Saturday, September 17, 2005

Enemy @ The Gates-the pivotal battle of WW2 European theater- brutal,gruesome,thousands dead- and Hollywoood managed to sammich in a love story-wtf? Jude Law is a sniper who learned his craft hunting wolves on the frozen tundra- he is a foot solidier dropped into the insanity of Stalingrad- he manages to survive the initial battle and is left for dead- he meets a political officer(Joe Fiennes) for the USSR- he is seen killing off several Nazis- and turned into a
propaganda hero.He does so well the Nazis bring in Ed Harris to have a shootout in the middle of this seige.Also Joey Fiennes & Jude Law both fall for Rachel Wiesz- ok I know HOllywood did not need to remake Stalingrad (which was brutal sad and hard to watch) - but a love story in Stalingrad-yeesh C+

Inside Deep Throat a decent documentary about one of the most profitable and controversial movies of the 70s- B

I have started watching Desperate Housewives- besides the obvious Milf factor- it has some funny writing and well I think I may be hooked

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