Saturday, October 08, 2005

Z-Channel:A Magnificent Obession - Interesting documentary about a movie channel in LA in the late 70s and early 80s that played a diverse and entertaining schedule of films.Most of the movie focuses on head programmer Jerry Harvey and his fascination with cinema and his inner demons.Several directors and actors sing the praises of Z-Channel mixed with vintage clips from movies that Z-Channel featured. B+

Unleashed - compelling use of Jet-Li in this Luc Besson scripted flick about a man harnessed by another man(Bob Hoskins) to be his attack dog.Jet Li did a good job of portraying a man with the emotional age of 10 with the ability to kill on command.This was not a perfect flick- but I was roped in from the beginning- I wanted to see what Jet cowtow to Hoskins- I wanted to see how he would react if he were "unleashed" ,etc. B+

Undead -Aussie flick about Zombies and Aliens and Zombie Fish...Not really scary- sometimes funny movie- the lead action male looked vaguely like Torgo from Manos - that added to the in-film snark fun. A decent zombie flick- but not up to par with Shaun of The Dead for humour or 28 Days Later for fright C+

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