Friday, November 18, 2005

Two For The Road - Interweaving several different roadtrips in a couple's relationship this flick shows the good and bad of a relationship.Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney play the main couple in this 1966 flick. It is nice to see a relationship movie that feels vaguely real .Some interesting anachronisms - like cigarette girls on planes and hitchhiking without fear of serial killers. B+

Eulogy - over the top look at a dysfunctional family preparing to bury their father and dealing with each other- inconsistent. With Ray Ramano,Famke Jannsen,Piper Laurie,Hank Azaria,Kelly Preston,Rip Torn and others. C-

The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made - seems to be a made on the cheap compilation of trailers for 50 truly terrible flicks- I enjoy bad flicks and was hoping for a decent documentary on some of these turkeys -sadly this 60 minute comp just featured a guy with a vaguely wacky voice talking over the trailers for the movies and no movie not even the top movie got more than 2 minutes of coverage. It is neat to watch for the bad effects and stuff- but not that informative C-

Bret Hart:The Best There Was/The Best There Is/The Best There Ever Will Be - while the current WWE product is suffering in quality and popularity- the DVDs continue to be excellent.This 3 DVD set features a 2 hour history of Bret's wrestling career with clips from his pre WWF days all the way til his troubled tenure in WCW.What makes this set a wrestling fan's dream is the 7 hours of extra matches including his great match with Owen Hart @ WM X, his match against the British Bulldog @ SummerSlam 92 in front of 80,000 people and even better matches against great workers like Rickey"The Dragon" Steamboat. A great edition to any wrestling fans library. A

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