Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost(Season 1) - just finished a Lost mini-marathon-great stuff from the pilot to the cliffhanger- a well executed mix of action/adventure/horror/comedy and romance.The show has several different lead characters from the heroic doctor to the "unlucky" lotto winner to the on the run fugitive,etc.Mixing feature film production values with talented actors and a nice twisted plot.The show succeeds for many reasons- but main reason is the wide array of compelling characters. The DVD set has tons of extras including branching commentary tracks,a blooper reel,deleted scenes ,audition tapes and featurettes. A+

Age of Innocence a beautiful romance set in the late 1800s -Martin Scorsese does a great job capturing the details and Edith Wharton delivers the dialogue with zest.Stellar acting jobs by Daniel Day Lewis,Michelle Pfieffer & Winona Ryder help deliver this epic lovestory.Maybe more nuanced and slowpaced for the modern day film fan- but I loved every minute of this flick. A+

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