Sunday, July 10, 2005

Most Grizzled?

Watched Million Dollar Baby - it seemed to be a contest of who can be the most grizzled- in corner you have the one-eyed gym attendant(Morgan Freeman) who is too cheap to buy his new socks,in another corner you have the gutsy waitress who takes home half-eaten steaks to afford to train in the Hit-Pit and she wants to be trained by Clint Eastwood(who is looking more and more like the alien from Alien) who snarls "I don't train girls" and other cliches at his charges .Watching this melodrama felt more like homework than entertainment. C+

Watched a middling James Cagney flick this morning called Great Guy a 1936 flick about a moral crusader in the department of weights and measures who is incorruptable.Typical good guy takes on the bad guys and wins morality play- had some decent humor thrown in- but nothing worth seeking out or owning C-

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