Friday, September 23, 2005

Stone Cold - The Boz(ex Sooner/Seahwak MLB Brian Bosworth) is an undercover cop sent to the south to infiltrate a biker gang lead by Lance Henriksen- lots of macho posturing and fighting.Ridiculous - but fun

Ishtar- Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman are a couple of schlub lounge singers who go to Zirconia(ok some middle east country) and become mixed up in intrigue or something- the best sequences are the song writing ones.

Sextette - Mae West runs a hotel - and is/was a spy who uses her appeal to woo the men- in 1976- the cast includes Ringo Starr,Keith Moon,Timothy Dalton & the US Men's Gymnastic Team.

The Bad Bunch -Greydon Clark is a nam vet who comes to Compton to give his purple heart to the family of his fallen comrade- he is confronted by a black gang and they chase him around the town.The interacial pool party in the middle flick and the random dialogue in the strip bars up then ante.

Hotel- several stars(Salam Hayek,Burt Reynolds,John Malkovich,David Schimmer,etc.) go overseas to improvise their way thru a Mike Figgis film about a low budget film about a play - a murder plot,cannibalism,odd sex stuff- I still don't know what it was about.....

Ruckus- Dirk Benedict is an ex-nam vet that takes on a small southern town
Roadhouse- Patrick Swayze is Dalton- he is not as big as folks would think due to his rep.Tons of funny lines and John Doe and former ECW/NAW champ Terry Funk

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