Monday, December 12, 2005

Shopping - a 1994 flick with a young Jude Law as an ex-con who gets his kicks by leading the coppers(lead by Jonathan Pryce) on high speed chases in stolen vehicles.Vaguely interesting rebel without a cause flick- and yes ladies Jude Law is shirtless in a few scenes. C-

Born Yesterday - Judy Holliday is the sympathetic ex-showgirl who is partners with a bullying corrupt millionaire junkman played by Broderick Crawford.Crawford feels that his gf is too stoopid to be hanging with the fancy Washington types - so he hires a smooth talking reporter(William Holden) to learn her some book knowledge and whatnot.Of course Holliday learns too much and falls for the smart guy.Holliday won an Oscar for her performance.This movie is very dated- but still an interesting watch- sort of like "My Fair Lady" meets Anna Nicole Smith or something- adapted from a stageplay. B-

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