the family lucks into money through Texas oilwells- but there is disension cuz they are rich and bored and cuz Charlie feels like he is a failure- clocking in at 116 minutes- this movie tires to tell several stories-some are romantic,others are vaguely tawdry and some are tragic- but in the end the movie feels like a pretty outline of a deeper story- I got the general idea of the plot- but I was left apathetic towards the characters by the end.


Amazing Adventure-Cary Grant plays a man so wealthy and bored that his doctor tells him that he needs to spend a year earning his room and board to cure him of his anxiety- basically the bored playboy becomes a philanthropist as he slums it with the common people- the movie lacked flow and was hindered by a terrible transfer to DVD-

His Girl Friday- had not seen this in years- Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell chew up the scenery in splendid fashion- Cary Grant is a charming snake in the grass editor of the Morning Post- his divorced wife Rosalind Russell is his best writer- but she only came to town to tell Grant about her pending marriage to insurance salesman Ralph Bellamy- in true love-hate fashion Grant cons Russell into covering the big story- a great mix of machine gun dialogue and chicanery make this a fun ride.

saw Old School today- another furmula comedy movie that was not funny- I mean I got a few chuckles out of it- but it was not worth seeing.

Consolation Marriage with Irene Dunne,Pat O'Brien,John Halliday & Myrna Loy. A pair of jilted lovers fall into a marriage of convience. They don't love each other- but they get along just swell so get they get married and have a baby- then they get a second chance at thier first choices... Irene Dunne did a good job as Mary Porter- but the predictable plot was chore to watch after awhile.
sat thru Safe today- Julianne Moore disappears into a cult to insulate herself against toxins or something- it was ok- but seemed to drag at the the end

just finished watching the The Crooked E the story of the fall of Enron - directed by Penenlope Spheris and featuring Mike Farrell as Kenny Boy and Brian Dennehy as Mr. Blue- also had Shannon Elizabeth as the gf of the protaganist. Well it was a TV movie- no great shakes. I guess greed is bad- well if you cook the books and have strippers as office assistants.

just finished watching Imagine the home movie movie about John Lennon - it was a decent look back at my fave Beatle.


watched Sweet Bird of Youth with a young and in shape Paul Newman. A southern melodrama about a hustler that returns town to reclaim the love of his life. Geraldine Page chews up the scenery as a drunken actress in the twilight of her career and Ed Begley chewed up more turf on his way to an Oscar nomination. Rip Torn plays Ed Begley's agressive son. It was decent- but not a keeper.

X-The Man With X-Ray Eyes
found a new drinking game- take a shot every time someone says doctor during this old Roger Corman film and you get wasted- the DVD was 79 minutes long and I think they said doctor 79 times- it was ridiculous.
I have a fondness for this movie- I first encountered it years ago on UHF- it has a neat feel to it. It is a bout a man that finds the seceret to X-ray vision starring Ray Miland as Dr. Xavier with Don Rickles as a carny that repackages the doctor as a healer.
Thsi movie would probably bore the matrix crowd to tears- but I am glad that I have a copy

watched Wild Life a non-sequel to Fast Times @ Ridgemont High- written and produced by Cameron Crowe and starring Chris Penn,Eric Stolz,Leah Thompson with cameos by Randy Quaid,Ben Stein,Sherilyn Fenn.. poorly executed sex-comedy from the 80's- also features a turgid score by Edward Van Halen. Not worth the time.I like 80's sex comedies- but this one lacked any sizzle- I mean it had all the elements- tits,beer,sex,vandalism- but it never came together

I watched Written on The Wind starring Rock Hudson,Lauren Becall,Robert Stack & Dorothy Malone- Robert Stack was terrible- just bloody horrible- he was supposed to be a charming jet-setting millionaire- instead he came off like a jerk from the word go- the plot was stupid and overwrought and the 3 "romantic" leads had no chemistry. Somehow Dorothy Malone won an Oscar for best supporting actress- although her campy tramp character was boring- think the older sister from Splendour in The Grass filled with malice and bitterness and lacking charisma. Director Douglas Sirk has the entire cast overact their way through dialogue that felt forced and the end result was a waste of 99 minutes. Had a cameo by the actor that played the chief on Get Smart.
Jackass: The Movie
Saw Jackass yesterday- it was hilarious- like an extended episode of the show without bleeped cursed words and lots of male nudity.Sadistic,Masochisitic,Juvenile,Scatalogical and a laff riot. Highly recommended.
stay til the end of the credits- tons of cameos

saw Paths of Glory today- a 50's WW1 flick by Kubrick with Kirk Douglas,Ralph Meeker and others.A stark look at the backroom shenigans of war- worth checking out.

Martin & Lewis
watched the CBS Sunday night made for TV movie about Martin and Lewis tonight- spent 2 hours watching a movie about an act that I never saw - I thought that Northam captured the swarthy charm of Dean Martin and Sean Hayes did a good job capturing the manic neediness of Jerry Lewis- decent made for TV effort

The Sex o'clock News a politically incorrect sketch comedy movie from the 70's with Wayne Knight and a cameo by Bo Diddley- pretty terrible- but it did have a few funny moments like the real Superman.In the same vane as The Groove Tube and Kentucky Fried Movie- but not as consistently funny.

watched Thief with James Caan,James Belushi and Tuesday Weld. Decent tough guy flick.
Watched Insanity! with Terence Stamp,Fernando Rey and Corinne Clery's tits(this was not a porno- but she was topless for 70% of her scenes). This was a terrible transfer to videotape- like the visual equivalent of 8-track. This movie about a director who decides to make a movie about an actress turned stripper is dubbed with almost comic results.The script doctor is truly an annoying character.I can not believe I sat thru this entire thing- not worth seeing...

