Friday, January 13, 2006

Once Upon A Time In America- the first part of this movie is stunning,beautiful,great,awe-inspiring- Robert DeNiro is Noodles a former bootleger who has come back to his old town-Most of the movie is a flashback to the age of prohibition- DeNiro & James Woods head up a brash gang of bootleggers- they love each other but of course have differing philosphies on how to get ahead.The second more flawed part of the story takes place in the late 60s- just too many plotholes to fully get behind - overall this is a movie worth seeing- even with the 3rd act problems. B+

THe Eavesdropper- Straight to video suspense action thing about a girl with the ability to hear minds-with John Delancie,George Takei and others C-

The Man-crappy buddy comedy about an ATF man named Van(Samuel L Jackson) and a fish out of water Eugene Levy- a mix of fart jokes,biting and police intimidation make for a crappy 83 minutes. F

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