Friday, May 27, 2005

was About Schmidt a dark comedy about a widower(Jack Nicholson) dealing with beign retired and alone and the marriage of his daughter to a waterbed salesman with a mullett- funny throughout B-

Luther -Catholics are hoodwinking the peasants into giving them money for entry into heaven- the righteous Joseph Finnes tacks his rules changes on the wall- lots of big talk- a good cameo by Fred Molina and Sir Peter Ustinov is in it also-ok I guess C

Whispers in The Dark (1992) - a crime thriller movie with too many twists and turns- starring Annabella Sciorra as a shrink who is surrounded by murder and suicide and wet dreams and such.Also has Anthony Lapalgia,John Legezamo,Jamey Sheridan ,Jill Claybrgh and Alan Alda as her mentor and shrink-decent cast- but the plot seemed to twist just to twist C-

saw Pitch Black:Chronicles of Riddick last night- a nice simple trapped in space movie- good stuff B

Sum of All Fears - Ben Affleck plays a CIA desk job guy that all of the sudden may avert a nuclear war- ok C

Fatherland an old HBO movie about Germany in the 60's if the 3rd Riech survived WW2 with Rutger Hauer and Golden Globe winner Miranda Richardson- a wierd concept and movie- decently executed but not as good as I remem ber it C+

Around in The World in 80 Days - Jackie Chan,Steve Coogan,Jim Broadbent- not perfect-but loads of fun with some decent Jackie Chan action thrown in - better than most family movies and action-packed B-

Bourne Supremacy - Matt Damon is a man with Amnesia and killer instincts- decent action flick C+

Year of The Dragon holy crap a triad of terrible(Oliver Stone(screenplay), Micheal Cimino(director) & starring Mickey Roarke as a hard-boiled asshat police chief in Chinatown NYC- some good action sequences(most notably the all out assault on a fancy Chinease eatery) but the terrible dialogue and the plotholes doom this one , A dated unintentional comedy- melodramatic,racist. D-

Maria Full of Grace - another HBO Films after school special movie- this one about a lovely Colombian drug mule and her maiden voyage as a drug trafficker- nothing spectacular - but the pellet ingestion scene was more horrific than anything on Fear Factor B-

Dodgeball - an over the top comedy with Rip Torn,Jason Bateman,Gary Cole,William Shatner,Lance Armstrong & a couple of other folks .It had it's moments C-

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