Doll Squad
I watched Doll Squad a movie produced,directed and co-written by Ted V. Mikels. Basically a 90 minute takeoff on Charlie's Angels- we get a squad of buxom girls that are secret agents- led by Francine York as Sabrina Kincaid and they take on the evil Micheal Ansara and his henchmen in tight clothes. This cheap action and bikini movie was entertaining- but not essential entertainment. Tura Satana was part of the doll squad

Sign O The Times
finally watched my DVD copy of the Prince concert film from 1988- well shit- it was not the best transfer- things are actually darker on this transfer then on the VHS copy that I used to have. still a great concert- Prince doing a concert using stuff from my favorite album- highlights include the "Sign O The Times" intro with the band marching in with drums, the fun "Play in The Sunshine",the stripped down funk of "Hot Thing", the extended version "I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man" and the gospel blues sing off with Bonnie Boyer on "Forever in my Life". Sure this concert reeks of post-production sweetening and remixing- but Prince and his crack band(Sheila E is on percussion for this show) are on it.

Prince and The Revolution live? Recorded in 1985 @ the Carrierdome- decent concert movie- nothing spectacular- but worth seeing if you are a Prince fan
probably Purple Rain- this movie had a huge impact on me when I first saw it. Now I see it is a mediocore melodrama with great music performances and Apollonia topless.
avoid Graffiti Bridge like the plague
Went to NYC and saw 3 films this week
Saw Invincible- the new Herzog film with Tim Roth- new rule of thumb for travelers- do not go see a movie that is longer then the previous night's slumber- I enjoyed what I saw of the film- a story about a Jewish strongman in a Berlin variety show in 1932- the worst part of the movie was when Tim Roth looked into the camera and beckoned us to sleep- A well made movie .
the next day I saw In Praise of Love- and- it had some pretty pictures and a couple of funny moments. At times it seemed like the subtitles were not in sync with the dialogue and that sucked ass...
on my last day I saw 24 Hour Party People- what a fun movie about the Manchester scene and Factory records- the movie was augmented by the killer sound system @ The Sunshine theater.

just finished watching The Fan - a Tony Scott film about an obsessive fan(Robert Deniro) and a 40 million dollar player Wesley Snipes- as obvious and over the top as Falling Down- with a similiar results- I picked up this tape for a dollar- I want my dollar back

saw a VHS copy of Two Lane Blacktop that I picked up in NYC for a buck - darned good movie- I liked that Warren Oates would start a new line of BS for hitchhiker that he picked up. I thought that JT and Dennis Wilson did a good job

just saw Chungking Express today-good movie with some decent performances and interesting camera work- 2 stories about lost love connected by a the Snack Bar pimp that tries to hook his waitresses up with cops. A mixture of murder,comedy and stalking.I really liked the theme tune to the movie- gonna try and download it.

The Drowning Pool
Watched a PI movie with Paul Newman,Joanne Woodward,Melanie Griffith,Andy Robinson(Garrick from DS9) and others. A fish out of water murder mystery where a LA PI (Newman) goes to Cajun country and gets involved in a web of murder,lies,infidelity and swamps.Decent timewaster- mildly recomended.Sadly my VHS copy was a bad transfer and had the long torso vision effect- well at least it was cheap.

Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia
Warren Oates travels the Mexican countryside to find a skull of a man so he can get enough loot to "live his dream" and move on.He is accompainied by his GF.The journey is filled with danger and tough choices.The movie that has tons of beautiful shots and images- but is a terrible tale about a desperate man who is willing to sacrifice almost everything for money.This morbid and fascinating movie also has cameos by Gig Young and Kris Kristofferson.Directed by Sam Peckinpagh.Worth seeing

My Breakfast With Blassie
A quaint little parody of the gabfest My Dinner with Andre-we get treated to Andy Kaufman and Classy Freddie Blassie eating breakfast @ Sambo's in LA- they discuss life,travel,wrestling and hygiene-this is not for everyone- I enjoyed it- but I am a wrestling and Andy Kaufman fan...

Say Anything
just caught 90% of Say Anything on HBO2 this morning- I have seen this movie several times(it smacks my demo perfect-I graduated High School in 1987)- I love it- a charming romantic comedy with John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler- The film follows his his relationship with Diane Court and her dad(in a marvelous performance by John Mahoney). I mean I own the special edition DVD and have watched the extra scenes and the audio commentary- but this is the type of movie that drags me in when I am flipping channels.

Seven Percent Solution
watched a VHS copy of the Sherlock Holmes meets Freud movie today. The guy who played Sherlock was incredible- good movie.

Black Sunday
Saw Black Sunday a 70's movie about terrorists that decide to Blimp bomb the Superbowl with Bruce Dern,Robert Shaw,William Daniels -directed by John Frankenhiemer,produced by Robert Evans,based on a story by Thomas Harris.Also had cameos by the Cowboys and Steelers.Decent movie- not a keeper.
Snapshots of Disfunction
just finished watching julien donkey-boy - a disturbing,compelling,cruel at times movie about a skitzophrenic and his family. I would suggest this movie- but it is not light entertainment and can be very uncomfortable to watch at times. The DVD has 2 deleted scenes,the trailer and a short featurette on the movie

Saw McCabe and Mrs. Miller last night- darned good movie- beautifully shot film in the Canadian mountians- an interesting look at a frontier town

River's Edge
Just finished watching River's Edge - first time in years- wow it was like a tribute to the Smoking Area of my high school.Dennis Hopper is riveting as Feck and the rest of the cast does a good job- Crispin Glover was born to play Lane-

saw Dogtown and Z-Boys today- a decent skateboard movie about a crew from the 70's- good soundtrack- of course the self-mythology(one of the skaters co-wrote and directed the movie) did get a little annoying- but it was interesting seeing the evolution of the city that spawned the skateboard revival and seeing vintage clips of the skateboarders on Charlie's Angels and ABC Wide World of Sports.

just finished watching Bop Girl Goes Calypso- funny movie from the 50's predicting the end of the Rock N Roll trend.The movie had several live performances including a fun and excellent 2 song set from The Goofers wich included a bass solo on a trapeeze.

