Sunday, July 31, 2005

Playmakers-Season 1
just like The Shield and Nip/Tuck- Playmakers was meant to be an FX show- but it got picked up by ESPN- just like those shows- everything happens @ 11- meaning they cram in every scenario they can into the shows- sadly the NFL pressured ESPN to take this show off the air- they did not like the steroids,homosexual,fighting,murder- felt it was bad the image of the NFL(although every one of those issues have occured).Playmakers follows several players thru the season- Leon Taylor an over the hill running back trying to come back from a knee injury,D.H. the cocky drug addict(played by Omar Gooding),the cockslinger gunlinger QB and others- solid entertainment- very over-the top-but very engrossing B

I love my toys

Fever Pitch(1997)

The original soccer based version of the Nick Hornby story starring Colin Firth( the remake stars Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore and follows the Bosox).Ok- I know obsessive sports fans- ok I am one - reformed- now I follow fake sport(pro wrestling).Ok I still follow the Skins and the O's- but not like I did when I was younger.Colin Firth is an obsessed Arsenal fan- been following them for 21 years- when the season is going on - the rest of the world is static to him. Miss Hughes(misuse) is a leggy and serious teacher that teaches the class next to his class- they eventually hit it off(probably cuz they are the best looking folks on the faculty-they seem to have nothing in common-besides good skin and good form).Firth is so obsessed he even gets a flat within spitting distance of the Arsenal pitch.A good flick about sports obsession . B

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Guess Who?
A supposedly comic update of the socially relevant for the times(although it felt quaint as anything when I saw it) Sidney Pottier/Spencer Tracey flick Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. It is sad when the funniest moment of the flick is a scene where Bernie Mac is mesmerized by a cordless phone on a lazy susan.As obvious and painful as Bringing Down The House and as fun as a colonoscopy.Are test audiences this lowbrow and backwards- I guess so- cuz the mainstream comedies just get more and more watered down- I remember thinking that Bernie Mac had an edge to him when he was doing supporting roles back in the day and I thought he was the highlight of The Original Kings of Comedy- but his leading man roles have been disapointingly middle of the road.Ashton Kutcher has a goofy likeability to him- but like Mac he keeps picking lameass comedies that lack the necesary guffaws. F

Friday, July 29, 2005


more glum than Stalingrad and more suicides than Heathers -this German language look @ the final days of Hitler in the bunker is fascinating and terrifying .Of course the story has told and retold and it is some heavy material to digest- but it was an interesting flick B

2014 update Ironically this movie has spawned hilarious videos that make me consistently crack up

tried to watch Alexander - after 40 minutes I knew I did not want to endure another 2 hours of it- so I ejected it

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hitler's SS:A Portrait in Evil

less a study of the SS than a story about 2 brothers in Nazi Germany- one joins the thuggish SA as a chauffer - the other is recruited by the SS- after that we get glimpses of the changes and terror of the thousand year reich - this is obviously a TV miniseries from the 80s- a bit maudlin in parts but effective .Co-starring Bill Nighy & John Shea with David Warner,Jose Ferrer & Tony Randall C-

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Alfie a 66 flick about a cad(Micheal Caine) that goes from bird to bird mostly without feeling and with some pretty bad consequences-cast included Jane Asher,Denholm Elliott and Shelley Winters.The humour has not held up well and Alfie comes across as a scamp and jerk and well not that sympathetic in this dated dramedy. C

also just to say something- it is really hot out- we all know it - so do we need small talk about the heat???

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Point Blank

today my copy of Point Blank came in - wow- simplistic tale of revenge artfully told by director John Boorman - Lee Marvin is Walker and he "been wronged"- now he has to set things right- simple premise- great execution.A neat DVD with 2 vintage featurettes about Alcatraz and commentary by the director and Steven Soderbergh.Co-starring John Vernon,Carroll O'Connor,Angie Dickinson,James Sikking,Sid Haig and Keenan Wynn.This re-release is worth seeking out for fans of action flicks B+

Monday, July 25, 2005

They Are Among Us

a decently made for TV sci-fi flick with Nana Visitor,Hunter Tyloe,Corbin Bernsin,Alison Eastwood & others.Basically a smalltown is a colony for bugaliens- nothing spectacular or new- but watchable C

