Saturday, July 30, 2005

Guess Who?
A supposedly comic update of the socially relevant for the times(although it felt quaint as anything when I saw it) Sidney Pottier/Spencer Tracey flick Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. It is sad when the funniest moment of the flick is a scene where Bernie Mac is mesmerized by a cordless phone on a lazy susan.As obvious and painful as Bringing Down The House and as fun as a colonoscopy.Are test audiences this lowbrow and backwards- I guess so- cuz the mainstream comedies just get more and more watered down- I remember thinking that Bernie Mac had an edge to him when he was doing supporting roles back in the day and I thought he was the highlight of The Original Kings of Comedy- but his leading man roles have been disapointingly middle of the road.Ashton Kutcher has a goofy likeability to him- but like Mac he keeps picking lameass comedies that lack the necesary guffaws. F

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