Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Friday Night Smackdown Spoilers- beware

yep- I went to the taping tonight @ Norfolk Scope
the event was billed as Sold Out and looked to be- but I did buy my ticket this morning on a whim- it was an aisle seat in the sceond tier facing the fist setpiece and ring
before the event they played the highlights of last year's Wrestlemania
in the dark matches
they had Gymini managed by Simon Dean take out a pair of underneath workersthen the Juniours came out for a quick comedy matchthen Tatanka came out and squashed a jobber
VelocityPaul London and Brian Kendrick came out to a decent pop and did some neat moves during their pinfall victory over the DicksThe Mexicools got a decent pop then Super Crazy beat Nunzio(big Vito carried Nunzio out on his shoulders after the match)
Smackdown started
Rey came out to a big pop and then proceeded to beat Sylvan in a decent match with several loud Eddie chants whenever Rey was in peril
RKO came out after the match and talked smack at the former filthy animal
the Boogeyman squashed OJ
Helms beat 2 Hotty- then the match was restarted- I missed that and the introduction of the heals for the next match cuz I had to have fresh funnel cake
Fit Finley and JBL beat Benoit & Lanley with interference from Booker T
Matt Hardy beat Simon Dean in a short match
in the main event
Angle and Taker defeated MnM + Mark Henry( who is huge in person)- they teased dissension between the face team cuz ANgle tagged himself in to secure the victory
after the match
GM Theodore Long came out and gave the crowd a fatal 4 way title match
Angle v Taker v Henry v Randy Orton
since Henry was still hurting from the previous match- the first part of the match had Taker and Angle teaming up on RNN- when it looked like Orton might have a chance to win- lil' Rey came out and beat on Orton - then they brawled thier way backstage
in the confusion Angle managed to crawl his way to a pinfall
biggest pops - 1.Taker 2. Rey 3.Angle
heal heat- probably Orlando Jordan when he tried to talk or Orton

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