Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Aristocrats - the biggest inside joke in comedy- the comedians secret handshake - an aftershow tradition with roots in Vaudeville.Basically a simple joke told by comedieans for comedians with tons of crassness,profanity and more crassness.Funny watching folks like Jon Stewart refuse to tell it and folks like Gilbert Godfried revelling in it.Probably not for anyone-a mix of belly laughs and celebs working blue. B-

Mysterious Skin - captivating drama about 2 teen boys dealing with an event that took place 10 years previous.Great performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the street hustler and Brady Corbet as a kid who is convinced he was abducted by a UFO.Captures the endless void of smalltown America and the up and downsides of homosexuality in a rural town. A+

How To Draw A Bunny -documentary about mysterious collage artist Ray Johnson.Hilarious stuff with the artist haggling to get paid for his work.Interesting watching this talented artist find alternative ways of distributing his art.The DVD also includes a good 40 piece photo gallery of several of his pieces.The DVD also has interviews with Roy Lichtenstein,Christo and others from the art world. A

The Weather Underground - documentary about college students and rebels that decided to actively strike back in response to the Vietnam War.Tons of vintage footage and interviews with the former leaders of the rogue outfit flesh out this look @ these notorious revolutionaries.

Overnight - a cautionary tale about too much success too soon.This is the story of one man getting discovered and getting rich and pissing it all away.Troy Duffy was "discovered" by Harvey Wienstien of Miramax and given a 300.000 advance and a 15 million dollar budget to make Boondock Saints.Sadly Duffy got too full of himself and managed to alienate his friends,family,bandmates and his patron.This movie is more fun than the cartoonishly violent Boondock Saints - it feels like a mix of Spinal Tap,Decline of Western Civilization 2 & Swimming WIth Sharks. B

The River King - decent suspense thriller about a mysterious drowning death in a small town.Nothing really spectacular- but well told.With Edward Burns and Jennifer Ehle C

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