just finished watching I,The Jury - an 80's take on Mike Hammer - with a screenplay by Larry Cohen and Armand Assante as Hammer- darned good action movie...also look for Alan King,Paul Sorvino ,Judson Scott and Barberra Carrera in supporting roles. This movie is visceral and crude at times but well worth watching.

just finished watching the DVD of Kiss Me Deadly - saw it at a local used music and movie place and snagged a copy.Tons of neat shots in the movie including a wall-mounted answering machine and a stairway straight out of an Escher drawing.This movie would send most PC types screaming to their therapists- an intense and macho film noir from 1955.

angry tough guy week continues with a viewing of Reservoir Dogs- first time in several years- lots of gunplay,cursing and blood- total lack of fake rack and CGI- I still like this movie- but I doubt I will feel the need to see it for another 6 years-maybe longer.

just finished Myra Breckinridge - a 70's adaptation of a Gore Vidal story - actually pretty interesting and nowhere near as awful as Sextette. With Racquel Welch,Rex Red,John Huston,Tom Selleck,Farrah Fawcett,Jim Backus and others. The acting was brutal and the use of classic film clips distracting.Mae West is simply repulsive as she tries to vamp it up...chalk this up as an unintentional comedy with surrealistic undertones

Trees Lounge
A quiet little film about a drunk loser - nothing more ,nothing less- good acting throughout- tons of cameos - Samuel L. Jackson,Mimi Rogers,Debi Mazur,Anthony Lapaligia,Chloe Sevigne,Micheal Imperoli(and others from The Sopranos),etc.- Starring Steve Buscemi and Directed by Buscemi also- we watch the lead's life dissapear into several bottles-I did like one scene in the movie- were Buscemi's ex is shown watching a videotape of happier times,intercut with the actual event- not a new technique- but effectively executed. I enjoyed watching the movie, but not something that I need to have on DVD

Electric Dreams
saw this piece of crap for the first time today- a 1984 movie about a computer illiterate guy that buys a Tandy and the next day he hacks into his bosses mainframe- basically a combo of the Cyrano story mixed with the Frankenstien monster- skip at all costs.... has Bud Court as the voice of Edgar the computer and Virginia Madsen as the cello playing love interest.

watched Mindfield today- another mindless loose canyon story with CIA mind control elements and generic mobsters.A 1980's cop film set in Montreal- we follow Micheal Ironside as he copes with the after effects of CIA mind-control ,fights crime,beds a lawyer and gets suspended from the force. Also features Christopher Plummer as a scientist.Not worth watching- probably a straight to video type movie...
finally saw Aguirre The Wrath of God- what an intense and beautiful film - good stuff

House of Mirth wow I loved this movie and well I have had a crush on Gillian for years and thought she was excellent in the film- especially the scene where she rejects Ackroyd's tawdry offer of support
I have not read the book- too busy reading these damned forums to actually read literature or news lol

I finally sat down with my DVD copy of Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan- I still like the movie- but it is filled with cliches and the acting ain't that great. I will keep it- for nostalgia and the extras .The battle scenes are fun and I had a huge crush on Savick.

God Told Me To
Rewatched my copy of God Told Me To- I had not seen it in 5 years- what an awesome movie,good story,pacing and acting- highly recomended.

I saw Fast Runner today- darned good movie

Watched The Wrestler- a 1973 movie about Pro Rasslin' starring Ed Asner and Verne Gagne with cameos by Ric Flair,Dan Gable,Dusty Rhodes,Vince McMahon(Vinny Mac's dad) and others- not a great movie- but a neat look at wrestling during the old territory days- they try to present wrestling as a competitive sport. Picked it up @ Circuit City for $6.99 on DVD.
I liked this movie- and will keep it as a bartering chip for when I trade rasslin' tapes - but I would not suggest this to anyone - unless they really need to see Ed Asner make out

I saw Suspiria yesterday- although it had some creepy looking people in the cast - the movie did not scare me. The effects seemed dated and the music(performed by The Goblins) while interesting got overbearing at times.Putting this tape into the trade-in pile

finally watched my copy of Kundun last night- it was a beautifully shot parade into inevitable sadness- I am definitly keeping the movie and gonna watch it again after I do some more reading about Tibet and the Dali Lama

saw Theremin- an interesting documentary on the creator of the Theremin tonight and The Story of Adele H- a very overwrought yet effective lost-love story(well more obsession than love)

Watched Kubrick's 1956 heist film The Killing today- decnt movie with some beautiful shots and nice plot twists- cavacade of character actors doing their thing in this one- worth seeing once.

just finished

All The Way -a flick about a concert promoter that books a Sinatra show in Australia-- Dennis Hopper plays ole' Blue Eyes and Melanie Griffith plays his mistress- it was short - so I watched the whole thing- also I was a concert promoter for years- but um this was a really forgettable flick C-

Friday, May 27, 2005

Harold & Kumar Go TO White Castle - an excellent buddy comedy about 2 stoners who go on a quest to consume some sliders on a high. A fun over the top gross and worth seeing - A

watched Blue Velvet and Eegah:MST3K today
I still really like Blue Velvet-first time I have watched it in years- the DVD has a really good documentary packed in with the movie- It is odd seeing the movie without the element of surprise
and while Eegah was funny - I am going to trade in my copy of it
I'm Not Scared - set in Italy in 1978 - in a small backwater town- a 10 year old boy finds someone or something in a hole near an abandoned house.The movie successfully captures the vibe of being a 10 year old looking for adventure and how he deals with it. B

Boomtown - an old-timey buddy flick-Clark Gable and Spencer Tracey are 2 wildcatters that meet in the wild west- they became pals and partners til they find out they love the same woman- Claudette Colbert,Hedy Lamarr and John Morgan round out the cast. A fun look at a complex friendship and the early days of the oil biz. B+
was About Schmidt a dark comedy about a widower(Jack Nicholson) dealing with beign retired and alone and the marriage of his daughter to a waterbed salesman with a mullett- funny throughout B-

