Friday, May 27, 2005

watched Journey To The Center of Time today - a terrible DVD transfer of a lame movie- so low budget - I kept looking for Mike and the bots on the bottom of the screen- but I watched the whole thing - although I have turned off such recent flicks as Godsend,Taking Lives,Hildago,Punisher after 10-20 minutes- I left this turkey in - more cuz it reminded me of the countless hours as a child mesmerized by B sci-fi and chopsockey flicks- it was nice to watch this flick that portrayed time travel by whirling the camera around the room while the actors frooze and by reels of film from other flicks-

Facing Windows a real hodge podge of a flick- mixing all the arthouse calling cards- concentration camp survivor,forbidden love,affair and pastry- I liked it - but it felt like a contrived formula flick designed to shoe-horn indie audiences into the tent.The cynical part of me felt that it was a paint-by-numbers romance flick for the Rochelle Rochelle demo

was Gu-On:The Grudge- visually interesting flick- the dubbing was ridiculous- but the scary stuff was beautiful in it's own bloody way

followed by The Clearing - speaking of beautiful - Helen Mirren plays the wife of leatherface(Bobby Redford)- another hostage flick- another positive about being lower middle poor- I mean what would the ransom be- "we will give Joe back for his DVD collection and the pennies on the piano- we know they are there"

Spring Summer Fall Winter -a monk and his young charge are sequestered on a house boat ina beautiful valley- very slow paced flick - but worth seeing - very little dialogue-

this week's rentals- snap reviews
The Terminal -Tom Hanks goes back to pratfalls and accents in a movie about a man stuck in an airport - while the plot is based on a true story- the actual movie felt forced and overly cutesy C

Zhou Yu's Train - a romance movie- 3 folks -love -poetry-it looked good but not much meat to it C

Unstoppable - Wesley Snipes is accidently shot with a highpowered drug that will kill him- violence,dialogue,violence,dialogue,violence,credits D

Osama- simply stunning and opressively scary movie about a young girl that poses as a girl to try and earn money for her family in Afghanistan under the Taliban - very depressing but well made and worth seeing A

The Rise+Fall of The ECW - probably the best wrestling DVD yet- a comprehensive look at the most influential company in professional wrestlign in the 90s- the DVD also has 7 bonus matches A

Elf - unwatchable sacchrine crap F

The Saddest Music in the World - a funny and unique movie about a contest to see who has the saddest music on the globe -set during the depression in Winnipeg- the short films on the DVD are worth checking out also- specially the hilarious Sissy Boy Slap Fight A

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Clive Owen is a former gangster who comes back home to find out what happened to his recently deceased brother- Malcom McDowell is fun as the bad guy - but the movie could not hold my interest C+

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