Sunday, July 24, 2005

1998 & 1999
Peabody's VA Beach
Bow Wow Wow 2/3/98
Fishbone 3/28/98
Suicide Machines/Assorted Jellybeans/Apocalypse Hoboken 6/16/98
The Getaway People 7/19/98
G Love and Special Sauce 7/20/98
Pretty Posion 7/28/98
Voodoo Glow Skulls 8/4/98
Dag 8/30/98
Sprung Monkey/Cold 9/4/98
blink 182/Unwritten Law/River Fenix 10/6/98
Salt N Pepa 3/21/98
Kottonmouth Kings 4/6/98
Lagwagon/All 4/28/99
Strung Out 6/1/99
Guttermouth/Nobodys 8/23/99
Bouncing Souls/H20 11/23/99
1997 Shows

@Riverview Theatre -Norfolk VA
Sugarhill Gang 1/25/97
Goldfinger/Reel Big Fish 2/2/97
downset/Earth Crisis 3/20/97
Bloodhound Gang/Nerf Herder 4/12/97
GWAR/Chemlab/Vampire Love Dolls 4/30/97

@Friar Tucks - Norfolk VA
Fleshtones 6/13/97
Bio Ritmo 9/17/97
Southern Culture On The Skids 9/21/97

@Waterside Live Norfolk VA
Joe Sample 2/10/97
Savoy Brown 2/12/97
Kenny Rankin 2/14/97
Keiko Matsui 3/10/97

@Peabody's Virgnia Beach
Candy Snatchers/Lost Tribe 1/16/97
Belizbeha 2/28/97
24-7 Spyz/Stuck Mojo 3/2/97
L7/Combine 4/15/97
Buckshot LeFonque 5/15/97
Southern Culture On the Skids 5/17/97
Everything 6/17/97
Snapcase 6/23/97
Agent Orange 6/27/97
Misfits 7/2/97
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock 7/24/97
Sprung Monkey 8/5/97
Sugar Hill Gang 9/25/97
blink 182/Less Than Jake 10/7/97
Smash Mouth 10/22/97
Pennywise/Murphy's Law 11/18/97

@Route 44 Virginia Beach
Smithwick Machine 5/24/97
Rustic Overtones 6/3/97
Jimmie's Chicken Shack 7/5/97
The Muffs/Chixdiggit 7/18/97
Murphy's Law 8/2/97
1996 shows

@Baitshack Norfolk VA
Dash Rip Rock 1/20/96
Combine/Buttsteak 1/24/96
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones 1/29/96
Stuck Mojo 1/30/96
emmet swimming/Nil Lara/Throat Culture 2/1/96
D.R.I./Acid Bath 2/5/96
Self 2/9/96
Squirrel Nut Zippers 2/12/96
De La Soul 2/18/96
NOFX/Lunachicks/Snuff 2/23/96
God Lives Underwater 2/27/96
Roomful of Blues 3/3/96
Garbage/Elevator Drops 3/7/96
Velvet Crush/Lustre 3/8/96
Drill 3/12/96
Kreator/Skrew 3/13/96
The Bogmen 3/16/96
Fugazi 3/19/96
Freddy Jones Band/Catfish Jenkins 3/21/96
Planet Soul 3/22/96
David Wilcox 3/26/96
Ben Folds Five 3/27/96
Agents of Good Roots 3/28/96
Deftones/Fu manchu 4/1/96
Subdudes 4/2/96
Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers 4/3/96
Biz Markie(as a DJ) 4/7/96
Possum Dixon 4/13/96
Sublime/Wesley Willis Fiasco 4/15/96
Merl Saunders 4/24/96
Joe Sample 4/26/96
Ruby/Schtum 4/30/96
Junior Wells 5/21/96
Eve's Plum/Falstaff/Hollowbodies 5/22/96
Too Much Joy/Nada Surf/Jimmie's Chicken Shack 5/23/96
C&C Music Factory 5/29/96
Squirrel Nut Zippers 6/1/96
Toots and The Maytals 6/9/96
Average White Band 6/18/96
Yellowman 6/25/96
Electrafixion 7/2/96
Run DMC 8/15/96
Clarence Clemmons 8/16/96
Quad City DJs 9/16/96
El Vez/Big Ass Truck 9/28/96
Keiko Matsui 10/22/96
Saffire 10/27/96