Luther -Catholics are hoodwinking the peasants into giving them money for entry into heaven- the righteous Joseph Finnes tacks his rules changes on the wall- lots of big talk- a good cameo by Fred Molina and Sir Peter Ustinov is in it also-ok I guess C

Whispers in The Dark (1992) - a crime thriller movie with too many twists and turns- starring Annabella Sciorra as a shrink who is surrounded by murder and suicide and wet dreams and such.Also has Anthony Lapalgia,John Legezamo,Jamey Sheridan ,Jill Claybrgh and Alan Alda as her mentor and shrink-decent cast- but the plot seemed to twist just to twist C-

saw Pitch Black:Chronicles of Riddick last night- a nice simple trapped in space movie- good stuff B

Sum of All Fears - Ben Affleck plays a CIA desk job guy that all of the sudden may avert a nuclear war- ok C

Fatherland an old HBO movie about Germany in the 60's if the 3rd Riech survived WW2 with Rutger Hauer and Golden Globe winner Miranda Richardson- a wierd concept and movie- decently executed but not as good as I remem ber it C+

Around in The World in 80 Days - Jackie Chan,Steve Coogan,Jim Broadbent- not perfect-but loads of fun with some decent Jackie Chan action thrown in - better than most family movies and action-packed B-

Bourne Supremacy - Matt Damon is a man with Amnesia and killer instincts- decent action flick C+

Year of The Dragon holy crap a triad of terrible(Oliver Stone(screenplay), Micheal Cimino(director) & starring Mickey Roarke as a hard-boiled asshat police chief in Chinatown NYC- some good action sequences(most notably the all out assault on a fancy Chinease eatery) but the terrible dialogue and the plotholes doom this one , A dated unintentional comedy- melodramatic,racist. D-

Maria Full of Grace - another HBO Films after school special movie- this one about a lovely Colombian drug mule and her maiden voyage as a drug trafficker- nothing spectacular - but the pellet ingestion scene was more horrific than anything on Fear Factor B-

Dodgeball - an over the top comedy with Rip Torn,Jason Bateman,Gary Cole,William Shatner,Lance Armstrong & a couple of other folks .It had it's moments C-
watched Journey To The Center of Time today - a terrible DVD transfer of a lame movie- so low budget - I kept looking for Mike and the bots on the bottom of the screen- but I watched the whole thing - although I have turned off such recent flicks as Godsend,Taking Lives,Hildago,Punisher after 10-20 minutes- I left this turkey in - more cuz it reminded me of the countless hours as a child mesmerized by B sci-fi and chopsockey flicks- it was nice to watch this flick that portrayed time travel by whirling the camera around the room while the actors frooze and by reels of film from other flicks-

Facing Windows a real hodge podge of a flick- mixing all the arthouse calling cards- concentration camp survivor,forbidden love,affair and pastry- I liked it - but it felt like a contrived formula flick designed to shoe-horn indie audiences into the tent.The cynical part of me felt that it was a paint-by-numbers romance flick for the Rochelle Rochelle demo

was Gu-On:The Grudge- visually interesting flick- the dubbing was ridiculous- but the scary stuff was beautiful in it's own bloody way

followed by The Clearing - speaking of beautiful - Helen Mirren plays the wife of leatherface(Bobby Redford)- another hostage flick- another positive about being lower middle poor- I mean what would the ransom be- "we will give Joe back for his DVD collection and the pennies on the piano- we know they are there"

Spring Summer Fall Winter -a monk and his young charge are sequestered on a house boat ina beautiful valley- very slow paced flick - but worth seeing - very little dialogue-

this week's rentals- snap reviews
The Terminal -Tom Hanks goes back to pratfalls and accents in a movie about a man stuck in an airport - while the plot is based on a true story- the actual movie felt forced and overly cutesy C

Zhou Yu's Train - a romance movie- 3 folks -love -poetry-it looked good but not much meat to it C

Unstoppable - Wesley Snipes is accidently shot with a highpowered drug that will kill him- violence,dialogue,violence,dialogue,violence,credits D

Osama- simply stunning and opressively scary movie about a young girl that poses as a girl to try and earn money for her family in Afghanistan under the Taliban - very depressing but well made and worth seeing A

The Rise+Fall of The ECW - probably the best wrestling DVD yet- a comprehensive look at the most influential company in professional wrestlign in the 90s- the DVD also has 7 bonus matches A

Elf - unwatchable sacchrine crap F

The Saddest Music in the World - a funny and unique movie about a contest to see who has the saddest music on the globe -set during the depression in Winnipeg- the short films on the DVD are worth checking out also- specially the hilarious Sissy Boy Slap Fight A

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Clive Owen is a former gangster who comes back home to find out what happened to his recently deceased brother- Malcom McDowell is fun as the bad guy - but the movie could not hold my interest C+
august 2004
Love Liza -a melodramtic look @ a man dealing with the suicide of his wife- Philip Seymour Hoffman does an ok job- had some funny moments- but nothing worths eeking out C

watched Laws of Attraction tonight - a total waste of time and talented actors(Julianne Moore,Parker Posey,Pierce Brosnan) .A feeble attempt @ romantic comedy-2 divorce lawyers fall in love- 2 bad they have no chemistry and limp dialogue F

today I sat thru Saint Jack a Bogdonavich flick set in Singapore starring Ben Gazzarra with Denholm Elliot- another waste of good actors D-

Soul Plane -a man looses his dog on airplane flight and sues the airline - he opens his own urban themed airline with the settlement...well I got to see teabagging explained to Tom Arnold and a blind man fingerfuck a baked potato- ok - when the best part of the movie is the macked out purple plane it's time to move on. D-

East of Eden -James Dean plays the bad son that wants his father's affection- good melodrama from Elia Kazan- I wish I could have seen a better copy- my VHS copy was in long torso vision. B-

