Tuesday, November 15, 2005

El Padrino :The Latin Godfather - while this seems to be a straight to DVD/video type movie- my fullframe copy obviously looked cropped- so maybe this flick had a limited theatrical run.
And the title character appears to more of a Gringo than moi( I am half Honduran). Pretty typical rise and fall of a drugdealer movie with the A-list of B-list actors- Robert Wagner(drug lawyer),Kathleen Quinlan(crusading judge),Tiny Lister(mob enforcer),Gary Busey(child rapist),Brad Dourif(white power jailbird),Stacey Keach(bereaved Governor),Joann Pacula(bereaved Milf), Faye Dunaway(crusading lawyer) and Galo Make Canote as an uncredited party guest.This movie is pretty lame- I only watched it to kill time before the Skins game- the only thing that saved it was Jennifer Tilly as a crazed Latina drug dealing assasin - she was over the top and sexy-skanky that it was fun to watch her scenes.Not worth renting or seeking out. D+

Wet Hot American Summer -the perfect spoof of summer camp and summer camp movies.It was way over the top( in other words Naked Gun over the top) and lots of fun.As a veteran of several summer camps during my youth this flick managed to capture and skewer the summer camp vibe perfectly- I loved Amy Poehler as the over critical talent show director and Christopher Meloni as the deranged cook and Paul Rudd as the bratty camp hunk,etc.The trip into town by the counselors was an awesome montage. B+

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