Thursday, May 26, 2005

Gigli - a lame flick with a bad performance by Ben Affleck and a wasted decent performance by J-Lo- she looks great in this movie and is head and shoulders above the plot and dialogue and co-workers- still the thing is not bad enough to enjoy nor was it good

watched Shaun of The Dead this morning- very funny with good extras on the DVD-good zombie parody flick A

Manchurian Candidate (2004) - decent remake of the cold war thriller B-

De-Lovely -charming and even inspirational - if it were not 1 in the a.m. I would be playing the piano right now B+

Spun- a movie about a 4 day meth binge with Jason Schwartzman.John Leguzamo,Britany Murphy,Patrick Fugit,Mickey Roarke,Debbie Harry,Rob Halford and others- lots of quick cuts and trippy animation - disturbing yet funny B-

Troy what a drag- the dialogue was buffet of macho cliches and the battle scenes were ok - but not worth sitting thru this "epic" waste of time D

Employee of The Month a delightful surprise of a movie with Matt Dillon & Christina Applegate- lots of dark humor and twists made for a fun 90 minutes B-

Shadow of Fear a blackmail movie or something - lots of helicopter shots of the trees and big mansions- either made for cable or something- with James Spader,Aidan Quinn and Mumblin' Matt Davis- it roped me in - but I wished I had turned the damn thing off C-

Without a Paddle- dimwitted buddy flick about 3 buddies canoeing in the wildnerness to find the treasure of D.B. Cooper- not many chuckles or anything F

Paparazi - a loutish revenge flick about an action star that feels the intrusive lens of the press. F

Friday Night Lights- an improbable Texas High School football story from the late 80s with tons of sports movie cliches in it starring Billy Bob Thorton as the coach.The whole thing had my bs detector going off- but it all happened according to the 30 minute documentary on the DVD.Nothing special C

The Forgotten - Julianne Moore is a breeder without her baby and she is upset- a point that is overemphasized for the first 20 minutes as she mopes around her apartment and nieghborhood with a jarringly intrusive soundtrack blaring away.Eventually she and ex-hockey player Dominic West find out the truth about their missing offspring.This one had some decent twists- I guess- but will be forgotten soon enough.Besides Mcnutty this flick also had Bunny Colvin from the Wire. C

Catwoman -not as bad as I feared but not something I would suggest to others.Halle Berry takes on this retelling of the DC character- not campy enough to be fun ,not good enough to resonate and not bad enough to laugh at. It had a decent title sequence showing the history of Catwomen throughout the ages.The best part of the DVD was a 30 minute featurette showing the evolution of Catwoman through the years in comics,TV and movies. C

National Lampoon's Van Wilder - a fun college comedy that gets docked points for it's lame-ass love story and message ending B-

Miami Blues - a quirky ex-con v cop flick with Alec Baldwin,JJ Leigh,Fred Ward & Nora Dunn. B+

Charade a a good caper flick with Carey Grant,Aubrey Hepburn,Charles Coburn,Walter Matthau & George Kennedy- set in Paris in 1963- good action sequences and a charming chemistry between the 2 leads A

Pauly Shore is Dead - a decent look @ the flip-side of fame with a Huck Finn twist- an easy 70 minute thingy -tons of cameos-sort of like a Surreal Life movie B-

David Cronenberg's The Brood - an effectively creepy horror flick with Oliver Reed & Samantha Eggar- it started a little slow and the Howard Shore score was a little over the top - but it had some neat scenes in it B-

Mr 3000 - just terrible- I kept waiting for the big joke or whatever and instead wasted 1 hour 45 minutes watching Bernie Mac mug his way thru a simplistic and cliched sports flick-it's a shame I can remember Bernie being the standout presence in many of his earlier cameos in movies and TV- see he used to have a certain comic bite to his words and actions - now he is just another homogenized jokeman D-

Ray - almost a greatest hits comp with sporadic drug,relationship and career trauma thrown in.Jaimie Foxx did a great job as the music legend and the movie affected me emotionally at the end( I don't know if it was the fact that I always loved Ray Charles' music or the thematic elements in play) B+

Tu Mama Tambien -a darned neat film - good story and stuff - with some nice awkward sex thrown in and funny stuff A

also The End of The Civilisation as We Know It with Jon Cleese,Connie Booth - a BBC TV show from the 70s with a modern day Sherlock Holmes- kind of slow starting with some lame jokes- but worth it for the Watson double-shot and Connie Booth in a leather outfit B-

Surviving Christmas - a boring pile of crap - it had a couple of vaguely funny stuff- Catherine O'Hara doing a vixen photo shoot with Udo Kier- but really predictable & lame- D

Calendar Girls - a cute flick about some English women in their 40s+ that make a pin-up calendar to raise money for a couch - Helen Mirren B-

American Crime a waste of Annabella Sciorria,Carey Elwes & Rachel Leigh Cook- bad murder mystery shot on a shoe-string D

Code 46 a decent sci-fi flick- more about relationships than spaceships B-

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