Ladykillers - an enjoyable heist flick with Tom Hanks leading a group of robbers using a woman's root cellar as a base for their river boat robbery.Uneven but fun - and no I have not seen the original ..... B-

watched Scam a middling grifter flick with Lorraine Bracco,Chris Walken & Miguel Ferrer - just a terrible waste of good people
and Knockaround Guys about next gen gangstas trying to get in the family biz- it has it 's moments and decent performances by Barry Pepper and Vin Diesel(well he did a good job as the muscle)


Bus 174 - a harrowing documentary about a hostage standoff in Brazil A

White Heat -James Cagney simply tears up the screen as a momma's boy gangsta-tight action and some great shots A

The Dreamers - 3 college age students ignore the French revolution of 68 and have their own world in a big apartment for the summer .The DVD is greatly augmented by 2 features on Bertolucci and the revolution. B

Garage Days - Alex Proyas follows a hapless rock band in Australia - full of fun eye candy and good comic moments B-

Mildred Pierce - Joan Crawford's Oscar flick- one big pile of melodrama- a lot of fun in a twisted soap opera sense- B

Fawlty Towers - wow - what fun - 12 episodes of John Cleese as an overwrought rude hotel owner - first rate farce A+

13 Going On Thirty - Jennifer Garner has the right amount of gawky cuteness to pull off this estrogen driven remake of Big. Not essential but fun enough to kill 90 minutes C+

Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen - Lindsey Lohan is a teen dragged from NYC to NJ- to cope she concocts all sorts of daydreams and little white lies- a fun movie B-

Ned Kelly - Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom are Irish outlaws in 19th century Australia - a decent flick - I guess- pretty much a standard misunderstood goodguy fighting the man(Geoffrey Rush) type story- the DVD has a neat 13 minute retrospective of the historical NEd Kelly and clips form other version of his story- sadly this is another movie that was overshadowed by it's DVD extras like Seabiscuit,Gangs of New York and Last Samurai C-

The Three Faces of Eve - Joanne Woodward's Oscar winning portrayal of a woman with mutiple personalities- dry in patches- but a great performances by Woodward saves this from being too clinical B

Hellboy - a fun adaptation of a comic book - with good effects and a fast moving plot B-

People I Know -Al Pacino is a frazzled publicist in NYC- great performance- but very depressing also B

Butterfly Effect - this film crept into my head- I was awake all night after seeing it- just thinking about different scenarios and hownthey played out - the movie just had this way of creeping into my head- I liked that - the science aspect of the flick was pretty wonky and definitley requires a leap of faith to follow it's many branching storylines- I need to see this again B+

Odessa File - Jon Voight is a German who stumbles onto a diary froma survivior - this motivates him to find the Nazis in Germany of 1963 - this action flick felt real dated and was more like watching a time capsule than entertainment for me C-

My Favorite Wife -Cary Grant is getting married again- his first wife is dead- missing for 7 years - but wait- just before the honeymoon Irene Dunn shows up - now Grant has 2 wives and one love - what will happen- this 1940 romantic comedy is silly at times - the best moments include Grant getting jealous over the man(Randolph Scott) that his wife was marooned with on an island for so long B-

Strangers on a Train - early Hitchcock film - good stuff- with a truly evil and twisted bad guy and a hilarious ending B+

Spiderman 2 - a mere continuation of the first flick with a new villian and more lost love moments with Mry Jane - still better than most superhero flicks - but nowhere near as exhilirating as the first one B-

Confidence - a grifter flick with a con and lots of familiar actors -some ok twists buy hey still not The Sting C

Incomplete- films that were ejected after 10-15 minutes - Hidalgo , Dark Heaven , First To Die
saw Better Luck Tomorrow this weekend also- the lead was likeable enough - but it seemed to be a mixing pot of plot devices to make this kid seem more intersting- it had a million things going on and nothing to really latch onto- the guy was a cheat,an A-list student and in love with a cheerleader- also he.... was a basketball player and .... and ,etc.... I felt like I have seen parts of this movie in other films- it was wierd that the movie seemed to be entirely populated by teens- no cops,very few teachers,no parents and the kids were into everything.I was compelled to watch the whole thing- but left cold by the experience

40's movies that I enjoyed to -Rebecca, It's A Wonderful Life His Girl Friday , Philadelphia Story,The Bachelor And The Bobby-soxer The Snake Pit & StageCoach(from 1939- but a damned good movie same goes for Wizard of Oz crap I went ahead and looked and other 40's movies that I was gonna suggest were from the 30's - and that pretty much reads like an AFI list- I'm sure the pros will leap in with some other suggestions

watched Spellbound last night - pretty darned good- you found yourself rooting for those kids even more than when I watch the event on ESPN- something about the Spelling Bee brings out high drama- good stuff- the DVD also provides a where are they now segment on each of the kids featured in the movie.

tried to watch In The Cut well beyond seeing Meg Ryan's goodies - no the thing was just a depressing jumble- I shut it off to watch King of The Hill
also tried The Returner could not finish it either

Kill Bill Volume 2 is a different flick than the first one- and that is a good thing- the first one was a fun outsized chopsockey deal- this one is slower paced and we get more character building and dialogue - I enjoyed both of them
not really a rental- but from a stack of PVTs that I purchased from a local video store... I saw Unsane today- a decent murder mystery/slasher- until the third act- then it becomes an unweildy and unlikely tangle of murderers and motives..

