Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lucas - Underdog story in 80's high school form. Corey Haim is the undersized hero of the flick- he befriends the cute new girl in town- they have a montage of bonding until school starts.Then the usual social stuff kicks in.Enjoyable flick with Jeremy Piven,Courtney Thorne Smith,Charlie Sheen & Winona Ryder. B-

Roadie fun and unven and unrealistic movie about Travis W.Redfish the best roadie ever.Starring Meatloaf as a beer delivery driver who gets seduced by Kaki Hunter to join the Rock-N-Roll Circus.Cast includes Alice Cooper,Joe Spano,Don Cornelius,Blondie,Roy Orbison & Bocephus.Sort of a Roadhouse meets Almost Famous meets Spinal Tap. A fun b-movie. C+

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