Friday, January 06, 2006

Dirty Deeds - typical teen movie- a high school flick revolving around the 10 Dirty Deeds- a task that is only tried every few years during homecoming weekend.Each task is either embarrassing or dangerous and most of them are illegal- the only real fun of the movie is trying to figure out what the next deed will be.The usual mix of vulgarity,nipples,class warfare and violence. D

The Chumscrubber - a quirky(sort of) high school movie revolving around the suicide of the class pusher and a kidnapping in a suburban cul-de-sac- think Desperate Housewives meets Heathers with a dash of Pump Up The Volume and a smidge o Garden State with some refried Stepford Wives(including Glenn Close as a near robotic widow).All of the kids seem obsessed with drugs and a videogame(The Chumscrubber) about a headless teen in a post-nuclear world.The movie revolves around Jaimie Bell(Billy Elliot) as the surviving best friend of the suicidal best friend/class pusher.The entire town is on some sort of medication- either pills or vitamin supplements.The movie was well executed and had some funny moments and a good cast- Alison Janney,Ralph Finnes,Lauren Holley,Rita Wilson,Justin Chatwin and more. A decent dose of satire and good performances save this project from being a wash. C+

for fans of Peckinpagh- three of his movies are coming out on DVD on Tuesday- Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, The Ballad of Cable Hogue and Ride The High Country- I was too tired to finish PG last night- but I loved the first 30 minutes of it.

The Texas v USC game was amazing- a big game that actually lived up to the hype- what was astounding was listening to the postgame hype- it was like they were still trying to sell the game or college football or something-

found an iTunes gift card at 7/11 of all places - I have purchased some songs- but if anyone has ideas for good songs to add to my iPod- go ahead and suggest them- I am so behind on music-I was a DJ at one time- but now I spend my time watching DVDs or rasslin or sport.

I can't wait for tomorrow's Skins v Bucs game- I know the Skins can win- I just hope that Brunell is healthy enough to play- I am happy the Skins made it this far and I know they compete with the remaining playoff teams- they beat the Bears and Giants and were competitive with the Seahawks and Bucs.

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