Rules of Attraction - a movie about a lot of pretty people acting pretty ugly- had some decent music and ideas- but the overall movie was a drag

Austin Powers:Goldmember- um had some belly laughs - but lacking in mojo- the cameos were funny- specially the Kevin Spacey one. C-

just finished Gosford park a good whodunit with a good cast

watched The Hours last night -pretty damned good movie- the dialogue was cutting and precise

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blind Horizon a low budget presidential assasination flick with Val Kilmer,Steve-O,AMy Smart,Leo Fitzpatrick ,Neve Campbell - C-

Crimson Rivers:Angels of The Apocalypse a decent French supernatural thriller starring Jean Reno- decently executed and engaging enough B-
Vera Drake a sad depressing look @ an underground abortion assitant in 50's London- well played with some funny ironic stuff and good character devolpment. It started a little slow- but it is worth the trip A

Closer - take 4 pretty people and have them talk about sex for 2 hours- have them shuffle thier relationships- kinda cold and very lacking in the needed heat/chemistry between any of the characters for such an exercise.Actually the best scene was with the 2 male leads Clive Owen and Jude Law hashing it out late in the film- but that scene is not worth sitting thru this loveless musical chairs C-

Into The Sunset - Salma Hayek looks magnificent - as always- ok some cop(Woody Harrelson) v robber (Pierce Brosnan) bonding shit going on in the Caribbean - they are chasing the last Napoleon diamond and all- kind of a buddy pic with the antagonists becoming buddies- a mess of a comedy/crime thriller C-

tried to watch National Lampoon's Golddiggers last night- 5 minutes was too much I

King of Comedy is one of my favorites so that was a good alternate
I loved Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle but I have a soft spot for absurdist teen comedies
I agree that City of God is worth seeing once- but not something to revisit over and over- that being said I loved MenaceIISociety and have seen my copy several times
I loved the dance sequences in the Company but was not into the plot surrounding them

The Incredibles -bright funny big fun-the DVD has 3 extra shorts A-

Alfie(2004) - it just never clicked for me - although I thought that the supporting characters did a good job - specially Susan Sarandon - it made me want to see the 66 version with Michael Caine C+

NASCAR:The Imax Experience - unless you have a real love for the sport,Kiefer Sutherland's narration & a kickass home theater- this 48 minute commercial is a waste of time D

High Roller:The Stu Unger Story - Michael Imperioli plays the only 3 time winner of the World Series of Poker- he has demons man- and he is good at cards- not worth the gamble D

Finding Neverland - Peter Pan has been a favorite story of mine well since childhood.Johnny Depp does a swell job as usual as the imaginative playwright J.M. Barrie A-

followed by Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason - uneven but fun sequel- my favorite parts featured my fave couple Hugh Grant & Colin Firth C

The Final Cut - a middling sci-fi thriller with Robin Williams as cutter(man who packages memories for the wake)- The slow plot derealied an interesting concept- also had Mimi Kuzek,Mira Sorvino & Jim(JESUS!!!) Caviezel C-
Lightning in A Bottle -Radio City does the blues- a great concert caught on DVD- tons of luminaries scream shout and hollar the blues- from Buddy Guy to Ruth Brown to Chuck D and the Fine Arts Militia A-

Fear-X - John Turturro is a mall security gaurd obsessed with finding the killer of his wife- this movie is very slow- but I liked the slow pace- it captured the dynamic of obsession and desperation of the recently bereaved. B-

Woman Thou Art Loosed -a gospel flick with murder,pedophilia,cursing and resolution- no great shakes C-

Ladder 49 - a flagsploitation flick about our bravest dudes or something- or filler between the fire scenes or something- we MST3ked the thing - John Travolta is the boss - Joaquin Phoenix is the rookie who we follow thru 10 years of flashbacks-very predictable flick C-

Scarlett Street / Dead Ringer

Scarlett Street a 1945 Fritz Lang flick about a frumpy cashier Christopher Cross protrayed by Edward G. Robinson & a working girl played to chilly perfection by Joan Bennett- after getting a gold watch for his years of service as a cashier he saves a damsel in distress on his way home- Bennett is convinced by her pimp that her saviour is pigeon ripe for the plucking- a ton of misunderstandings lead to an interesting twist at the end B

Dead Ringer - a 1964 Bette Davis flick about a down her luck twin that offs her identical twin and then lives a life of luxury.Also featuring Karl Malden & Peter Lawford. Some interesting twists and turns in this flick.The DVD has a neat featurette for the original production,commentary and the original trailer B

The Eyes of Tammy Faye - a loving look at the fallen televanglist/punchline - she has so much presence and charisma- I was ready to pledge money to her... wild seeing footage of the PTL thru the years and the story of the rise and fall of Heritage USA B-

Napoleon Dynamite - the lunkheaded loser in a small town- AGAIN- sure the premise reminds me of the bad parts of school- but damn if this theme has been played into the ground- this movie had some funny scenes- specially the pigskin obsessed "Uncle Rico" that films his football tosses and is so obsessed with his time on the varisty squad that he buys a time-machine online to revisist his glory year- this is a dorky,2 joke high school movie- not as annoying as I had feared - but nowhere near as funny as the young patrons of my store think it is either C

Goodbye Lenin - my second viewing of this touching and funny look @ a family dealing with the affects of the fall of the Berlin Wall on their socialist coma victim mother. Worth seeking out - A
The Touch of Her Flesh one of a triology of Flesh films on a Something Weird DVD I snagged recently- bizzaro mix of stripping,murder and more stripping- one of those B movies that ends up entertaining for all the wrong reasons C+

the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - wow- probably the best movie I have seen in awhile- great performances by Maggie Smith as an idealistic teacher and Pamela Franklin as her student .Set in a girl's school in Scotland before WW2- great dialogue and acting A

Tae Guk GI:Brotherhood of War an epic tragic gruesome beautiful insane chronicle of 2 brothers in the Korean War A

Motorcycle Diaries - a darned good flick following 2 friends as they travel South America in the 50s on a broken down Norton. A

The Virgin of Lust - an interesting flick about a waiter that houses a demanding prostitute who wants to get back with the masked wrestler who spurned her. Set in Spain in the 30's - A compelling mixture of fetish,shame & assassination. B+

Aliens of The Deep we ventured out to Hampton yesterday to catch the 3D Imax movie about deep-sea critters- it looked neat and all- but was short on odd fish and had an incredibly hooky ending C

Lost in La Mancha a severe heartbreaker of a flick - I really want to see Gilliam's version of Don Quixote A

and then I heart Huckabees- a motormouthed jumble of big ideas and stuff- it may be the Vicodin but it bored me C-

