Saturday, May 28, 2005

saw some movies on DVD and VHS this week
Spirited Away- great story and animation - A+

Standing in The Shadows of Motown- a rousing,informative and sometimes heartbreaking documentary about the men who provided the solid engine for the motown sound. - B

Rodger Dodger - Campbell Scott is a jerk who works in advertising- his 16 year old nephew blows into town looking for tips on how to loose his virginity...whatever - I can not believe I sat thru this whole thing. - D

Auto-Focus- Hogan's Hardons - the true story of Bob Crane - he played Hogan on TV and the field offscreen. He and William Dafoe are a pair of guys on the make until Crane decides he needs to move on. This vaguely surreal look at the hobbies of a sitcom star never clicked for me. C

I Like To Hurt People - 1985 movie about the Detroit wrestling scene.Had several old school grapplers in it(Dusty Rhodes,Terry Funk,Dory Funk,Jr.Abdullah The Butcher,Ox Baker,The Sheik,Heather Feather,Dick The Bruiser and others).The camera work was subpar and they played crappy rock music under thematches.Skip this unless you have a need to see really bad fake fighting. D-

saw Princess Mononoke today- what a neat movie-

Jerry Seinfeld Comedian a decent look at the process of building a new act- and how even the top guys are still insecure - the best parts of the movie were the comedians talking to each other about the biz and the act and such.Most of the movie focuses on Sienfeld's return to standup- but the side story is about Orney Adams(also handled by Sienfeld's manager)- Orney is a wannabe- after 8 years he finally gets a guest shot on Letterman- but Orney is never happy- he is plagued by insecurity and documents and records every joke and performance- so he can prepare for his next act- he reminded me of Banya from the Sienfeld show- I did standup every Wednesday for a year to get over stage-fright- I respect guys that can go onstage and win a crowd over with their wit and timing- this movie made me want to have a go at comedy again- worth a rental if you like Sienfeld or are curious about the brickwall set-also plenty of celeb cameos- Gary Shandling,Bill Cosby,Jay Leno,Kevin Nealon,Chris Rock,etc.

saw X2 yesterday - like it alot - loved the portrayal of Nightcrawler - Bamf!!!
I liked The Ring when I saw it

I tried watching Ruggles of Red Gap- a 1935 movie with Charles Laughton as butler who becomes the property of an American couple after his master looses him in a cardgame- the Americans were so unbearable that I had to shut the movie off after 15 minutes.

next I tried THE Courier a 1988 movie with Gabriel Byrne as a druglord in Ireland - Patrick Bergen was his sidekick- they delivered their drugs using motorcycle couriers including Ian Bannen(a former junkie-in the movie) to deliver the product.Cait O'Riordan played his girlfriend.The score was by Declan McManus- nothing really stood out- it was an ok score.Basically this your typical movie about a righteous guy taking on the evil bad guy to "make things right"- I have no idea why I sat thru the whole thing...

tried watching Shamus a 70's PI movie with Burt Reynolds and Diane Cannon - turned it off after 20 minutes to watch syndicated episode of Seinfeld

saw Daredevil - the whole thing was lacking - the product placement and the CGI were annoying and obvious and Colin Farrell was terrible as Bullseye- the only thing I liked was how they portrayed Matt Murdock's sonar- kind of a neat effect.... still D-

also watched Tadpole today a movie about a High School sophomore that has a crush on his stepmother(Sigourney Weaver) but ends up sleeping with her best friend instead(Bebe Neuwirth) - was stilla virgin at that point- charming and cute movie that flew by(only 78 minutes) had some funny moments basically enjoyable fluff. C+

watched Kiki's Delivery Service last night- another beautiful ,imaginative movie from the director of Spirited Away good stuff.Phil Hartman was funny as the voice of Gigi the Cat. B+

watched Igby Goes Down- geez what a downer- some decent lines from pretty people - Amanda Peete, Susan Sarandon , Ryan Philipee , Clair Daines , a Culkin- but the movie felt like it was struggling to fit in every form of social dysfunction and depression into the plot- yeesh what a waste of time D

watched Trouble Along The Way with John Wayne and Donna Reed- decent movie about a wayward single father and his daughter.When John Wayne was not being a sexist pig and scam artist he was very touching in his interaction with his daughter(Sherry Jackson).

followed that with Bert I Gordon's The Food of The Gods- sure it had terrible effects- near laughable - but I enjoyed it- had Ralph Meeker(Kiss Me Deadly) and John Cypher (Cheif Daniels from Hill St Blues) in it.

The Bell Jar a buddy comedy written by Slyvia Plath- um ok- it was drab and depressing- had a brief cameo by Robert Klien as a swarthy DJ in it- it was ok I guess- typical stuff- she and her mom talk at each other- her dad(who she was close to) died 10 years earlier- every guy that isolates her tries to rape her- and her editor wants her to praise fluff in print cuz that is what sells... so she flips out...etc.

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