Thursday, August 04, 2005

Margaret Cho:Cho Revolution
Another live standup DVD from the foulmouthed hilarious Korean comedian.Most of this is too raunchy for FCC broadcast-but still a fun 87 minute concert mixed with funny pantomime and insights.The extras include commentary and the top people who got jacked in 2003. B-

I also snagged 3 other DVDs last night- My Architect ,Penn & Teller:BS Season 2 Vol 1 & 6 Strong Guys.

Yesterday was my off day - but I spent the day anchored to a courtroom to be a witness in a case for the bf of my of my former employees.I never got called and he was found guilty- so in other words I got to waste my entire day.

Last night we did go to Otani a great Japanese steakhouse-good times- I want more Shrimp Tempura- NOW

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