Friday, July 15, 2005

just finished Charlie a British film about the notorious British gangster Charlie Richardson- the lead was very charismatic and it had some nice shots in it- and some sick brutality- the telling of the story was done in flashbacks from a court trial-nothing spectacular but engaging enough to finish C

watched Ice Princess this afternoon- while not as terrible as the Spinal Tapesque On Edge it was lacking- while it was funny to see Kim Cattrell as an over the top pushy Skating instructor instead of a traitorous Vulcan or sexually active ad exec- the movie was yer typical "rocky" type movie with the underdog rising up and the training montages- the film also made huge leaps in chronology with little warning.Their was a funny Zamboni surprise during the 2nd act- but nothing worht renting this flick unless you are a big Dawnie fan(Michelle Trachtenberg) D

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