Thursday, May 26, 2005

Scarlett Street / Dead Ringer

Scarlett Street a 1945 Fritz Lang flick about a frumpy cashier Christopher Cross protrayed by Edward G. Robinson & a working girl played to chilly perfection by Joan Bennett- after getting a gold watch for his years of service as a cashier he saves a damsel in distress on his way home- Bennett is convinced by her pimp that her saviour is pigeon ripe for the plucking- a ton of misunderstandings lead to an interesting twist at the end B

Dead Ringer - a 1964 Bette Davis flick about a down her luck twin that offs her identical twin and then lives a life of luxury.Also featuring Karl Malden & Peter Lawford. Some interesting twists and turns in this flick.The DVD has a neat featurette for the original production,commentary and the original trailer B

The Eyes of Tammy Faye - a loving look at the fallen televanglist/punchline - she has so much presence and charisma- I was ready to pledge money to her... wild seeing footage of the PTL thru the years and the story of the rise and fall of Heritage USA B-

Napoleon Dynamite - the lunkheaded loser in a small town- AGAIN- sure the premise reminds me of the bad parts of school- but damn if this theme has been played into the ground- this movie had some funny scenes- specially the pigskin obsessed "Uncle Rico" that films his football tosses and is so obsessed with his time on the varisty squad that he buys a time-machine online to revisist his glory year- this is a dorky,2 joke high school movie- not as annoying as I had feared - but nowhere near as funny as the young patrons of my store think it is either C

Goodbye Lenin - my second viewing of this touching and funny look @ a family dealing with the affects of the fall of the Berlin Wall on their socialist coma victim mother. Worth seeking out - A

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