@Peabodys Virginia Beach
Jimmie's Chicken Shack 8/25/96
Howlin' Maggie 9/16/96

@Riverview Theatre Norfolk VA
Biohazard 11/25/96
ok concerts that I promoted in 1995 after the Nsect Club shut down
Soundfest 4/22/95 - Combine/Dillon Fence/Dexter/Sea of Souls
@ Mango Tangos
Surfing Brides 6/22/95
Sonia Dada 6/26/96
Caulfields 7/23/95
Nathan Sheppard Band/For Squirrels 7/28/95
Skirt/Hollowbodies 8/17/95
Blackfoot 8/27/95
Billy Pilgrim 8/29/95
Edwyn Collins/Ivy 10/3/95
King Missile 10/17/95
@ Baitshack
Black Uhuru 10/25/95
Shelby Lynne 11/1/95
The Nixons/emmet swimming/Blunt 11/5/95
Civ/Smile/Shelter 11/7/95
Walter Beasley 11/12/95
Gwar/Meatmen/Brutal Juice 12/18/95
Shows I promoted @ the Nsect Club Oct 1994 thru 1995
Deee-Lite 10/9/94
311/Shootyz Groove 10/11/94
Samiam/The Toadies 10/13/94
L7/Melvins/Wool 10/16/94
Sebadoh/Dog-Faced Hermans 10/17/94
Cro-Mags/Hate Parade 10/19/94
Ozric Tentacles 10/20/94
Avail/Into Another 10/23/94
Beat Farmers 10/28/94
Pigface 10/30/94
Down By Law/The Goops 11/1/94
7 Seconds/Bouncing Souls 11/6/94
Prong/Clutch 11/13/94
NOFX/Face to Face 11/22/94
The Goats/Big Chief 11/29/94
GWAR/Glazed baby 12/1/94
UK Subs/Spo-its 12/2/94
Pop Will Eat Itself/Compulsion/Dink 12/9/94
Biohazard/Unsane 12/13/94
Everclear 12/17/94
JFA 1/3/95
Snapcase 1/13/95
Helmet 1/25/95
Rusted Root 1/26/95
Nick Lowe/JimLauderdale 2/1/95
Ass Ponys 2/7/95
Marilyn Manson 2/15/95
Sick of It All/Orange 9mm/108 2/19/95
Letters To Cleo/Seed 2/21/95
Pegboy 2/23/95
Dick Dale 2/26/95
Popsickle/7 Mary 3 3/13/95

more shows I saw as a consumer

Thelonious Monster(Rogues)
Cowboy Mouth(Bayou)
Urge Overkill(Abyss)
Bad Brains(Abyss)

ASK Productions 1992 - 1993

Shows that I have promoted 1992-1993
1992 @Crossroads Cafe
Lucy Brown
Harm Farm
Shelter(this show actually was on their videotape)
@Kingshead Inn 1993-1994
Lucy Brown
Coffin Break
Velocity Girl
Shadow Project
Sam Black Church
Alice Donut
Pansy Division
Chem Lab
Unrest/Paper Tulips
Greg Ginn
Piss Factory
Big Drill Car
7 Seconds

@The Machine
Whirling Dervishes
Billy C Wirtz
Shows I have seen as a consumer(incomplete)
1970's- Annapolis, MD(I think)
Seldom Scene
1985- rural Jersey Herbie Mann(Appel Farm Performing Arts Camp)
1986-1987-Roanoke,VA Exploited/C.O.C./Bob Margolin
1988-2002- Norfolk/Hampton/Virginia Beach, VA
Prince(Richmond Coliseum)1988
Prince(The Landmark Theater) 2001
Screaming Trees/Das Damen/King Missile (Mitty's Omni Hotel)
Fishbone/Maggie's Dream (Boathouse)
P.I.L./Flesh For Lulu(Boathouse)
Consolidated & MC 900 Ft Jesus w/ DJ Zero(Dues X Machina)
Kid Capri(Club Apollo)
Maceo Parker (Jewish Mother 2 X/Peppermint Beach Club)
Greatest Rap Show Ever(Public Enemy/Geto Boys/Kid N Play/Oaktown's 357/Leaders of The New School/Naughty By Nature/A Tribe Called Quest)
Sonic Youth/ Jesus Lizard(Boathouse)
NIN/Meat Beat Manifesto(Peppermint Beach Club)
Depeche Mode/The The( Hampton Col.)
James Brown(Scope)
Dead Milkmen(Peppermint Beach Club)
Rev Billy C Wirtz(Larkin's)
Living Colour(Boathouse)
Front Line Assembly(Peppermint Beach Club)
Beastie Boys/L7(Boathouse)
Slash's Snakepit/Tad(Boathouse)
David Byrne(Boathouse)
The Roots(The Boathouse)
Green Day(Lewis's)
The Bad Livers(Jewish Mother)
Jerry Seinfeld(Chrsyler Hall)
George Carlin(ODU)
Buzzcocks(9:30 Club-DC)
Fishbone/NOFX/Green Apple Quickstep (Floodzone)
Cheap Trick(Town Point Park)
Spyra Gyra(Town Point Park)
Booker T and The MG's(Town Point Park)
Neville Brothers(Town Point Park)
Shows That I was working at the venue as a DJ 1989-1992
Flaming Lips(The Machine)
fIREHOSE/Blake Babies(Outer Limits)
Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts(Madeline's Peppermint Lounge)
Chicasaw Mud Puppies & Flat Duo Jets(Outer Limits)
Spin Doctors & Lucy Brown(Outer Limits)
Meat Beat Manifesto (The Machine)
The Flaming Lips(The Machine)
Toad The Wet Sprocket & King Missile(Outer Limits)
The Foundations(Madeline's Peppermint Lounge)
Buzzcocks(Outer Limits)
Information Society(The Machine)
Waxing Poetics(Outer Limits)
Drivin' N Cryin'(Outer Limits)
Monks of Doom(Outer Limits)
The Mentors(Outer Limits)
Posies(Outer Limits)
and I know this is incomplete

