Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fever Pitch(1997)

The original soccer based version of the Nick Hornby story starring Colin Firth( the remake stars Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore and follows the Bosox).Ok- I know obsessive sports fans- ok I am one - reformed- now I follow fake sport(pro wrestling).Ok I still follow the Skins and the O's- but not like I did when I was younger.Colin Firth is an obsessed Arsenal fan- been following them for 21 years- when the season is going on - the rest of the world is static to him. Miss Hughes(misuse) is a leggy and serious teacher that teaches the class next to his class- they eventually hit it off(probably cuz they are the best looking folks on the faculty-they seem to have nothing in common-besides good skin and good form).Firth is so obsessed he even gets a flat within spitting distance of the Arsenal pitch.A good flick about sports obsession . B

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