Saturday, May 28, 2005

Snapshots of Disfunction
just finished watching julien donkey-boy - a disturbing,compelling,cruel at times movie about a skitzophrenic and his family. I would suggest this movie- but it is not light entertainment and can be very uncomfortable to watch at times. The DVD has 2 deleted scenes,the trailer and a short featurette on the movie

Saw McCabe and Mrs. Miller last night- darned good movie- beautifully shot film in the Canadian mountians- an interesting look at a frontier town

River's Edge
Just finished watching River's Edge - first time in years- wow it was like a tribute to the Smoking Area of my high school.Dennis Hopper is riveting as Feck and the rest of the cast does a good job- Crispin Glover was born to play Lane-

saw Dogtown and Z-Boys today- a decent skateboard movie about a crew from the 70's- good soundtrack- of course the self-mythology(one of the skaters co-wrote and directed the movie) did get a little annoying- but it was interesting seeing the evolution of the city that spawned the skateboard revival and seeing vintage clips of the skateboarders on Charlie's Angels and ABC Wide World of Sports.

just finished watching Bop Girl Goes Calypso- funny movie from the 50's predicting the end of the Rock N Roll trend.The movie had several live performances including a fun and excellent 2 song set from The Goofers wich included a bass solo on a trapeeze.

just finished watching I,The Jury - an 80's take on Mike Hammer - with a screenplay by Larry Cohen and Armand Assante as Hammer- darned good action movie...also look for Alan King,Paul Sorvino ,Judson Scott and Barberra Carrera in supporting roles. This movie is visceral and crude at times but well worth watching.

just finished watching the DVD of Kiss Me Deadly - saw it at a local used music and movie place and snagged a copy.Tons of neat shots in the movie including a wall-mounted answering machine and a stairway straight out of an Escher drawing.This movie would send most PC types screaming to their therapists- an intense and macho film noir from 1955.

angry tough guy week continues with a viewing of Reservoir Dogs- first time in several years- lots of gunplay,cursing and blood- total lack of fake rack and CGI- I still like this movie- but I doubt I will feel the need to see it for another 6 years-maybe longer.

just finished Myra Breckinridge - a 70's adaptation of a Gore Vidal story - actually pretty interesting and nowhere near as awful as Sextette. With Racquel Welch,Rex Red,John Huston,Tom Selleck,Farrah Fawcett,Jim Backus and others. The acting was brutal and the use of classic film clips distracting.Mae West is simply repulsive as she tries to vamp it up...chalk this up as an unintentional comedy with surrealistic undertones

Trees Lounge
A quiet little film about a drunk loser - nothing more ,nothing less- good acting throughout- tons of cameos - Samuel L. Jackson,Mimi Rogers,Debi Mazur,Anthony Lapaligia,Chloe Sevigne,Micheal Imperoli(and others from The Sopranos),etc.- Starring Steve Buscemi and Directed by Buscemi also- we watch the lead's life dissapear into several bottles-I did like one scene in the movie- were Buscemi's ex is shown watching a videotape of happier times,intercut with the actual event- not a new technique- but effectively executed. I enjoyed watching the movie, but not something that I need to have on DVD

Electric Dreams
saw this piece of crap for the first time today- a 1984 movie about a computer illiterate guy that buys a Tandy and the next day he hacks into his bosses mainframe- basically a combo of the Cyrano story mixed with the Frankenstien monster- skip at all costs.... has Bud Court as the voice of Edgar the computer and Virginia Madsen as the cello playing love interest.

watched Mindfield today- another mindless loose canyon story with CIA mind control elements and generic mobsters.A 1980's cop film set in Montreal- we follow Micheal Ironside as he copes with the after effects of CIA mind-control ,fights crime,beds a lawyer and gets suspended from the force. Also features Christopher Plummer as a scientist.Not worth watching- probably a straight to video type movie...

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