Friday, August 12, 2005

The Deal- looks to be either straight to DVD or made for TV movie about a Wall Street guy that is caught in the middle of a multi-million dollar oil deal- passable entertainment with Christian Slater,Robert Loggia,Selma Blair and Angie Harmon C-

Dave Chappelle:For What It's Worth:Live @ The Fillmore - decent standup set from America's hottest stand-up- some funny riffs- but not as consistent as his TV show- guess this will have to do as a stopgap for Chapelle comedy til (crosses fingers) he gets back to work on season 3 of Chappelle's show

tried to watch Bill of Divorcement with Katherine Hepburn yesterday- she looked lovely in her film debut- but I found my attention wandering after awhile and I ejected it with 15 minutes to go

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