Stoopid Kar Productions 94

Bands promoted at the Nsect Club in Hampton VA
1993-Sept 1994
Heatmiser/Lift 6-20-93
Lucy Brown/Combine 7/2/93
Papa's Culture/Fierce Nipples 7/8/93
D.R.I. 7/11/93
The Bluerunners/Antic Hay/Buttsteak 7/18/93
Royal Trux 7/21/93
Chemlab/Skrew 7/24/93
Band of Susans/Combine 8/8/93
G.B.H./Candy Snatchers 8/9/93
Clutch/Grim Skunk 8/27/93
Pro-Pain 8/29/93
Eek-A-Mouse 9/2/93
Skatenigs/Pee Tanks 9/3/93
Rev Horton Heat 9/5/93
Sheep On Drugs 9/10/93
Red House Painters/ Idaho 9/11/93
Royal Crescent Mob/ Brother's By Choice 9/17/93
Zeni Geva 9/22/93
Toasters/Bio Ritmo 9/23/93
Sonny Sharrock 9/25/93
Hammerhead/Janitor Joe/Tilt 9/29/93
Alice Donut/Low Pop Suicide 10/14/93
Lunachicks/Kepone 10/15/93
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult/Machines of Loving Grace 10/27/93
Drunken Boat 11/05/93
Jad Fair / Big Hat 11/09/93
Fudge Tunnel/Season To Risk 11/12/93
Spahn Ranch/Ill Repute/Clay People 12/02/93
New Bomb Turks/Bob Evans 1/7/94
Follow For Now 1/21/94
Bim Skala Bim 1/23/94
The Buck Pets 1/28/94
Clutch/Karma To Burn/Edison 2/6/94
Unrest/Slant 6/Blunt 2/13/94
Godplow/Skurj/Jerm Flux 2/15/94
Tree/Schnitt Acht 2/18/94
Seaweed 2/24/94
The Meatmen/Picasso Trigger 2/25/94
Lucy Brown/Meatjack 3/3/94
Pennywise/Offspring/Kerosene 454 3/8/94
Southern Culture On The Skids/Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver 3/10/94
The Adicts/For Love Not Lisa 3/11/94
Machines of Loving Grace/Course of Empire 3/21/94
Jake E. Lee/Dirty Mary 3/22/94
Billy Goat/Quasi 3/31/94
Small Ball Paul/The pietasters 4/1/94
Wool 4/3/94
Jim Rose Circus 4/4/94
Carter USM/Greenberry Woods 4/6/94
James Hall 4/7/94
Flat Duo Jets/Beowolf 4/8/94
Melvins/Obsessed 4/18/94
LaTour/Never 4/29/94
Rodan/Godplow 5/10/94
Angstfest 94:KMFDM/Sister Machine Gun/Chem Lab
Merl Saunders & The rainforest Band 5/18/94
Lagwagon and Youth Brigade 5/19/94
Genitoturers/Marble Index 5/20/94
King Missile/Lung 5/29/94
Supersuckers/Alcohol Funnycar 5/31/94
Fleshtones 6/15/94
Rancid 6/19/94
Buzzov.en/Nobody 6/22/94
Killdozer/Steel Pole Bathtub/Big Slam 6/24/94
7 Year Bitch/Loudspeaker 6/26/94
311/Cadillac Tramps 6/28/94
Victim's Family/Popsickle 6/30/94
The Meatmen/Squatweiler 7/1/94
Murphy's Law 7/7/94
Jawbox 7/10/94
Archers of Loaf /Funland 7/13/94
Chaos UK/Turmoil 7/15/94
Veruca Salt 7/20/94
Thought Industry/Tribe 8 7/22/94
Offspring/Guttermouth 7/25/94
John Kay and Steppenwolf/Blue-lords 7/26/94
Dead Eye Dick 7/27/94
Kyuss/Stompbox 7/31/94
Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Black Train Jack 8/5/94
Shudder To Think 8/10/94
Voodoo Glow Skulls 8/16/94
Tiny Lights/Velvet Crush 8/17/94
Beatnuts 9/2/94
Type O Negative 9/7/94
Christian Death/D.I. 9/9/94
Dale Bozzio/Almighty Senators 9/14/94
Love Spit Love 9/15/94
The Figgs/Motocaster 9/18/94
Luscious Jackson/Smashing Orange 9/20/94
Velocity Girl 9/21/94
Eek-A Mouse/Shootyz Groove 9/23/94
MC 900 Ft Jesus/Consolidated/Artis The Spoonman 9/26/94
Neurosis/Buzzov.en/Stranger Than Fiction 9/27/94

