Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Deuce Bigelow 2:European Gigilo - not as bad as I would have feared- actually fun in a ridiculous way-like all the made up names for sex acts-The Sneaky Castro, The Portugese Breakfast,The Chili Rainbow,etc. Not for everyone. C+

Bodysong a montage of image and sound showing all facets of life from birth to sex to death to crime to dance- I admit I am a fan of such things so it was an easy sell- the soundtrack was provided by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead- the mix of the beautiful and the horrific make this an interesting journey. B+

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lila Says an interesting small film about an Arab teen and a flirtatious blonde in a lower income part of Paris- it captured the melodrama,miscommunication and awkwardness of a summer fling perfectly.This was not groundbreaking and will probably be too slow for some. B-

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Havoc:Unrated - former Disney gal Anne Hathaway is a rich Cali gal looking to spice up her life by heading downtown and hanging with some Latino drug-dealers.She is joined by Bijou Philips and the shocking drug use and sexcapades ensue- this uneven movie felt like a combo of after-school special,a sequel to 13 or a followup to James Toback's Black & White . C-

Sky High - Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston are superhero parents in this cute Disney flick about a Super Hero high school .The movie had some cute ideas and was fun to watch- but it was hindered by an all 80's covers soundtrack and predictability. C

skipping the hostile invasion festivities today- no turkey,no small talk ,no parades- just double time @ work

watched a couple of very good documentaries yesterday

Murderball - a look at the paralympic sport quad rugby and the athletes who participate in the game.Inspirational,funny and enthralling - well worth the 90 minutes.The DVD has commentaries by the players and the filmmakers plus a special MTV Jackass segment with the players. A

March of The Penguins -80 minute documentary about the lives of the Emperor Penguins in Antartica and their mating rituals and how they sustain life in one of the harshest enviroments on the planet.The DVD contains over 70 minutes of additional footage about the penguins and a funny Bugs Bunny short Eight Ball Bunny. A

Monday, November 21, 2005

watched the 76 version of King Kong- it was horrible bad terrible and um Dwan was very annoying
bad when the most sympathetic character in the movie was a perverted Ape

Saturday, November 19, 2005

War of The Worlds

This new version does a great job of conveying the menace of the aliens.It was neat to watch an invasion story from the ground- no war rooms,no cutaways to news coverage- just a man and his family adjusting to an everchanging reality.I admit I am not bothered by Tom Cruise the way others are- but I am not impressed at all by Dakota Fanning- maybe it was the spoiled brat who was always screaming at the worst times in this movie- but nothing I have seen her in that seems all that special.I enjoyed this movie - it had several surprising reveals - some of them up there with the door opening in the Wizard of Oz.This is a special effects movie and they are boffo- but it is also a suspense thriller- you never know when the aliens will make an appearance and what they will do - nor can you predict what other paniced humans will do or how they will react. A-

Friday, November 18, 2005

Two For The Road - Interweaving several different roadtrips in a couple's relationship this flick shows the good and bad of a relationship.Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney play the main couple in this 1966 flick. It is nice to see a relationship movie that feels vaguely real .Some interesting anachronisms - like cigarette girls on planes and hitchhiking without fear of serial killers. B+

Eulogy - over the top look at a dysfunctional family preparing to bury their father and dealing with each other- inconsistent. With Ray Ramano,Famke Jannsen,Piper Laurie,Hank Azaria,Kelly Preston,Rip Torn and others. C-

The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made - seems to be a made on the cheap compilation of trailers for 50 truly terrible flicks- I enjoy bad flicks and was hoping for a decent documentary on some of these turkeys -sadly this 60 minute comp just featured a guy with a vaguely wacky voice talking over the trailers for the movies and no movie not even the top movie got more than 2 minutes of coverage. It is neat to watch for the bad effects and stuff- but not that informative C-

Bret Hart:The Best There Was/The Best There Is/The Best There Ever Will Be - while the current WWE product is suffering in quality and popularity- the DVDs continue to be excellent.This 3 DVD set features a 2 hour history of Bret's wrestling career with clips from his pre WWF days all the way til his troubled tenure in WCW.What makes this set a wrestling fan's dream is the 7 hours of extra matches including his great match with Owen Hart @ WM X, his match against the British Bulldog @ SummerSlam 92 in front of 80,000 people and even better matches against great workers like Rickey"The Dragon" Steamboat. A great edition to any wrestling fans library. A

