Thursday, December 15, 2005

Roller Derby and food

for the first time since the NBA finals I went out with my friends Al- why cuz- our friend Mike had mentioned he was going to roller derby-
turned out it was an exhibition in a a nightclub- the floor was too small for the ensuing mayhem- so the teams had less skaters to make room for the skaters
I got there too early- so Al and I and his friend went to Bodega - it was decent - I had the duck confit and sampled the airline chicken and had rosemary potatoes.Then we went back to the show- the warmups were over and um they were selling spankings- it was rather tame and um time-wasting.During the night the DJ was playing stuff like the Buzzcocks,Sex Pistols and The Stooges- I really wanted to hear Billy Preston(the theme from the ROller Derby on ESPN classic)- but it was nice to hear that stuff.The actual event was pretty short- 3 rounds - even now I have only a vague notion of how this sport works- so basically for 20 minutes or so scantily glad women skated in circles and knocked each other over- not bad for voyuer glimpses of undergarments and such I guess. Then it was over......
Went to Dennys after- um Dennys is lame

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