Saturday, May 28, 2005

recent rentals - quick thoughts
Triplets of Bellville- cute animated feature about the Tour De France,kidnapping,frog bombing and found object music B

Fog of War- the scariest movie I have seen in a long time- Oscar winning documentary based on interviews with former Sec of Defense Robert McNamara A

Scary Movie 3- a lackluster spoof blender - had a couple of laughs- just glad I got to see it for free D-

In America- a family comes to America- a mixture of drama,bonding and survival - good stuff- B-

Elephant - a non specific remix of the Columbine school shootings - it has several scenes played over from differing perspectives- nothing special C

Kill Bill 2 - after the orgy of violence in the first one - the second film is a different creature - more cerebral,more mature and a lovely conclusion to a basic premise A

Mean Girls - a PG13 remake of Heathers - B-

The Gathering Storm - before WW2 Churchill is exiled to the countryside- played by Albert Finney to perfection- Churchill is a braggart and an arse- but also a great man

Big Fish - Tim Burton's magical tall tale worked for me -sure it had some iffy moments - but I enjoyed the ride B

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