Sunday, January 15, 2006

the season is over- I hope Shawn Alexander is alright- he looked totally dazed after his game ending concussion-

Seattle Seahawks 20 Washington Redskins 10

oh well- at least I have my Madden team- they are undefeated- the stars are great- John Redmond is a stellar running back and Ade McPherson is having his best passing year.The defense gives up less then a TD a game- sure it is a game- but it is fun to win at something.

watched Incident @ Loch Ness - a pseudo documentary about Werner Herzog's attempt to film a documentary about the famed legendary Nessie.Things go from bad to worse -from ill-advised jumpsuits to a centerfold Sonar model it is obvious the producer(Zach Penn) wants to spice up the documentary and add "production" value.This is a fun movie with plenty of chuckles and guffaws throughout- B+

Nausicca - Another great flick from the director of Spirited Away - Hayao Miyazaki- this centers around a princess fromt he Valley of The Wind that has the an ability to communicate with critters,bugs and animals- as always great animation and a good story. A

Junebug- a nice little movie about a small town family meeting the new wife of thier son who has moved to the big city (Chicago) from Winston Salem,N.C.Good ensemble acting in this flick although Amy Adams managed to hijack the flick with her eternally happy Ashley.Lots of beautiful shots of small town America- no strip malls -just lots of green and brick. B+

tried to watch Two For The Money - but Pacino is too much in the hoo-haw mode to keep me watching- I also have Lord of War but it looks like it will get ejected quickly

last night our power went out- and it was off and on for the next 3 hours- I slept thru most of it-
today I am off from work again- tomorrow begins a 5 day work week- then I am only working 2 days the following week

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