Monday, June 20, 2005

Rutles 2

Rutles 2 - well- let's cobble together the old footage with new interviews and sell it again- reheated and lukewarm at best- it still had some improvs from Tom Hanks,Gary Shandling & David Bowie- but not even in the same ballpark @ the first Rutles flick C-

I watched the new Morgan Spurlock show -30 days - it was about living on the poverty level- it was amazing,funny and sad.The current pay level system in the US is so totally overbalanced towards the executives- low level employees are basically fucked .

I had a weird dream about a former college friend that is in Iraq- I have no idea why I had the dream and I hope he is ok.

Had dinner @ a really nice place in Norfolk last night - their fish and chips was nothing short of amazing....

man I sound like the Larry King of the blogosphere- I guess I need a thesaurus or at least some inspiration

so I tune into the end of the NBA game last night and watch the OT- then I zone out after Horry's big shot- guess I just missed a defensive stop by the Spurs...

Horry should be put into the Hall of fame just for his postseason heroics- he truly is mister clutch....

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