Sunday, November 06, 2005

this weekend's rentals
Chronicas- John Leguzamo is a reporter who saves a man from a lynching in a Central American village- I just never bought into this flick- even stopping it halfway through and only finishing it out of boredom. C-

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- well it is better than Burton's last remake(POTA)- and I like it- but it will not replace Willie Wonka in my collection- but sit next to it- lots of fun- with goofy gadgets and such B

Sweet Sweetback's Badassss Song- wow- this is a new breed of terrible- basically a sex performer is on the run for over an hour and has only 3 songs and some wacked out psychedelic effects to help him on his journey.Some of the worst fight scenes on celluloid mixed with some terrible sound editing and .... This movie was an underground sensation when it came out- but it has not aged well- it is like a bad drug trip
and the Mario Van Pebbles making of featurette is hilarious- we catch up to the autuer in his Paris apartment- he talks about catching the clap from one of the actresses- he takes a dump in an abandoned lot- while images of a merry-go-round play and then he reenacts one of the sex secenes from the movie with a naked lady with a bag over her head... D

Carmen Jones - 54 adaptation of Carmen with Dorothy Dandridge & Harry Belafonte- interesting musical but I think I would have enjoyed the melodrama sans the singing more- although I enjoyed several of the songs including the Pearl Bailey number. B

Margaret Cho:Assasin- she is preaching to the converted- she is still funny- the extras are a little odd- but the concert itself was hilarious B

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