Sunday, December 11, 2005

Roll Bounce

Maybe it was low expectations after seeing several middling pics in a row- but I was pleasantly surprised by Roll Bounce - an charming and fun flick about teens in the roller disco era- Bow Wow was the lead in this movie playing X a son who is still grieving for his recently deceased mother.Chi Mcbride does a great job as a father who is looking for work while trying to hold his family together and deal with the passing of his beloved.For the most part this is a comedy- the kids cut on each other the whole flick- and it is fun.The crosstown rival is Sweetness- who is like the pimpdaddy of roller disco- he has an entourage including 3 hotties who have shirts that read "a weakness for Sweetness".The gag reel has some hilarious stuff with Charlie Murphy riffing .
A good coming of age flick. Probably the second best rental coming out this week-right behind 40 Year Old Virgin B+

The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe -nothing spectacular - a classic story retold with all thenew toys- but it just did not work for me- the talking CGI critters seemed a bit off and none of the leads really radiated much charisma.Still this is a fun yarn which should be a good ride for kids and parents alike. C+

Bad News Bears (2005-Linklater remix) - Billy Bob Thorton is the reviving his town drunk persona from Bad Santa -once again he has access to the kiddies and once again he is spweing forth profanity and politically incorrect language - none of this bothers me- but it did not entertain me- the movie lacked the charms of the original( the new Tanner is mere Xerox of the original).Skip this D-

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