Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Touch of Her Flesh one of a triology of Flesh films on a Something Weird DVD I snagged recently- bizzaro mix of stripping,murder and more stripping- one of those B movies that ends up entertaining for all the wrong reasons C+

the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - wow- probably the best movie I have seen in awhile- great performances by Maggie Smith as an idealistic teacher and Pamela Franklin as her student .Set in a girl's school in Scotland before WW2- great dialogue and acting A

Tae Guk GI:Brotherhood of War an epic tragic gruesome beautiful insane chronicle of 2 brothers in the Korean War A

Motorcycle Diaries - a darned good flick following 2 friends as they travel South America in the 50s on a broken down Norton. A

The Virgin of Lust - an interesting flick about a waiter that houses a demanding prostitute who wants to get back with the masked wrestler who spurned her. Set in Spain in the 30's - A compelling mixture of fetish,shame & assassination. B+

Aliens of The Deep we ventured out to Hampton yesterday to catch the 3D Imax movie about deep-sea critters- it looked neat and all- but was short on odd fish and had an incredibly hooky ending C

Lost in La Mancha a severe heartbreaker of a flick - I really want to see Gilliam's version of Don Quixote A

and then I heart Huckabees- a motormouthed jumble of big ideas and stuff- it may be the Vicodin but it bored me C-

Starkweather a straight to video re-telling of the Nebraska serial killer's late 50's rampage. C

Around The Bend another the patriarch just died and the other men of the family must bond- had some goofy moments in it- but it never really clicked with it.The tour of KFCs to spread the ashes of Michael Caine was sort of funny and Christopher Walken had some funny moments- but not enough to carry this film C

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 3 well several knockouts plus a montage of the greatest knockouts in UFC history.Obviously more focused of strking than grappling B

Freeway - a down on her luck juvenile fights back .Reese Witherspoon,Dan Heydeya,Keifer Sutherland,Britnany Murphy & Amanda Plummer takes turns chewing up the scenery in this after-school special gone bad.OVer the top and totally engrossing B

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