Thursday, June 30, 2005

technology marches on

the demise of VHS has been predicted for years and now the industry is forcing folks to get rid of thier videotapes- just went by Hollywood video and snagged 15 movies for 30 dollars- classic films with stars like Gary Cooper & Shirley McClaine in them- now being sold off for next to nothing to make more room for Star Wars prequels and season 5 of The Sopranos

sure time marches on and technology gets old- but I really think this technology switch is more market driven then neccisity- in other words- of course less videotapes rent if you significantly diminish your rental stock while building a DVD library

of course one man's folly is another's windfall

here are the tapes I snagged today

snagged from Hollywood videos VHS blowout - clubland , Tunnelvision , That Forsythe Woman , The Senator Was Indiscreet , Green Dolphin Street , Stalker , The House Where Evil Dwells , They Drive By Night ,Two for The Seesaw , Bedtime Story ,Cloak & Dagger ,Solaris (Tarkovsky version) , Ball of Fire & The Devil & Miss Jones

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