Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lords of Dogtown - following the swell documentary Dogtown & The Z-Boys this flick follows 3 of the legendary sidewalk surfers from their early days as grommits keeping the pier locals only to the dogbowl sessions.The movie does a good job of capturing the exuberance of youth - the ability to create your own fun with limited resources- and like a typical "rise and fall " of rock star movie- we get treated to the rise and fall of the Zephyr team.A good vintage soundtrack(including "Super Stupid" by Funkadelic) and tons of cameos from skaters flesh out an entertaining look @ skating years before it was part of the extreme sports thing. The DVD is chock full of extras including 2 different commentaries- including one by 2 of the original Z-Boys.Starring Emile Hirsch,Heath Ledger,Johnny Knoxville and others. B+

The Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin The Untold Story - a decent yet inconsistent DVD featuring the talking baby and dog(my 2 fave family guy characters)- I laughed several times- but rolled my eyes a few times also- Family Guy is a comedy show that wears down the will of the viewer by attempting humor thru quantity rather than quality- almost every line uttered is supposed to be a punchline- good in theory- but sometimes you need a straightperson/setup to better get the impact of the comedy.The DVD is 3 part storyline with new wrap-around segments from the debut of the "movie". B-

Silver Hawk - felt like a straight to video Hong Kong action flick with Michelle Yeoh as a customed super-hero- the action was subpar and the story typical D

Path To War -Micheal Gambon plays LBJ during his admin- most of the film features LBJ talking about the Viet Nam War- he is constantly dealing with the hawks and doves in his own cabinet- most of the HBO movie is dialogue about the war spliced with occasional stock footage of bombing and whatnot.It was interesting to me as a history buff- but would probably be rather dry for alot of folks. C-

Desperate Housewives:Season One - a funny soap opera with a cast of MILFS and a little murder mystery thrown in- I think season 2 will have me watching every Sunday night.