Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reflections of Evil- a mesmerizing & disjointed journey that follows a frustrated and mentally disturbed watchseller ply his trade in LA.This movie will not be for everybody- but it hooked me from the beginning- the sound editing is off kilter but perfect for the dementia of the lead character.This film was made on a shoestring- most of the shots were stolen on the streets of LA and @ Universal Studios.At times the movie felt like a 70s horror flick mixed with a 60s acid trip with random bumfights thrown in-bizarre stuff like a Klaus Kinski ride at an amusement park and the ominpresent Miss Congeniality posters in the background of homeless folks struggling to survive. B+

I also watched most of Hardcore Homecoming - for some reason this "ECW" show lacked the match quality of the WWE ECW 1 Night Stand PPV from the next night- part of it was star power - the other part was the lack of storyline . I enjoyed the DVD- but it was a sad shadow of the WWE event C-

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