Saturday, July 23, 2005


The latest from the director of Akira - follows 3 generations of inventors who attempt to harness steam in the 1860s U.K. Tons of beautiful shots and neat inventions make the time fly by- featuring voiceovers by Patrick Stewart,Alfred Molina & Anna Paquin. B
A hodge-podge mess of Improv and camera tricks- a Mike Figgis ditty about a Hollywood crew that sets up shop in a wierd Venice hotel to shoot a version of the The Duchess of Melfi using the rules of Dogme- we have several subplots mixed in -cannibalism,infidelity,movie within a movie,coma,resurrection,flamenco and lots of talking and split screens and camera tricks.The cast includes Salma Hayek,Julian Sands,Burt Reynolds,Lucy Lui,David Schimmer,Saffron Burrows,John Malkovich and others- not for everyone but interesting.The DVD has a 23 minute behind the scenes segments and several outtakes C+

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bland of The House

just finished the Tommy Lee Jones comedy Man of The House - a forgettable comedy about a Texas Ranger that is assigned to protect some shapely Longhorn cheerleaders- the chuckles are few and far between and forced bonding is predictable and tiresome. Not worth a rental


Saturday, July 16, 2005

just finished the vaguely charming Bad News Bears - I remember this film being a big deal back in 1976- but I never saw it- Walter Matthau is the gruff ex-minor leaguer that coaches a bunch of street urchins and a couple of ringers thru a season of little league baseball.Lots of profanity for a kids film- odd that the standards seem to getting more puritanical when it comes to kid's flicks.Overall the movie felt like a quilt of cliches mixed with some random rebellion and a few shocking moments of hockeydad violence.I imagine this film will be getting a few rentals and whatnot cuz of nostalgia and the new Billy Bob remake- but nothing I would suggest
Up and Down- an odd Czech flick about racism,baby snatching and immigration-had some funny moments and twists- but nothing earthshattering C

Friday, July 15, 2005

just finished Charlie a British film about the notorious British gangster Charlie Richardson- the lead was very charismatic and it had some nice shots in it- and some sick brutality- the telling of the story was done in flashbacks from a court trial-nothing spectacular but engaging enough to finish C

watched Ice Princess this afternoon- while not as terrible as the Spinal Tapesque On Edge it was lacking- while it was funny to see Kim Cattrell as an over the top pushy Skating instructor instead of a traitorous Vulcan or sexually active ad exec- the movie was yer typical "rocky" type movie with the underdog rising up and the training montages- the film also made huge leaps in chronology with little warning.Their was a funny Zamboni surprise during the 2nd act- but nothing worht renting this flick unless you are a big Dawnie fan(Michelle Trachtenberg) D

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Last American Virgin

Typical 80s teen flick- some boobies,some crass jokes and lots of new wave(well the same songs played over and over- I think they could not afford to liscense more than 6 songs for the soundtrack).Not as funny as other flicks from that time period and the actors seem very awkward. D

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Most Grizzled?

