Saturday, May 28, 2005

Kill Bill Volume 1
A ballet of blood with a killer soundtrack- basically a Chop Saki flick with tons and tons of fight scenes and no QT on the screen - write me in for Volume 2

Dancer Upstairs- a cop tries to stop a revolution and falls for his daughter's ballet instructor....B+

School of Rock Jack Black plays himself teaching RAWK to private school kids- C

Playing By Heart a family in romantic flux get together for 40th anniversary of their parents- some overly weepy moments- but a strong cast and a good performance by Angellina Jolie make this a decent time-filler - funny seeing Jon Stewart playing opposite a dog bigger than him C+

Lost In Translation- a superb movie- a lost weekend between 2 people that hav e connnection with each other in Japan.Bill Murray should get nominated for this movie. A+

Bringing Down The House - the product of test audiences and a sheltered existance- a flat movie with with very little in common with reality-sad to see audiences flock to such tripe. F

Tears of The Sun- could not finish- will not finish- seemed to be a typical action movie- not needing to see the end of it I

Solaris the first 20 minutes cured my insomnia-could not/will not finish I

saw Road To Perdition last night- it was ok- nothing I want to see again- Jude Law did a good job as a killer for hire

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