Tuesday, October 04, 2005

WWE Homecoming v Impact etc.

Overall :8 Best Match:HBK v Angle Worst Match:Austin v McMahons
For the first time in years I actually sat down and watched Raw live from 7:55 til the end.
And then I watched Raw Top 10 til Midnight then Impact!
Raw started off very well- the Raw is going home add is hilarious- the 5 minute history of Raw montage was fun and had tons of memories in it.The highlight of the pre-show was the montage of wrestling history in the WWE:The Power is Back ad- sadly they did not get a new theme for the new(old) network- that felt weird after hearing all of the old themes during the pre-show and identifying the music with each era of Raw.HBK and Angle gave the audience a PPV quality match to kick things off - sadly the Austin v Clan McMahon segment went over in time(best indicator- the glass breaking before he stunned Linda- hey Steve we are playing you off- stun the old broad).It is weird that with all the talent that the WWE got to return the only Rock appearances for the night were the commercials for Doom.The legend beatdown of Rob Conway was a nice touch - I like the Randy Orton character- but it is annoying seeing all of my old favorites get humiliated time and again -the crowd popped huge for the Iron Claw. I have heard that HHH prefers to work heel- but would it have hurt him to be a face for a month or 2- his pop was the second loudest to the Cena pop. I think they overdid the HHH beating up Flair stuff- I mean we got that HHH was a heel again from the first sledgehammer shot to Naitch and the blade job- did we need 5 more minutes of HHH making his best friend bleed.The biggest disappointment of the evening was the truncated Smackdown match- wtf?- I felt like I was experiencing the Booker T v Buff Bagwell match again- except they let Buff wrestle- this time they didn't even trust their best workers- Eddie,Benoit & Rey to carry half a match before the Bischoff abortion of the match- very lame.
I think the match was truncated in such a fashion cuz of the overrun of the SCSA segment- the upside I think that was the shortest Hulk Hogan promo ever- brutha-
The main event was anti-climatic - the after show brawl felt like the old WCW trick- hey we don't have an ending or no one wants to loose- I know let's run the roster out to the ring- the live audience will pop big for the bevy of activity and we don't have to write an ending for the show( on SNL they call it dropping the cow).
I enjoyed what I saw of the Raw Top 10
I really enjoyed Impact! period - ok seriously- the show was fine- but it still felt AA to the WWE's major league show tonight
.I only watched the first fight of the UFC replay- the first match was pretty boring for the first 14 minutes- I wonder how many viewers got bored and switched- of course the out of nowhere KO by the man loosing for the duration of the fight was nice and exciting
I think WWE probably won the night huge over UFC- and they were helped by a lackluster MNF game- although I heard that GB almost made it competitive in the last quarter.
I enjoyed my Monday night of rasslin- but I miss the old Nitro v Raw days- the constant flipping- me and my best friend would be on the phone for most of the night flipping to the more exciting moments on each show- now I can go back to taping the shows -that way I can fast forward Chris Masters and commercials and Monte Brown .

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