Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fritz Lang's Cloak and Dagger

Follows a mild mannered scientist(Gary Cooper) who is recruited by the OSS to run some spy games in Fortress Europa.Nothing spectacular - but I did enjoy the consequences of the smallest missteps during each episode of espionage. C

Chinese Hercules - Bolo Yeung( the imposing and muscular chap from Enter The Dragon & Bloodsport ) is an enforcer for the syndicate who takes on some coolies to claim a pier in a small village.Hiding in the village is a master of martial arts who has vowed to never fight again cuz he killed someone.Pretty predictable chop-sockey kung fu theater stuff. The Platinum Disc transfer was terrible- terrible dubbing and lots of long torso vision. D

This week's sonic sample:"Get Off"-Floyd's Funk Revival- easy smooth soul- I was sent this band's demo years ago- sadly I could not book them @ the time -link active for 7 days only

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