Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The sickness

the apartment feels wierd- the gf is out of town for a few days- she had an early plane- so I guess I slept thru her departure- I hope she is alright and has fun several chapters of his book Roddy Piper describes "the sickness" - basically doing whatever it took to "get over" with the fans- be it hated or loved- depending on his character arc....

I have a different sickness- the consumer flu- sometimes I want things I can not afford to purchase - and purchase them anyway- yesterday was just that sort of day

I was watching WWE Raw Monday and I saw an ad for "The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 80s"- I had to get that DVD- sadly the first place I went to trade in my old DVDs was closed- so I went to another place and got $26 bucks for some old movies and games- then I went to Borders- they did not have the DVD- so for the first time in a year I saddled up and went to the mall- Suncoast had the DVD - of course I love DVDs and went on a mini-spree- I got the WWE DVD for the Road Warriors and season 8 of M*A*S*H- it has my favorite episode - the Dreams episode and also Gary Burghoff's first attempt to avoid being typecast- as he leaves the show-sadly I saw a terrible flick with Burghoff that he co-wrote- it was just a really bad horror flick with Burghoff trying to play evil-

and I also got Wrestling Vixens- not much plot on it - just a bunch of softcore vinnettes with former wrestling divas dancing

and 2 comps- one with 9 sci-fi flicks including Metropolis and The Shape of Things to Come
and one with noir flicks

I was off from work yesterday- I called in and orchestrated my escape- I am off today and tomorrow also- I need this- cuz I know one of my main workers is looking for work elsewhere and when she leaves god knows how many manhours I will have to work

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