Friday, July 01, 2005

well the bleeping O's lost again- frustrating but expected I guess

tried to watch 5 Children & It- a children's fantasy flick with Eddie Izzard and Charley Branagh- did not finish it

finished 2 others today- both engaging enough to finish- I guess

this morning before work I watched The Devil And Miss Jones- a 1941 farce about a tycoon( a word I really don't hear that much anymore) who goes undercover in his own department store to find out why their is discontent with the laborforce-sure enough he goes from tough old coot to loveable man of the people in 90 minutes- very dated and not that funny C-

watched Prozac Nation tonight- well I saw Christina Ricci naked- and I saw her cry- sadly the crying dominated the flick and the nudity was brief and awkward to say the least- Prozac Nation was a pity-party with one of the least sympathetic protanists I have ever watched- the main character was so self-involved that I was turned off from the first act to the finale.Jessica Lange was terrible as the over-the-top mum.Avoid this flick- unless you feel the need to have a Christinia Ricci tears drinking game C-

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