Sunday, May 29, 2005

watched Rasputin a 1996 HBO take on the Russian "healer"- it had a good cast- Ian McClellan,Alan Rickman,etc... but the damn thing left me cold- I watched the whole thing- but I never connected with it..

The New Kids a movie about 2 army kids that move to Florida after their parents die and are harrased by local bullies.Had Lori Laughlin and James Spader in the cast.This movie was a wierd watch for me- several elements reminded me of growing up in Franklin county,VA- the redneck gang was vile- their leader was played by James Spader- some lines from the movie included
"Do you want to go on a date-ever been to a dogfight"-Gidd
"Soon we be will farting thru silk"
this movie was a fun watch-of course I love cheesy 80's movies- this movie did have some bite -and felt realistic - well until the finale which was over the top-
the oddest part of the movie was the dad waking up his kids -
"hey son stop wacking off and get up
to his daughter "get your hot bod up and at'em"
for the rest of the movie we kept yelling at the brother to stop wacking off to his hot bod sister....

Tough Turf - an 80's movie about a troubled teen(James Spader) that moves to a new town and starts a blood feud with the bully gang of the school and falls in love with the bullies main squeeze(Kim Richards).Robert Downey,Jr. is Spader's pal and also plays drums for the Jim Carroll Band- they perform "It's Too Late" - good song that was turned into a comedy number by the ridiculous dance scenes- also we get to hear Jimmy Spader serenade his girl - this movie had some dance scenes and some truly atrocious music.Very dated,unrealistic and enjoyable in a car wreck sort of way.A keeper.

not quite the Baataan Death march but maybe the Boston Marathon in an eskimo suit - I finally sat thru Gangs of New York- best thing I can say about it - I enjoyed the Discovery Channel documentary on the real gangs of NYC on the DVD- I wanted to see during it's theatrical run- just never got around to it- I finished watching the thing more out of obligation than an actual desire to keep watching- it was not terrible - but it never pulled me in. C

later in the day I watched Adaptation from director Spike Jonez- a movie about the writing of a screenplay about a book about Orchids- some ok twists and turns- and was fun watching the Kaufman character suffering thru the process of writing- this was an ok gimmick movie- but a letdown after Being John Malkovich- I guess it's unfair to compare- but with the same writer and director and an Oscar win - I had higher expectations for this one also- the DVD only has the trailer and filmographies of the pronciples- not much else B-

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