Monday, October 03, 2005

John Carpenter's The Fog- a nice paced flick with believable characters meeting the supernatural- nice pacing and suspense.With Hal Holbrook,Jamie Lee Curtis,Janet Leigh,John Houseman & Adrienne Barbeau as a DJ for a lite jazz station.I liked the backstory for the ghosts and the fog and the resolution The DVD has outtakes, 2 featurettes and commentary. B+

The Interperter - predictable international thriller- manages to tie in genocide,terrorism and assasination @ the UN - and feel predictable. C-

Amityville Van Wilder- would be a decent Rob Zombie video or something- but a ludcrious full length flick- never got into the characters or cared if they lived or died.The best part of the DVD was the documentary about the real AMityville slayings C-

Jiminy Glick in La-La Land- inconsistent like the character on the comedy central TV show- Ok-now if you have Janeane Garafolo and Linda Cardellini as a lesbian couple - can't we have several minutes of them in bed- just a random request.Ok- the movie was mostly done in IMprov and it shows- sadly the best part of the movie are the outakes during the credits. C-

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