Friday, August 26, 2005

To Live & Die in LA

WOW- now that is what an action flick should be- gritty raw determined from beginning to end- William Peterson is superb as a vengeful secret service agent- John Pankow also does great work as his unwilling new partner and Willem Dafoe is perfect as the tortured artist counterfiter.Great action sequences- and a young Jane Leaves in lingerie. The DVD also has a decent featurette about the making of the film and the really bad ending that the studio demanded. A+

I just got in from work - tried to watch Monster-In-Law - the stereotypes played by Jane Fonda( a washed up Barbara WaWa woman after a nervous breakdown) and J-Lo as the oh so nice "eccentric"(she is a temp and an aritst- man she is so wierd) bride to be- Wanda Sykes managed to ellict a few chuckles- but this is a dog

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