Starkweather a straight to video re-telling of the Nebraska serial killer's late 50's rampage. C

Around The Bend another the patriarch just died and the other men of the family must bond- had some goofy moments in it- but it never really clicked with it.The tour of KFCs to spread the ashes of Michael Caine was sort of funny and Christopher Walken had some funny moments- but not enough to carry this film C

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 3 well several knockouts plus a montage of the greatest knockouts in UFC history.Obviously more focused of strking than grappling B

Freeway - a down on her luck juvenile fights back .Reese Witherspoon,Dan Heydeya,Keifer Sutherland,Britnany Murphy & Amanda Plummer takes turns chewing up the scenery in this after-school special gone bad.OVer the top and totally engrossing B
Gigli - a lame flick with a bad performance by Ben Affleck and a wasted decent performance by J-Lo- she looks great in this movie and is head and shoulders above the plot and dialogue and co-workers- still the thing is not bad enough to enjoy nor was it good

watched Shaun of The Dead this morning- very funny with good extras on the DVD-good zombie parody flick A

Manchurian Candidate (2004) - decent remake of the cold war thriller B-

De-Lovely -charming and even inspirational - if it were not 1 in the a.m. I would be playing the piano right now B+

Spun- a movie about a 4 day meth binge with Jason Schwartzman.John Leguzamo,Britany Murphy,Patrick Fugit,Mickey Roarke,Debbie Harry,Rob Halford and others- lots of quick cuts and trippy animation - disturbing yet funny B-

Troy what a drag- the dialogue was buffet of macho cliches and the battle scenes were ok - but not worth sitting thru this "epic" waste of time D

Employee of The Month a delightful surprise of a movie with Matt Dillon & Christina Applegate- lots of dark humor and twists made for a fun 90 minutes B-

Shadow of Fear a blackmail movie or something - lots of helicopter shots of the trees and big mansions- either made for cable or something- with James Spader,Aidan Quinn and Mumblin' Matt Davis- it roped me in - but I wished I had turned the damn thing off C-

Without a Paddle- dimwitted buddy flick about 3 buddies canoeing in the wildnerness to find the treasure of D.B. Cooper- not many chuckles or anything F

Paparazi - a loutish revenge flick about an action star that feels the intrusive lens of the press. F

Friday Night Lights- an improbable Texas High School football story from the late 80s with tons of sports movie cliches in it starring Billy Bob Thorton as the coach.The whole thing had my bs detector going off- but it all happened according to the 30 minute documentary on the DVD.Nothing special C

The Forgotten - Julianne Moore is a breeder without her baby and she is upset- a point that is overemphasized for the first 20 minutes as she mopes around her apartment and nieghborhood with a jarringly intrusive soundtrack blaring away.Eventually she and ex-hockey player Dominic West find out the truth about their missing offspring.This one had some decent twists- I guess- but will be forgotten soon enough.Besides Mcnutty this flick also had Bunny Colvin from the Wire. C

Catwoman -not as bad as I feared but not something I would suggest to others.Halle Berry takes on this retelling of the DC character- not campy enough to be fun ,not good enough to resonate and not bad enough to laugh at. It had a decent title sequence showing the history of Catwomen throughout the ages.The best part of the DVD was a 30 minute featurette showing the evolution of Catwoman through the years in comics,TV and movies. C

National Lampoon's Van Wilder - a fun college comedy that gets docked points for it's lame-ass love story and message ending B-

Miami Blues - a quirky ex-con v cop flick with Alec Baldwin,JJ Leigh,Fred Ward & Nora Dunn. B+

Charade a a good caper flick with Carey Grant,Aubrey Hepburn,Charles Coburn,Walter Matthau & George Kennedy- set in Paris in 1963- good action sequences and a charming chemistry between the 2 leads A

Pauly Shore is Dead - a decent look @ the flip-side of fame with a Huck Finn twist- an easy 70 minute thingy -tons of cameos-sort of like a Surreal Life movie B-

David Cronenberg's The Brood - an effectively creepy horror flick with Oliver Reed & Samantha Eggar- it started a little slow and the Howard Shore score was a little over the top - but it had some neat scenes in it B-

Mr 3000 - just terrible- I kept waiting for the big joke or whatever and instead wasted 1 hour 45 minutes watching Bernie Mac mug his way thru a simplistic and cliched sports flick-it's a shame I can remember Bernie being the standout presence in many of his earlier cameos in movies and TV- see he used to have a certain comic bite to his words and actions - now he is just another homogenized jokeman D-

Ray - almost a greatest hits comp with sporadic drug,relationship and career trauma thrown in.Jaimie Foxx did a great job as the music legend and the movie affected me emotionally at the end( I don't know if it was the fact that I always loved Ray Charles' music or the thematic elements in play) B+

Tu Mama Tambien -a darned neat film - good story and stuff - with some nice awkward sex thrown in and funny stuff A

also The End of The Civilisation as We Know It with Jon Cleese,Connie Booth - a BBC TV show from the 70s with a modern day Sherlock Holmes- kind of slow starting with some lame jokes- but worth it for the Watson double-shot and Connie Booth in a leather outfit B-

Surviving Christmas - a boring pile of crap - it had a couple of vaguely funny stuff- Catherine O'Hara doing a vixen photo shoot with Udo Kier- but really predictable & lame- D

Calendar Girls - a cute flick about some English women in their 40s+ that make a pin-up calendar to raise money for a couch - Helen Mirren B-

American Crime a waste of Annabella Sciorria,Carey Elwes & Rachel Leigh Cook- bad murder mystery shot on a shoe-string D