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eddie Guerrero

am still in shock.One of my favorite wrestlers is gone- and it is not an angle or a hold-out.
Eddie has passed away and like many of his peers way too young- 38.
Eddie has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him wrestle on WCW Nitro( I did not have cable for a good part of the 90's). He had the potent combination of charisma and physical ability to make him a prime-time player in professional wrestling. Every match Eddie was involved in had one of two chants going "Eddie Sucks" - if he was the heel and "Eddie" if he was the face. One of my alltime favorite matches is the fast paced mask v title match he had with Rey Misterio,Jr in WCW during Halloween Havoc. I wished the circumstances would have let the lWo angle play out- and I am glad that Eddie got a second chance with the jump to the WWF with the Radicalz and he got a third chance when he was rehired and then stood in the ring as WWE champ hugging his friend Chris Benoit in the center of the ring.
OK none of this really matters- I miss Eddie and am sad for his family and friends and I will miss him

thank you Eddie RIP

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

El Padrino :The Latin Godfather - while this seems to be a straight to DVD/video type movie- my fullframe copy obviously looked cropped- so maybe this flick had a limited theatrical run.
And the title character appears to more of a Gringo than moi( I am half Honduran). Pretty typical rise and fall of a drugdealer movie with the A-list of B-list actors- Robert Wagner(drug lawyer),Kathleen Quinlan(crusading judge),Tiny Lister(mob enforcer),Gary Busey(child rapist),Brad Dourif(white power jailbird),Stacey Keach(bereaved Governor),Joann Pacula(bereaved Milf), Faye Dunaway(crusading lawyer) and Galo Make Canote as an uncredited party guest.This movie is pretty lame- I only watched it to kill time before the Skins game- the only thing that saved it was Jennifer Tilly as a crazed Latina drug dealing assasin - she was over the top and sexy-skanky that it was fun to watch her scenes.Not worth renting or seeking out. D+

Wet Hot American Summer -the perfect spoof of summer camp and summer camp movies.It was way over the top( in other words Naked Gun over the top) and lots of fun.As a veteran of several summer camps during my youth this flick managed to capture and skewer the summer camp vibe perfectly- I loved Amy Poehler as the over critical talent show director and Christopher Meloni as the deranged cook and Paul Rudd as the bratty camp hunk,etc.The trip into town by the counselors was an awesome montage. B+

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Eddie Guerrero RIP

Eddie Guerrero - former WWE Champion was found dead in his hotel room at age 38-
RIP Eddie
he was always one of my favorite performers and had tons of charisma that he would have the entire arena chanting "Eddie" or "Eddie Sucks " for every matchHe has been in several of my favorite matches alltime including his amazing Halloween Havoc match from 1998 v Rey Misterio,Jr.
I just learned of his passing and it is posted on the WWE website so damn it all it ain't some jackass rumour
this just sucks
RIP Eddie
A Bear Named Winnie - a cute family story about the bear that inspired A.A. Milne to write Winnie The Pooh. B

Saturday, November 12, 2005

could not finish Happy Endings it seemed like a typical Hollywood artsy fartsy relationship thing ..

I really enjoyed Madagascar a charming and engaging animation about 4 spoiled zoo animals that get transferred to the wild.I wish they would have more of the poo-fling monkeys and the penguins- but I still enjoyed this one B+

Skeleton Key - a decent Hoodoo flick set in the Louisana bayou with Kate Hudson & Gena Rowlands- nothing spectacular - but a good time waster C

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Walk on Water -interesting Israeli flick about a Mossad hitman that is sent on an mission to kill a doddering WW2 war criminal- neat intercultural interaction and charismatic leads B

Left Behind:The Movie - not bad for a fundie revelations flick starring Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) C+

Sunday, November 06, 2005

this weekend's rentals
Chronicas- John Leguzamo is a reporter who saves a man from a lynching in a Central American village- I just never bought into this flick- even stopping it halfway through and only finishing it out of boredom. C-

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- well it is better than Burton's last remake(POTA)- and I like it- but it will not replace Willie Wonka in my collection- but sit next to it- lots of fun- with goofy gadgets and such B

Sweet Sweetback's Badassss Song- wow- this is a new breed of terrible- basically a sex performer is on the run for over an hour and has only 3 songs and some wacked out psychedelic effects to help him on his journey.Some of the worst fight scenes on celluloid mixed with some terrible sound editing and .... This movie was an underground sensation when it came out- but it has not aged well- it is like a bad drug trip
and the Mario Van Pebbles making of featurette is hilarious- we catch up to the autuer in his Paris apartment- he talks about catching the clap from one of the actresses- he takes a dump in an abandoned lot- while images of a merry-go-round play and then he reenacts one of the sex secenes from the movie with a naked lady with a bag over her head... D

Carmen Jones - 54 adaptation of Carmen with Dorothy Dandridge & Harry Belafonte- interesting musical but I think I would have enjoyed the melodrama sans the singing more- although I enjoyed several of the songs including the Pearl Bailey number. B

Margaret Cho:Assasin- she is preaching to the converted- she is still funny- the extras are a little odd- but the concert itself was hilarious B