Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Black Narcissis - a stunning film from 1947 about a gaggle of nuns in a palace in a remote part of Asia.Deborah Kerr is the lead in this film as she tries to maintain order and piety in a former retreat for the king's harem.Although this movie was shot entirely on a sound stage it manages to convey the Himlayan village flawlessly.The visuals in this film are top-notch from the gorgeous matte paintings to great transitions - this is one movie I wish I could see in the theater- although the DVD transfer was superb.The DVD contains a 27 minute documentary about the making of the film and the trailer and commentary.It is a joy to watch a movie that totally envelops the senses and makes such a deep impression- from the mulitple issues of faith to the colorful garb of Sabu the flick had me from the first scene to the climax. A+

Night of The Hunter - several stories in one- another classic flick -this one from 1955 starring Robert Mitchum as the bible-spouting killer Harry Powell.Interesting story structure and some great cinematography make this a great mix of suspense and drama.Mitchum is superb(although a little hammy at times) as the insanely righteous woman hating peacher/con. This movie had some swell use of light and shadow. A

American Pie presents Band Camp - straight to DVD and soon to the cutout bins- well Eugene Levy is in this flick- and well this one @ band camp the counselors looked like strippers and we have topless counselors in the shower- and Stiffler's little brother - this is terrible - even for a teen boob-a-rama flick and totally crappy as a camp flick( check out Wet Hot American Summer for a funny take on summer camp). D-

Shooting Gallery - on the cheap pool-hall hustler flick with Freddie Prinze,Jr. , Ving Rhames and Roselyn Sanchez populate this world of betting and violence- nothing new is added to the world- just a time waster straight to video D-

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