Saturday, July 16, 2005

just finished the vaguely charming Bad News Bears - I remember this film being a big deal back in 1976- but I never saw it- Walter Matthau is the gruff ex-minor leaguer that coaches a bunch of street urchins and a couple of ringers thru a season of little league baseball.Lots of profanity for a kids film- odd that the standards seem to getting more puritanical when it comes to kid's flicks.Overall the movie felt like a quilt of cliches mixed with some random rebellion and a few shocking moments of hockeydad violence.I imagine this film will be getting a few rentals and whatnot cuz of nostalgia and the new Billy Bob remake- but nothing I would suggest
Up and Down- an odd Czech flick about racism,baby snatching and immigration-had some funny moments and twists- but nothing earthshattering C

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