Watched Million Dollar Baby - it seemed to be a contest of who can be the most grizzled- in corner you have the one-eyed gym attendant(Morgan Freeman) who is too cheap to buy his new socks,in another corner you have the gutsy waitress who takes home half-eaten steaks to afford to train in the Hit-Pit and she wants to be trained by Clint Eastwood(who is looking more and more like the alien from Alien) who snarls "I don't train girls" and other cliches at his charges .Watching this melodrama felt more like homework than entertainment. C+

Watched a middling James Cagney flick this morning called Great Guy a 1936 flick about a moral crusader in the department of weights and measures who is incorruptable.Typical good guy takes on the bad guys and wins morality play- had some decent humor thrown in- but nothing worth seeking out or owning C-

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Joint Security Area

Interesting film about border guards on the Korean DMZ- it is hard to even imagine what our country would be like if the US had simply been split in the middle for 50 years the way the Korean penninsula has been since the Korean conflict.This film shows an unlikely friendship between border gaurds from each side and the deadly consequences- the movie starts off like a Jag episode- but is well worth watching B+

Monday, July 04, 2005

I skipped the fireworks- as usual-

watched Two for the Seesaw- a meandering midlife crisis romance from 1962 with Robert Mitchum as a straightlaced lawyer from Nebraska & Shirley McClaine as free spirit Gittel Mosca- based on a play by WilliamGibson - this movie is basically about 2 folks that find each other for a short while then tear each other and the relationship down with tons of self-pity and observations- bittersweet and not all that fun C-

Sunday, July 03, 2005

They Drive By Night

A likeable 1940 melodrama about truckers with George Raft & Humphrey Bogart as the wildcat Fabrini brothers.Raft is a man with a vision - he wants to own his own truck and make his own money- sadly things never work out and he has to go to work for his friend played by Alan Hale.
Things are going along fine until Hale's wife played by Ida Lupino gets jealous of Raft's love interest played by Ann Sheridan. A fine diversion B-
Category 6:Day of Destruction - a TV movie starring Brian Denehey,Thomas Gibson,Randy Quaid,Dianne Wiest & Nancy McKeon about Chicago being deluged by 2 huge natural disasters while the power is out.Basically a cheaper version of The Day After Tomorrow with a different Quaid and cheaper CGI(some disaster footage looks like it was cobbled together on an Atari 2600).For some reason I was in the mood to see stuff get blowed up real good(TM-SCTV) - so I finished this overlong TV event on DVD yesterday. Not something I would seek out again or suggest to others- just something to kill time while I ate food and sat on my tuckus. C-

Yesterday I sold my Nintendo Gamecube- seems odd- since I used to be such a hardcore gamer- but truthfully I have not played any games on that unit since WWE Day of Reckoning and I don't own any games for the system- sadly I only got 20 dollars for the unit- so I must not be alone in feeling that the system is obsolete.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bride & Prejudice - a Hollywood Bollywoodesque take on Pride and Prejudice- lots of fun,singing and dancing with beautiful women and whatnot.Fun disposable fluff . The cast includes Naveen Andrews from the hit ABC show Lost. B-

Ball of Fire - 1941 Howard Hawkes comedy about a gangster moll(Barbara Stanwyck) on the lamb that holes up with a gaggle of bachelor professors working on an encyclopedia.Fun parts of the movie include Gary Cooper taking to the "street" to learn about slang and Stanwyck teaching the profs how to tango.Written by Billy Wilder- a solid B effort all around- although dated still alot of fun with lots of star power

Friday, July 01, 2005

well the bleeping O's lost again- frustrating but expected I guess

tried to watch 5 Children & It- a children's fantasy flick with Eddie Izzard and Charley Branagh- did not finish it

finished 2 others today- both engaging enough to finish- I guess

this morning before work I watched The Devil And Miss Jones- a 1941 farce about a tycoon( a word I really don't hear that much anymore) who goes undercover in his own department store to find out why their is discontent with the laborforce-sure enough he goes from tough old coot to loveable man of the people in 90 minutes- very dated and not that funny C-

watched Prozac Nation tonight- well I saw Christina Ricci naked- and I saw her cry- sadly the crying dominated the flick and the nudity was brief and awkward to say the least- Prozac Nation was a pity-party with one of the least sympathetic protanists I have ever watched- the main character was so self-involved that I was turned off from the first act to the finale.Jessica Lange was terrible as the over-the-top mum.Avoid this flick- unless you feel the need to have a Christinia Ricci tears drinking game C-