Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Date With Drew - a no-name nebbish wins 1100 on a gameshow pilot and uses his winnings to document his quest for a date with actress/producer Drew Barrymore.He has had a crush on her since the age of 10.At times this is like watching a documentary of the 40 Year Old Virgin - he even has the body hair to match and one of his friends has the action figure collection.This is the ultimate underdog story and the protaginist is so charming that I found myself rooting for him.At times frustrating,humorous and surprising- a fun documentary. B+

Broken Flowers - Jim Jarmusch directed flick about a bachelor(Bill Murray) who recieves an anonymous note from an ex that he sired an offspring 20 years prior.His Krameresque neighbor Winston gets the Murray character to compile a list of his girlfriends from that time period.Winston compiles an intenerary complete with hotels and dossiers on his exes.Bill Murray(Don Johnston) than revisits his exes trying to find out if they were the ones that sent the letter.A nice mix of comedy and drama. B+

Wedding Crashers -over the top buddy comedy about a couple of guys that crash weddings to score bridesmaids.Vince Vaughan is playing the Vince Vaughan character and Owen Wilson is playing the Owen Wilson character- in other words if you have seen Swingers,Old School,Mr & Mr Smith- you know what you are getting from Vaughan- this character does seem to fit his anything for a yuck persona and is slightly less annoying than his turn in Swingers. There is some funny stuff in here- but I was underwhelmed after all of the hype. C

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