Code 46 a decent sci-fi flick- more about relationships than spaceships B-

The Woodsman

Kevin Bacon sucks- why- cuz he made me feel sympathy for a convicted child molester- Woodsman is an uncomfortable watch- we follow a registered sex-molester(child molester) as he tries to make his way in the world- he is ostracized from the beginning of the flick as an outsider- I felt myself flinching when he followed the little girls in the mall and I felt myself hoping for the best for his character- the scene in the park with Robin the 12 year old girl was the most intense scene I have seen between a monster and innocence since Frankenstien with the little girl and the flowers. Woodsman made me squirm- but it was an interesting and capitvating flick B+
Recent DVDs & VHS

Suspect Zero effectively creepy serial killer flick with Ben Kingsley & Aaron Eckhardt- maybe a little skitzo with the edits and quick cuts- but they helped propel the story B-

Saboteur - a solid action adventure flick from Alfred Hitchcock- sure it has some jongoistic moments- but I imagine such things invaded most movies in 1942- an aircraft worker is wrongly implicated in an explosion at his warehouse- he escapes the police and worms his way into the fifth column- lots of neat dialogue from scrpit doctor Dorothy Parker and some fun action sequences- a real whizbang of a popcorn flick A

A Player To Be Named Later follows several minor league players through a season in AAA- for the Indy Indians- the AAA squad for the Brewers-- a snapshot documentary where we see bits and pieces of the process- it is fascinating and sad to watch Kyle PEterson struggle thru rehabbing his shoulder and Micah Franklin's mid season slump- it is rewarding watching the progress of Marco Scutaro- I don't know how much this DVD will work for none baseball fans- but it is areal eye-opener for this lifelong baseball fan of how big the struggle is to get even a cup of coffee- only 6% of minor leaguers make it to the bigs- B-

sports documentary day continued with the commentary track for the new re-release Criterion collection version of Hoop Dreams - this movie cuts so close it dissects me( I was a constant daydreamer as a kid and wanted the riches and noteriety of playing sports professionally- I loved playing basketball and football- and would dream of being a star my entire childhood). A 5 year project following 2 Cabrini Green kids thru high school- this movie has more drama and ups and downs than most major pieces of fiction - both get recruited by a catholic prep school in the burbs- only William Gates is retained- meanwhile the Agee family does not have the money to keep Arthur Agee in the school- the twists and turns in this compelling drama reel you in and have you cheering during the good and crying and cringing during the bad. This movie should be shown to any kid that thinks it is easy to play sports and that is their only way of success- A+

Call Me:The Rise & Fall of Hiedi Fleiss - ok a rather horrible stale look @ the fallen Hollywood Madam- but um also a nice fashion show for Jaimie Lynn Discala(Meadow Soprano) - who paraded around in nice outfits/lingerie and swimsuits- C-

Wrestlemania 21 - a simply great card -well executed with several 4 star matches- the DVD is chock full of extras including the Hall of Fame ceremony for Roddy Pipper & Hulk Hogan and the funny movie paradoy ads for the event A+

The Shield Seasons 1&2 - over the top in your face cop show - totally engrossing and fun and brutal and worth every minute I spent watching Vic Mackey(Michael Chiklis) and his strikeforce break the law while enforcing their version of the law.The show has a great ensemble cast with several interesting storylines- I can not wait for Season 3 A+

Kinsey - Liam Neeson takes on the role of sex researcher Kinsey and the flick does a dcent job showing the effect of his findings on a repressive society- I liked the flick- but I am still undecided about lots of it- maybe cuz I don't much about Kinsey or something

Vanity Fair- Resse Witherspoon plays social climber Becky Sharpe in this costume drama- while never totally buying into the flick- it was fun to watch the lavish soap opera play out C

Ruckus in Madoc County - oh geez- turn off thoughts of logic and motive and dive into this drive-in car chase movie- Dirk Benedict is a drifter(a former special forces POW)- he wanders into a small town- the locals try to bully him- he makes them look like buffoons over and over.For some odd reason - the protaganist finds time to swoon over Linda Blair- while I am not a fan of romances being thrust into action flicks- it did give the film a surrealistic motocross montage of love that has to be seen to be believed- a fun escape into an old south that sort of existed C+

Lemony Snicket today- my reaction was one of mild interest- it looked neat and Carrey was the right guy to portray an over the top bad actor- but I was not blown away by the movie- the DVD did have some funny outtakes C

Blade Trinity - a decent vampire hunter comic book ending to the trilogy- this time chock full of wisecracking sidekicks and bad guys including Parker Posey,HHH and Van Wilder- some of this worked- but other times the quips just felt forced C+

The Assasination of Richard Nixon - Sean Penn plays a loser hellbent to make a difference after an invisible life of quiet desperation-he suffers thru upselling and divorce - he decides that tricky dick needs to go- this flick is niether entertaining enough to watch again or informative enough to use in history classes D

Whistle Stop - decently paced noir flick with some disturbing visuals and an attractive Ava Gardner- George Raft is the star of the flick-
although it is hard to see him as a leading man-C+

A Little Bit of Soul - a comedic farce about chickens,aging and satanism with Geoffrey Rush. It was a lot of fun B+

Ring of Fire:The Emille Griffith Story : a wonderful documentary about one of the dark days of boxing- told thru archival footage and interviews with most of the major players. In 1962- Griffith fought Benny "the Kid" Paret in a televised bout for the thrid time - it was for the welterwieght belt- sadly the fight ended with Paret being pummeled into a coma - this movie deals with the fight game,homophobia,racism and dealing with tragedy.

films I could watch again and again

Wizard of Oz , Bachelor Party , Roadhouse , It's A Wonderful Life,PCU,Office Space, Sign O The Times, Casino, Go , Clueless , Age of Innocence , Midnight Cowboy , Glengarry Glenross , Wiseblood , Happy Gilmore ,Raising Arizona , Out of Sight , The Iron Giant , Princess Bride , A Fish Called Wanda , Trading Places , This is Spinal Tap , Beyond The Mat , Map of The Human Heart , The Miracle Mile ,Catalina Caper MST3K version
this list is incomplete-

Xmas films
It's a Wonderful Life, The Nightmare Before Christmas