Sunday, May 29, 2005

watched Drum today- talk about a family movie- that movie would offend every emmber of most families- Ken Norton is the son of Mandingo and he is the house-servant to Warren Oates- lots of nipples and the n word and violence and stuff - not a good movie - but a jaw-dropper of a bad one- so much so - that it is worth seeing- Pam Grier is also in the movie

tried to watch Kidnap Syndicate today- mostly cuz it had James Mason- could not endure the bad dubbing(I think this was an Italian movie) so i shut it off after 20 minutes and 8 pieces of chicken

watched The Bostonians this afternoon- Chris Reeve,Nancy Marchand a Redgrave and several big dresses flit about in this Merchant Ivory flick about suffrage love and drinking tea- 2 hours I want back- oh well - the tape will end up at Cash Converters
the notions behind the film were interesting women's suffrage,post war remorse,
but- I found it very disconcerting that Verena fell for Basil Ransom- who seemed like a well dressed clod with an in and out accent- not only did she fall for him but she left the women's suffrage movement when she was supposed to give an important speech- I mean it lent more resonance to Redgrave's speech at the end- but I did not buy the Ransom/Verena relationship- the Olive/Verena relationship made more sense-
I did like the scene with Nancy Marchand horsetrading with Olive over her son and Verena- Linda Hunt was decent in the movie- actually Christopher Reeve was the weak link,the kyrptonite in this one-
either way I was not moved by this movie- and I will sell this copy

Speaking of Sturgis I watched Stone Cold with Brian Bosworth as undercover cop who joins a biker gang- the brotherhood- this is over the top action at it's best and worst- unrealistic,unintentionally funny but a fun watch- had Lance Hendricksen as Chains -the evil leader of the brotherhood and Sma McMurray as a germaphobic FBI agent- Bosworth is the good guy in this one-although it seems like a fair amount of innocent bystanders die when he fights the bad guys..... I enjoyed this movie- it was dumb fun

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